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Super cute! Really nicely done. GLWS :)


Thank you :)

Wow well done work! very clean, Good luck this one :)

I like your design. So clean with idea :-)

Awesome work mattia glws!


Is it possible to have ‘posts’ in the same way as ‘portfolio items’ on home page? If home page area’s so versatile why don’t you have a couple of examples. Can plz post this themes documentation?


thank you, well.. yep, blog posts have an another look than projects and can be placed in the homepage, which is versatile, this is the way I wanted to present my demo.. no reason to put in the demo all the possible configurations.. and, no post documentation, the doc is clear, the theme is extremely easy to use, theme options auto explicative etc.. etc.. :)


Yeah well, does not really answer my question does it. All I want to know is how posts can be presented on the homepage instead of portfolio pages.


yep, it’s a modular homepage.

“yep, blog posts have an another look than projects and can be placed in the homepage”

Yes, blog posts can be presented in the homepage instead of portfolio posts :)

Hi, I am a follower of Mattia Viviani, I can say that this template and ‘really great, very fresh and clean. With 5-star rating compliments

Looks great! How are multiple images handled on a single item folio page?

I like the use of colors. :)

Thank you everybody for kind comments :)

Good colors, clean design, i like this one :)


This is a really nice theme, which could be used for a new website. Therefore I do have some questions.

Can I place a 468*60ad at the top right position of the header? Where in the demo is written “Login or Sign Up or whatever you like to place in here!”

Do you have a portfolio tag cloud available for the sidebar?

Does the portfolio has an paging function? I mean, can I define how many items to be shown on a page?

Do you have plans to include an about the author section inside the single.php / blog detailed page?

Many thanks, and once again, great theme! Tobias


Hello Tobias,

1. Yep, you may place in there also images :)

2. Yeah, you may choose between the following tags to display: blog tags, project categories, project tags and portfolios.. http://cl.ly/image/1K1V3h1j0C0w

3. Nope, it’s a filterable portfolio.

4. Yep, function is already there


Hi sorry but when i insert a video in a post, it cuts. i dont put video as featured i put it under text in the body of the post, and it cuts because is too big. Can you fix the theme so it resize the video automatically ?



Hello, posting a simple video doesn’t make anything so strange. Nothing to fix. Support works via forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com Please, open a topic there. Thanks

Hi, thank you for your very clean and nice theme design.

I have some pre-purchase questions.

1. In your demo there is only one image in per single project page. Is it possible to show more than one image in a slider or one under the other by scrolling down? And can these be set by the admin panel?

2. In the home page, can we change the slider’s width to fullwidth without setting all pages of the theme to one column template?

3. Is it possible to define and show different portfolio categories (filters) for different portfolios.

Thank you in advance.



First off thank you for your interest in Inbox

Yep, everything you asked is possible!

Please note that pre-purchase questions are now handle via our contact page at http://mattiaviviani.com/contact/

Thanks again :)


Thank you for your quick reply :)

Is there pagination on the portfolio pages? Thanks.


Portfolio is filterable, for now no pagination but it will available in future versions :)

Hi sorry mattia, how can i incrase the Height of the Project Image in Project page ? Because it cuts off.

i want to edit it and make it auto, when i post a image it change height depending on the height of the image, i hope you understand what i mean.



Hi, thank you for purchasing Inbox!

Our Support works via dedicated forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/, please make your question there and we’ll be able to help you :)

Is is possible to change the image slider on Homepage to “Vimeo Embedded Video”?

If possible how can I change it?

I really this theme. Look Pro and Cute.


Hello, we are planning th feature in next versions :)

Hi, will the login / sign up part change with something like “Logged in as <user>” when a user is logged in? Or it doesn’t have any other function aside from static text?


Hi, you may do that just changing manually the code, it’s kinda easy. Please, for any other pre-purchase question send us an email from http://mattiaviviani.com/contact/ Thanks :)

ozory Purchased

Sorry man, but I cant see “comments” after install :(


Hi, support works via dedicated forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com Please ask your question there and we will be able to help you… and, please, add more details than “I cant see comments”, I actually don’t understand what you mean :) not sure if this is about the theme

Hi, I am doing site for Australian and Chinese video makers. China can’t access Youtube or Video so is it possible to embed self-hosted videos on this framework? Also can videos be put on the slider homepage where you currently have images only?


Hello, yep, if possible to embed self hosted video and audio. Video slider, instead, will be released in a next update :)