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Very nice indeed!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Very eye-catching! Your style instantly recognizable :)

Thank you so much! I wish I could make something more trendy, modern, corporate even, but I am too obsessed by the past… the past which is gone… alas…

Come on, Tanya:) Your style is great! Your templates will find their lovers.

Thank you, Evgeny! You always leave me comments sweet to ear and convincing me to keep on, thank you!

Very cool

Thank you!

i wrote “ahavti” in hebrew. but they just don’t support it.. :)

Aha, now I understand, I was sure TF supports Hebrew too:))) Rav todot, hashuv li lishmoa milim kaele, toda!

Beautiful as always. Will write u mail in a few days :). Wish you lot of sales ;)

Thank you, Ana! I understand you came back, I shall wait for your email, thank you, dear.

love it, any chance it will be a wordpress?

Thank you very much! Oh no, I am sorry, WP will not be available.

Thank you!

Purchased this template, absolutely love it! Easy to customize and make it my own. I’ll keep my eye out for more from you! Great job!

Oh, thanks a lot! I am glad you like it, anyway if there will be some questions, drop me a line, as usual I reply shortly, thank you! Tanya

Solid Job Tanya as always. Love the movable image on the homepage but I noticed when loading the page you see the HUGE full scale image for a couple seconds before it gets masked by the awesome movable image section. Is there a way I can stop this from happening??

Thanks again for an awesome design.

Thank you very much! It happens because actual image is much larger than smaller one framed by draggable box and it loads slower. Depends also on computer speed, on mine time of waiting is very short (1sec?) but I realize it may take longer time on various computers and with various speed.

There are two possible ways out: 1) Try to move all scripts to the <head>. I usually place them at the very bottom of html page because usability laws say: firstly allow an user to see important content, fancy features he/she may see later (and js is always fancy thing:))). However, I am not sure it may help a lot, anyway try. 2) To use jquery loader type this one: or another one similar to this. This plugin forces a website to load completely before website displays its actual content (like in Flash websites). I tried it once, very good thing but I remember there were some problems with notorious IE8 . So, before you upload this plugin to your server, ensure that it does not affect IE8 . Or try another plugin, they are dozens on web.

That is all what comes me on mind at the moment, if something else will dawn on me I shall write you. And if you will decide to use loader and will need help how to add it, drop me a line.

Thank you once again! Tanya

Ah, and try to make your image as light as possible, some double-triple optimisation, so it could load faster. Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt response, I’ve yet to change allot to the template atm due to this small issue. I would love if you could help me implement this so its functional. I tried but no go… but if this can work, it would be perfect!

Thanks for the quick response btw!

You mean the loader script, right? So, it is very simple: you download the script from the link I gave you, place the file into your “js” folder and at the bottom of html page, where all scripts are located, you add this:

<script src="js/jquery.queryloader2.js"></script>
$(document).ready(function () {
        barColor: "#00162c",
        backgroundColor: "#f0f0f0",
        percentage: true,
        barHeight: 10,
        completeAnimation: "grow" 
Inside it you can adjust your styles as you wish, change background, bar height etc. Best wishes!

Thanks allot dear!

You were great.

Not thank at all, if you will have more questions write me here, I am always glad to help (if I know how:))

hello the documentation.pdf file was a bunch of characters not something I could read…

Hello, thank you very much! Which bunch of characters do you mean exactly? Can you please tell me more concrete? If you could clarify what exactly is wrong with PDF file I could try to help (tomorrow evening).

I will attempt to email you a screenshot

Hello, I know this template is a bi directional one, but is there any way this template can be centralized? thanks for responding..Im a huge fan of your clean work.. Thnaks

Thanks a lot! Actually, bi-directional is about two languages systems–from left to right (European) and from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew). Do you mean a main box could be centred? If I understood you correctly, yes, of course, it can be centred, moved to the right side, kept as it is now on the left side, it will be a matter of two seconds to move it where is desirable via css.

Hey Hi,

I am a newbie here just came across your portfolio. Your designs are CLASSIC ! I am already a big fan of yours now. I loved them all.

You are awesome!

Best Wishes :)

Thanks, - Chetena

Hello, thank you very much, Chetena! Sorry that I replied you with delay, was a little bit busy with family. Thank you!

Hello…I love the template and installed it on client site however I get one issue…the logo appear repeated on the ipad…not any other devices just the ipad…I looked at the code and see nothing that would cause this…I added a phone number underneath the logo but the repeat was before that even occurred…help!!! I will inbox you the website

Hello, thank you very much! The template was adapted for tablets (actually its size) but tested solely on Galaxy (as mentioned in description). It is difficult to me to answer you question cause I even do not see how it looks. Send me screenshot please, maybe something will come on my mind…

Hello to all customers and people potentially interested in my templates. My big apologies for delay with replies within last 10 days. Application notifying about new comments was not working within 10 days and I was sure there were no new comments. It came back to work just today. I replied all questions and hope my answers are still actual, sorry once again!

Hi Virtuti

Please could you tell me the section of the CSS i need to change to centralise the main block (Center rather than Left or Right)

I did try to find the correct section, but failed, sorry

Hello, actually it is #shadow, all the rest is nested inside. Best regards, Tanya

it didnt work :(

} #shadow{ float:center; width:1008px; margin-bottom:80px; background:url(../images/shadow.png) top left; background-repeat:repeat-y; position:relative;


actually, you are asking questions which are beyond the scope of free support (you know, customizations, css/html knowledgebase are not covered) but… what you do can not work. You use improper css declarations. You want to move an object from center to center, it does not exist in nature, hence in css too:)))

For anyone who want to centralise the main block, add left:140px; underneath the position:relative; of the #shadow{ section of styles.css


Hello, it is improper solution. It will not center the main box for screen resolutions 1024, 1366, 1440, 1920, 2560 px. It can be more or less centered for 1280px only.

Dear Virtuti,

Thank you for making such a nice template :)

In the Gallery page we want the next, previous buttons in the pop up that is opened when we click on an image so that we can navigate to other images easily. Is there any easy way we can do this?

Hello and many thanks! Of course it is possible. But modification is necessary. What is need is another script (you mean: open big image and navigate to next big image without closing the current one, right?). I used tinybox (well, tinybox is tiny script with tiny variety of options) but if you will use, for example fancybox (old free or new paid version) it will give you the opportunity you mention (if I understood you correctly). Thank you again!