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Hi again. On my laptop which has a screen resolution of 1366×768 the right sidebar appears below the content, instead of next to it, since version 1.6. This issue does not appear on my other pc who has a higher resolution. I use firefox on both computers.

UPDATE: Oh, my laptop shows the sidebars below the content on ALL my wordpress websites apparantly since today! This issue is only on Firefox. Not on IE or Chrome. So weird! Please ignore my post. This is something to do with my laptop clearly, and not the theme! Sorry.

Sincerely Sarah

Hello! I bought the theme(Impulse – Clean Magazine Theme) and I installed it but when I activate permalink (.../sample-post/) the page loads very slowly. without permalink activated, page loading quite well. any other themes is loading better with the option “Post name” ( from Permalink Settings) enabled. My site is Please, can you help me?

I think the loading speeds are a coincidence. The theme doesn’t do anything with the permalinks so this would be internal wordpress problem.

is not just coincidence. are missing files in theme

If your missing file’s try re-downloading and re-installing the theme. Thank you.

the theme options do not work – I can no longer change the header or edit the theme. Could u please help me?

Have you made sure your using the latest version?

hi, just downloaded this and it doesnt work. (all the other themes i use on the domain work fine..)

Warning: Missing argument 2 for switch_theme(), called in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-admin\themes.php on line 23 and defined in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\theme.php on line 649

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\theme.php:649) in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 881

This doesn’t appear to be a theme issue, The errors seem to be coming from your internal wp-includes files.

I'd recommend updating your wordpress.

it is working now thanks. i deleted everything and re-added domain + new wordpress to server.

Glad to hear it, If you like the theme don’t forget to rate :-)

Hi, just downloaded this theme but I’m facing a problem. I can’t edit/find the left sidebar column where there’s supposed to have 3 columns (left/center/right). When i add widgets to the left sidebar column, it pop ups on the right column instead. Could you help me with this?

Are you referring to the home page? Just display your latest post not sure if you have a page template set as your homepage.

You can change it in the reading settings.

Hi again! Thanks. It works. I love it! 1 more question. How do I fix stretch image?

If the images are stretch it would mean you uploaded the images before the theme was installed. You can regenerate them to fit the theme with a plugin or upload the images manually.

This plugin will regenerate them.


I purchased this theme but I’m really disappointed. I installed it and import the demo content but it’s not like the demo one…

The images also wasn’t good imported…

I’ll ask to be refunded if there isn’t any fix for that.

The theme does come with the demo xml file. But the images cannot be included this would be illegal. You’ll need to either copy them yourself. Or upload new images. Thank you for your purchase.

Cant seem to get it to work…

You may have a page template set as your home page. You’ll need to remove it in your reading setting’s to get the homepage to display.

The Category Style Option is not listed in the Sky Panel, my slider is only showing up in the Long Option

Have you selected your categories? Do you have the slider disabled? You cacn check the settings here. Appearance >> Impulse Options

I wasted and lost 3 days with this template, now bought another one. In-post pagination (namely <!-nextpage-> tag) doesn’t work with this template. When I switch theme, it works fine with other templates.

Author first blames plugins installed, but I have a virgin install.

Then says “Looking back at your post ”<!-nextpage->” I’ve never heard of putting this into the text editor and it generating a next link.”

Read more about the <!-nextpage-> tag at official wordpress support:

Why post in the comments, If I’m helping via email?

NIce theme. Id like to add posts from a particular category to each oage I make.

E.g. Id like to make a page called “style’ and have only posts with the style category appear on this page and have a unique “style” sidebar for this page.

Making the pages and the unique sidebars is easy. But how can I add posts to a page? is there a shortcode?

The page template doesn’t come with the option to choose category. Given you do that easily with the categories unfortunately right now that option doesn’t give custom sidebars though.

i can’t update the theme! i download the zip file but i cannot install it! Do you know why? Please help!

Hi, category pages currently list 10 posts per page before pagination appears. is it possible to increase the number of posts on the category pages, before the pagination appears?


Yes, Settings >> Reading. Change your post per.

Thank you Skyali, it’s always the simplest things you miss!

I purchased this theme and I really like the design!! :-)

However, I can’t seem to figure out how I remove the menu name of of the actual shown page. What I mean by that is when I click on Home in the menu it says Home on the top of the page as well. I would like it if it only said that in the actual menu. Hope that made sense and that there is a way to do it ;-)

Sorry Not really getting it, Maybe you could give me a screenshot and we’ll see if I can get it better.

Of course, where can I send it? can’t see where to attatch a photo. thanks

You can send it to my email using the contact form located on my profile.

My home page featured post displays just one post despite having more than one post on the category for the featured post. I have also checked the reading settings under settings to ensure Blog pages show atleast 5 post, but it still shows only the most recent post on the home page. what am i doing wrong? The site is:

Yes this isn’t the latest blog post style your using the categories listing style which only shows 1 post per category. You can change the listing style in the options panel. Appearance >> Impulse Options >> Home Page >> Blog Post’s

I just purchased the theme, where in the css can I center the logo?

Hi, thank you for your purchase.

Try adding this to your style.css

#header_alt .new_logo{float:none !important; text-align:center;}

Perfect Thanks!

Olá, Skyali!

Encontrei alguns problemas de postagens no tema. Se a imagem não tiver 640px de largura, ela não centraliza e ainda o texto desalinha e se desloca para a parte de cima do post ou ao lado de uma imagem que não corresponde com a legenda.

Gostaria de uma solução. Adoro os seus themas do WP!

Sorry, I do not speak spanish.

I would like the main logo to link to a different url, in what file can I change this?

You’d do this in the scripts/functions/display_functions.php on line 6.


How to set width featured image of single post to 641px and height 249px?

(By Default is 363px x 225px)

Go to functions.php you’ll need to find the single ID. ‘single-post-thumb’


Hi, Bought the theme today and have some questions. 1. How can I change category stlyles? I could not find an option to make posts on my home page look exactly as on preview image of the theme (with wide images obove each post). 2. How does Popular post widjet work? I can easily add it, but no posts are desplayed. What can be the reason? Thank you for your answers in advance. P.S. My website is in Russian.

Are you trying to make a customization to one of the file’s? The includes folder has all the content blocks code for the category aswell as blog post’s alternative.

So I have to paste/edit the code manually for these options? Not via Impulse theme options module in admin panel?

If they’re not in the theme options you will have to code your changes manually.

How to set featured image on home page only by category? This theme do this if set “Feature Image home-> Slide = true”

I need set featured image using only option of post and set a categoy, beacause i go do post by ipad.

There are only 2 choices you could either have a featured image or not but the option for featured image only by category isn’t in the theme.

Hi I buy your template you have video tutorials?? o some thing like that!

well i whant to know how to work the slide photo of the firts page? the square of the begginis, i what to pass the pics of my last post!! i can make that?

thanx – if you what a tutorial o some thing like that place tell me Jovana

Yes you can find the documentation under help folder.

thanx its very helpful, but I make a post with set feature image and, its not appears in the Featured Slider – in the first page! I select the Add To Featured Slider option, but its not appears this is the web

place tell-me what a do wrong! or if i have to install a pluggin or something like that!


You can send me your admin details using the contact form on my profile I’ll take a look at the backend.