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Thank you, I figured out how to manipulate my header size to have it centered, is there a place in the theme options to disable the the background pattern behind the menu and the line below it? Thanks so much

Yes in the options panel. Appearance >> Impulse Options >> General >> Theme Styling. Be sure to let me know if you need help with anything else.

Hey there…

If you set up an article image it looks great in the feature slider and in the Latest Articles section. But on these narrow images above the posts on the homepage there you can often see a wrong detail or aperture. Is there a way i can chose the detail i want to show. Or can i deactivate the article picture in this section for some articles… Or can i change the format of the image to a more squarish format….

Thanx for your help…

Submit this via contact form I should be able to get back to you first thing tomorrow morning. It’s currently 6 am here. Also please include a link to your website. Thanks :-)

Okay sure, but where can i find this contact form? ;-)

Located on the profile page at the bottom right.

Hi there, I’m really enjoying the theme. Thanks for the great work. I do have one question regarding the homepage, I would like to show 5 articles (or posts) from a category. How do I do this. Currently it only shows one post. Thanks again.

Yes, that did the trick. Many thanks for the world class support!!

Great! Don’t forget to rate in your downloads section thanks :-)

Hi, I’m very interested in this theme. But I’d like to ask a few questions before I purchase it.

Is it possible to make the theme look like this image I edited in Photoshop? With centered logo, black background, and an ad space?

If it’s possible, you can teach me how after I purchased the theme. Thanks :)

Yeah sure, Tomorrow I could help you disable the top navigation. The rest ou could do threw the widgets & options.

I’m having issues with a new install of this theme. I’m having a problem with the footer. The footer is not sticking to the bottom of the page and is overlapping my content.

Edit: I figured it out. Had to change line 496 on style.css from:

#center{width:100%; height:100%; float:left;}

to this:

#center{width:100%; float:left;}

Great, Glad you figured it out.

Hello and congrats for this beautiful theme. Love it at first sight. I am running a blog on thematic framework but the new design I am aiming will take too long and ….my knowledge has limits. This is why I ended up with your theme that almost fit to what I wish.

I am considering to buy it. But before, I am checking everything and miss info’s… Please could you tell me first something very important : Can I use the theme on the 2 versions of my blog, (same blog but in 2 languages, same root, same domain… Then some more detailed questions :
  • 1/ Can I add widgets ? I am currently working with some plugins that I really love (ie YARPP , nrelate Flyout, Polldaddy Polls & Ratings,Facebook Comments, facebook fan box , Advanced Random Post…) Can I implement this plugins ? or any other new one that comes to my mind ? (with care to WP version compatibility of course ). Some of them are really essential.
  • 2/ For videos, can I use Vimeo and not YouTube only ?.
  • 3/ still on videos, can I disable the lightbox on home page ?
  • 4/ The blog is in a subfolder of my root domain. On the current blog I inserted my main nav menu (same as on main site ) inside the functions.php of my Child Theme. Is it also possible with Impulse ?
  • 5/ Can I open PSD files with CS4 ?
  • 6/ Can I put ads in single post and footer ? and eventually change size if needed ?
  • 7/ Slideshow on home page : can I choose which posts can be featured ?
That’s all…I stop here, this is a lot already :-(...Sorry for this, It is the first time I’ll use a template ever. Thank you very much for your time, Cheers

1) Yes this theme is plugin ready.

2) You can use which ever video provider you’d like.

3) Yes there is a option for this.

4) Not sure about this one, It’s not that I don’t think it can be done. I’ve just never done it before.

5) The psd was built in cs5 but i’ve opened psd’s with older versions just fine.

6) Yes, But you’d probably have to input them in manually.

7) Yes, The slider only show’s the post you select to show.

It’s fine if you decide to purchase be sure to contact me if you run into any problems. Thanks

Thank you for your fast reply :-)...I just bought it ! Let’s get started !

Go ahead and send your message to my email. I will reply as soon as I can.

Hi again, well… I cannot upload neither my logo nor my background. permissions are fine (755) . any idea ? This never happened before. Thank you

Just bought this theme, I really love it! My question is how do I add the left sidebar on the blog page? I’d like to make the blog page look like my home page, that’s where I’ll have some navigation links. Thanks

This is a customization. Wouldn’t be as easy as walking you threw. Send it to my email I’ll quote you.

Great theme!

How do you create the thumbs with the widgets in the sidebars…

For example, Most Popular and Recent Post??

You try setting a featured image?

Hi, i would buy this template asap, but first i would like to know, how can it be installed? Could i installed it directly to an FTP and choose an URL or i need necessary to installed in the WP? How could i do it? Thanks a lot :)

You could do it threw wordpress or ftp. There is instructions that come with the theme once you purchase.

Hello I am very interested this theme, I use the Spanish language, so use accented words as día day, camión truck etc, before I had another issue and when accented words are used distorcionaba all posts, I can use accents with fonts included on is theme?.

This theme can be translated easy. It uses the tags <?php _e(‘Text’); ?> which enables it to be translated.

We purchased the theme and its great! But we run into a few problems we like to solve.

1. if we want multiple articles on the homepage from one category. It starts to repeat itself. we got for example 3 categories and we like one heading for each category and for example 4 articles. but we cant fix it. how can we solve this?

2. We also like to center the featured image on the homepage. Can we do it without center it as well in the slider?

3. Every blog post has a possibility to share it on facebook and twitter. Cause of language the both icons aren’t really good readable. Can i get this off this page and work with a plugin? Which i prefer more.

in a private message i can send u the website. to see what is going wrong. (edit:

thanks in advance.

Be sure to forward this to my email so I can get to it. I should be able to reply today.

we are still waiting on your email with instructions. I have emailled u allready.

please reply @

thanks in advance.

Will be replying soon.

I have bought several wordpress templates. I am not able to set them up to my hosting server – my husband always does this for me. But for the first time I think I have found a wordpess template that I am able to modify easily my self. Very clear PHP ´s and CCS files. Thank you so much. Just starting up to modify this to my look and feel but all ready much more happier user than ever before! My recommendations! And good documentiation as well. Thank you.

Hello nice template , great work…

Is i possible in the home page , under the slider to use some page and not some post’s because the appearance of them dosnt look right ?

thank you

You could do this on your own. But it’s considered a customization whatever thoughts you have i’d hire someone.

well i think you should add it since the appearance of the pictures from the post isnt good… anyway i cant say that im satisfied with this purchase…

Nothing much I can do here. If you didn’t like the theme you probably shouldn’t of bought it. I don’t do customization’s. For future reference you shouldn’t buy a theme expecting the author to offer free customization’s. This rarely ever happens.

It doesnot support worpdress menu, you cannot modify the left sidebar via widgets, and there’s no blog style. i buyed but i dont recommend.

This theme does support wordpress 3.0 menu’s all 3. The left sidebar on the home page is widgetized so is the right. Please do not provide false information.

Hi, i dont know to install this theme, i need necessary to login to the wordpress main page, do i can upload this theme to a normal server and view it like a normal website? Thanks a lot!

The documentation explains how to install the theme.

At the Header Style 2 option the footer is not working well, again..

I thought you fixed this bug but after I re-downloaded the update the bug is still in..

I´m getting a bit irritated about this theme..

Sorry but this theme makes you sweat before you make it work fine.

PS: I emailed you with this issue and help would be appreciated.


Will check soon. If there is a problem I will indeed release a fix.

I can’t upload it in wordpress! sais it’s is too big! :( what can i do?