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What free support of template does include?

I gladly answer all questions concerning template itself. If you are stuck with how the code (or part of it) works or what specific part of code means you may always ask me via comment box.

I cannot, however, to search, find and fix mistakes which user/buyer makes in process of customizing for free. If a user/buyer sees that something does not work in his/her version of website based on my template while he/she sees it working in live demo it means mistake/misspelling/error occurred during customization. If a user/buyer wants me to find and fix his/her error I can gladly do that at charge.

Questions non-related straightly to the template can not be assisted for free. If you want me to change structure (or part of it), features, scripts, CSS styles please send me clear description, folder with all files and payment to PayPal.

Minimum fee is 40$. I recommend strongly to check thoroughly the code in your version and compare it with mine one. As usual, accurately re-copied code from my source files will help you to avoid such mistakes.

It does not work!

Before you claim the template (or part of it) does not work please ensure whether it does not work in Live Preview or on your customized website. If it does not work in Live Demo, please notify me via comment box. If it does not work on your customized website, try to search, find and fix a mistake. Compare your code with mine in proper way. As usual, some missed comma in js script or missed hash in CSS file may cause troubles and prevent a website to work properly. If you cannot figure out anyway where the mistake has happened, email me. I help at charge and I need full folder with your files to work with.

Photos, illustrations, paintings, artworks, icons etc.

Sometimes I include these visual elements into folder to download, sometimes I do not.

Simple logic says that in 99.99% of cases you will not need exactly same pictures to use in your website. If for example, my demo theme is decorated with retro cars photo backgrounds while your website is about football team or furniture showcase, I assume there is no sense in retro cars photo backgrounds, right?

Second thing is that in order to include photos, illustrations, paintings, artworks etc into downloadable folder I need to pay and obtain corresponding license to re-sell such images. If to follow simple logic (described above) you will throw away these images because you simply do not need them. Same simple logic says me that payment for such licenses is not justified.

When do I include photos, illustrations, paintings, artworks, icons etc into folder to download?

It happens when I do have legal permission to use copyrighted material in commercial purposes. It happens when such material is free for use in commercial projects.

Everything I create myself is always included into folder and I provide either jpg/png files or/and PSD files.

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Additional information from virtuti:

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Here are a few notes about my manner to assist in questions related to my themes and templates.
  1. Please communicate via comment box solely. No replies via email-sorry.
  2. Please do not send me letters on Friday-Saturday (Shabbat). No replies will follow.
  3. Ensure that you sign in under buyer account (showing buyer badge) if you ask after-sale questions.
  4. Regrettably I have no possibility to provide freelance work. If you need modifications of the theme/template (modifications are not included into support) please refer to Envato Studio.
  5. What support does include? I reply gladly all pre-sale questions, I may give advice or recommendation (If I know what to advice) and definitely all questions concerning theme/template structure are welcome. Naturally, support is provided in case if you some detect bug/problem on demo site. If you noticed something wrong with the demo, please report a problem via comment box. I shall be glad to fix it and provide you with updated version of theme files and updated demo site. Important! See Envato Marketplace rules about item support.
  6. Please note: if you changed/modified/deleted my markup and styles, be kind to fix the problems yourself. I am not responsible for non-mine modifications and cannot help with the issues happened in code modified by you.
  7. Please take into consideration: I do not reply all questions in obligatory way. If you did not get a reply from my side, it means a certain reason stands behind my silence (it might be question itself (its subject, its relevance etc), the manner/tone a question has been asked, absence of elementary politeness and so on). Thank you!