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I have trouble gettin’ the theme to work! It doesn’t show the header or footer… Am I doing something wrong?


I wouldn’t know without the url. You may want to forward that to my email i’ll take a look over there. Thanks :-)

I have a problem with how the theme formats the txt and images in blogs, any ideas? heres my url, thanks chris

Hi Skyali,

Our Skypanel hasn’t been working for a long time and your latest update did not fix it. Somehow everything in the skypanel was set to style=”Display:none” I fixed it by removing style=”Display:none” from $display_none = ‘style=”Display:none”’; on line 131 of theme_options.php

foreach($pages[$current_main_page] as $p){
    $current_sub_page = str_replace(' ', '_',$p);
    $current_sub_page = strtolower($current_sub_page);
    $display_none = '';

It works now but I can’t figure out what is causing this behaviour.

(currently not using the account we used to buy the theme)

May just be a plugin or something triggering the variable. Although it’s not used for anything but tab hiding in the beginning of the script. Of course there is no way to really know without seeing it with my own eyes. You can send your website details over via email and I’ll take a look. Be sure to send it using the account you purchased from. Thank you.

Hi, bought this theme almost a yea ago. The support has been terrible. The number one reason i bought this theme was because of the Header Slider Feature, but ever since installation its been giving me an error. Months later i received a response telling me i should update, so i did. Now the new version does not event include the Top Header option at all. I will like to have a full refund or at least a reasonable answer on how to make this theme work as originally supposed.

Yes I do remember telling you to update the theme but also remembering that you never updated.

Since then the theme has been updated to work with the latest 3.5 wordpress so I’d like to recommend again to update the theme.

The header slider has been removed yes at the request of Themeforest. Sorry but this feature no longer in the theme.

The theme has been installed but I wanted the placeholder images and text installed as well so I could learn how to edit the CMS. How do I do this? Plus, I created a Gallery and it only offers me the option to import 1 Feature Image—how do I insert more images into the gallery? What is your email address so I can take this conversation off the discussion.

1) I can not give you the images since they’re not copyright to me.

2) This theme does come with demo content you can check the documentation for this located below the “common problems”

3) Yes, You create the gallery items by creating a new post each time.

You put more images in the gallery by adding more post’s and setting a featured image for each post.

You can contact me by using the form located on my profile page.

Hello, I am having an issue with the skypanel not working. The tabs are all greyed out and/or blank. I need to make changes to the layout and cannot.

An update has been released for this issue.

I realized the problem may be that I haven’t uploaded the latest version of the theme. I tried to upload to 1.5 but I received this error message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Please advise.

My Impulse options does not work after updating WP.

How can i fix this?

This regards all my sites with Impulse theme installed. For one example

Please use the account you purchased the theme with.

Hello, the Sky Panel stopped working. The tabs appear blank. We can’t make any changes and need to. Can you please assist us?

You can login into the account you purchased the theme with, then update. This should help with this problem.

Hi Skyali. Can you please tell me how I’d go about creating a drop down menu with the impulse theme. Thanks so much in advance.

Just add one of your pages as a parent. It automatically will turn into a drop down.

Hi I’m having trouble using the SkyPanel. It’s compleetly blanc and I can’t download the demo… What can I do. Please help me.

Br. Malene

If your using the latest version of the theme you shouldn’t be experiencing any issue’s. If you’d like me to take a further look just forward your admin details to my email and I’ll take a look to see if I can spot the issue.

You can also double check to make sure your installing the theme correctly.

Okay… i need you to look at it, I tried to do what was explained in the link you left me, but it dosn’t seem to work. Were can I find your email adress?

Contact form on the bottom right.

Hello. I have this site Where the instructions on how to install the video slider. I downloaded the plugin prettyPhoto Media, but I need instructions on what video plugin to use.

I’m currently using the random video widget plugin and the video size dimensions are too small. Where can I go to read more about how properly customize this site? Is there a proper forum for this particular theme?

If your using a plugin you can consult with the plugin maker. For the video prettyphoto you just include the video code for the post. You can see the input field on the right.

Hello, we reinstalled the theme but the SkyPanel is still showing up blank. Any ideas? We desperately need to make changes as we are working with advertisers.

Are you sure your using the updated version? If so then I may need to take a look in the backend see if it’s something else causing it.

Hi. I’ve updated to 1.5 and disabled all plugins but Skypanel is still showing empty tabs. Any ideas?

I could take a look just forward your admin to my email.

this theme need plugin to work?

No, It runs on it’s own framework.

this theme need logo or its possible use just name?

Yes, You can use a text logo.

Can I request to take a good detailed look at the theme please?

The image alignments in wp 3.5.1 are weird. If you take the option to center the image in WP, in your theme it appears on the left of the next, and other weird stuff like that.

The font formatting is really weird too! If you take the listing option with numbers, the text font changes to a really ugly big font next to the numbers. And when the number list ends, the text below is in normal fonts again.

I would also like to suggest to implement something like TimThumb to keep your images nice and not stretched in article preview images. N an option to make them appear smaller in the article previews, cause they are really big, I think this is very important.

Also in your theme demo preview, and demo content, a slight typo in the category name ” Secrects ” I think you meant Secrets. Just a heads up! :o)

I feel as if the theme is not finished and bugs remain. I also feel as if you lost interest into improving this theme, which can happen and I know the feeling.. I have the same thing going on with some IP.Board themes I create for the IPS Community.

But I’m not very familiar with the WP Framework yet, and I just bought this theme today, and I love it! Please keep your interest in this theme, because I would love to use it as the main layout for my website! It’s really beautiful!

Sincerely Sarah

What you mean? :S You want me to copy my previous messages here in the email also? :S

I wrote a message after saying instead not to. Not sure why themeforest didn’t post it. Sorry about that.

It’s okay :o)

I can not change the header image . How do I change the one I have is way too wide of a header I have added.

The header image? Are you referring to the logo ? Not quite sure.

Hi Skyali

I’m about to purchase the Impulse template before I do am I able to change the template colour from black to a another colour (For e.g. Pink/Blue/Green etc)?


Yes, Built in options panel.

Forgive me however, I am new at this and seem to be having difficulties uploading the template. My first problem is I am receiving this error message:

error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /data/21/2/10/61/2988550/user/3316241/htdocs/Impulse/index.php on line 1

Any suggestions?

Thanks however, that did not resolve the issue. I am currently attempting to upload just the included folder entitled “Impulse” and I get the error message. I have a different theme which I uploaded and it worked without a glitch. How do I correct the eror on line 1?