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Tell everyone to look at the documentation, do you think we are stupid?! the featured slide don’t work, you have to fix it. That’s enough!


The featured slider does work and it’s not fair to say it doesn’t given a few people are experiencing problems with the slider. Most likely the issue is being caused by some setting or some plugin which is caused by the user. I’m quite sure the theme works, It has been tested numerous times and the slider works fine for me.

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My dropdown is not working on the top black menu area. Could this be a problem with the darkfeatured.php file configuration. Please help.


Sounds like a javascript error. You may need to re-install the theme.

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Hi Skyali, I have few issues with your template and it’s tragic: I create a website with your template in march and was working very well, now they changed domain and I need to RE BuILD everything and it’s seem not working at all, mostly for the text content of the post, can you please tell me where I can find information regarding the documentation? Please ASAP Thanks again, silvia


This theme doesn’t keep a backup of any of those files, Your settings are saved but this is in a database I’m afraid if your files have been removed you will need to start over. Just re-download the theme and try building your website again sorry to hear about your website.


I’ve read all of the posts about slider and reseted my wordpress. I’ve installed my wordpress again, and copied “Impulse” folder in the zip file to “wp-contents/themes/ folder, activated the theme. Added new post, marked “slider” box, celected a photo and used as featured image….

what was wrong???


here is my site: http://eurovisionlife.com

i have no any plugin yet!


Looks like you got it figured out. If any new problems lenger let me know by submitting an email.

I THINK a themeplate which we’ve bought, have to work properly as long as we installed it right. Specially if u reinstall your wordpress and delete all of your files and databases and install the themeplate as its read-me file, it have to work prorerly. Mate, u have to help me. I paid for you. If there any different settings which u can’t explain me as a basic wordpress user, in need you must take my ftp passwords and help my installation.

waiting for your help


Looks like you do not have any header slider type of post’s you need to create at least 4 of those before this will show. Your featured slider also has no post’s assigned to it. You’ll need to create and add these post’s to the slider. There isn’t anything wrong with your slider given that there is no content in the inside.

Im talking about featured slider. I’ve 4 posts and marked “Slider” box while posting them. So, whats wrong now??

I’ve also choosen my post’s category on Slider Settings on Sky Panel


Don’t forget to click the “Add to featured slider” this will add to the featured slider.

Hello, Why my gallery does not look like yours? http://vaastfashion-consulting.com/3-1-phillip-lim-pe-2013/ I have only thumbnails:/

Thank you


Looks like a javascript issue. You may need to re-install the theme or if you’d installed any plugins lately you’ll need to disable them all and one by one re-activate to see which is causing the problem. You can get further details in the documentation.

I told you that I’d clicked “Add to featured slider” for my posts!!!! But it doesn’t work.. Hey….... Help immediately !!


I may have to login send your info threw email. Thanks.

As you can see it does not work for many people the featured slider, I’m not the only one and we are all incapable. You have to find a solution please.


It may seem this way given the only one’s commenting are the one’s with issue’s primarily. But I have no issue’s helping user’s this theme has been tested on the demo & localhost. Your getting the exact same file. Sorry if your experiencing issue’s but this is most likely caused by you or your host. Please send your information via email and I’ll try taking a look further into your issue. Thank you for your purchase.

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Hi! Im trying to add facebook/vkontakte widget on the right side, but width 300px didn’t fit on this theme. How can I change right size, because standart html/css method didn’t work properly. Only on the total width. Thank you!


The social icon widget is primarily for the footer. But if your trying to do it on the sidebar I’d recommend editing the css to fit the sidebar or use a plugin to help with this.

Great thanks ! and why my toggles do not work ? http://vaastfashion-consulting.com/essai/


This would be due to the same reason. You should update your theme aswell. Sorry for late reply.

HI I love impulse theme but the slider doesn’t work. A friend try to put on it but it’s not the same ;..Could you help me to put the same of the theme? And i don’t have the same comment module (me it’s ugly) how can i do to have the same comment module of the impulse theme? Thanks for your answers this is my webside http://pausefeminine.fr/

thank you


It seems this is happening mostly for international website’s. I’ll be taking a look into this issue for you guys so we can get it resolved. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, I seem to be having a problem with bulleted lists. They look fine when editing a post in the visual editor but when published an viewing on the actual site they lose all formatting, any ideas?



The css could not be in the favor of the format your trying to use. You may need to edit the css to get it to display a certain way.

Hello Skyali. I will start this comment by saying to people who have problems with themes work harder on their websites, because Impulse is a great template. I had most of the problems they had and managed to solve it alone, and I’m not a developer advanced. You have to go and spend auditioning, set up, complain just will not do anything. You are to be congratulated with Impulse Skyali.

Now I would like to place an order will help you. There is no error in template is just a change I’m trying to do a long time and I can not. I would like to change the color of the menu (id = “categories_alt_full_width”), leaving it clearer, as the color of (top_menu). That would leave my website pattern. But do not know where I have to change to make this change. I’ve been in CSS , the images directory of the Impulse in my server and in many other places, but I can not change. Could you help me with this?

I thank you.


This Id is located in the style.css line 405 – If you need more email me I’d be more then happy to help. Thanks for your comment :-)

Update 11/30/2012

This theme has been updated. I recommend all buyers download the new version.

Issue’s fixed: All 3 sliders have been recoded. Any issue’s with the slider are fixed now. Thank you all for your patience on this issue.

The update should be avaliable within 24-48 hours from this post. If your experiencing any slider issue’s please be patient until themeforest approves the update any other issue’s please forward them to my email and I will get to you guys as quick as I can. Thank you for purchasing Impulse.

hi how cani do to dowload the new version? I need to pay again ? I think i don’t have topay again … The problem it’s your fault so i don’t think i have to pay. So what can i do to dowload the new version??? thanks for your repons.


Go into your downloads tab and re-download thanks.

i’m sorry but i don’t understand what i need to do, where is my dowloads tab? thank you

Sorry i find it

I do what you do. i put the new dowload int the extension but is not working. it’s said “this extension can working” so now what can i do ?