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I really love every parts in this theme. Extremely amazing :D

Brilliant – defo purchase!

Thanks guys :)

Nice looking theme guys!

Hi. I have a question. Is possible set background from image?


Yes it is possible, you can set body background image, pattern or color from theme administration.

Clean and nice work! have a many sales

hi, would like to purchase this theme, do you have an events calendar option like http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/earth/events-calendar/

or plan on incorporating one?

If not, if i have say 30 events through a year, will it show all events or only events for the month or how exactly will it filter this?

I do like the look and feel of it, and choosing between this and earth at the moment :)

Cheers, Clyde


Hi Clyde, thanks for your comment.

There is no option to show calendar. Program page is showing posts and category names, you can name your categories as months and add events in different months. http://screencast.com/t/rLUa1ZWRbB

? hi no response :)


Sorry for the delayed answer, we ware bussy with updates for new wordpress :)

Looks like a nice theme and I need one like this for an upcoming job. How close are you to having this compatible with wp 3.5?


Thanks for your question, we have released update for wordpress 3.5 few days ago :)

zaf Purchased

Thanks for the theme, it’s working great for our website, however, do you have an estimate when the update will be ready, as we can’t use widgets etc. seems to be related to the theme.


Which version of the theme are you using, we have released InCare 1.2 that is compatible with wordpress 3.5

For any further questions please open new ticket over at our support system. To create new account and open the ticket follow the links below:

Create an AccountHow to find “Item Purchase Code”?

It looks nice. Question: you mentioned before that events are posts. That means they’ll show in the blog, right?


Event posts are custom post types and they are shown in events page not blog.

I keep getting fatal errors wen trying to activate this theme :(



Can you explain little more the issue you are having? Check if your download was completed correctly, I have downloaded the theme myself minutes a go and didn’t have any issues installing it.

Howdy! Nice responsive WP theme… I’m considering purchasing it… but I was just curious what color-skins are programmed into the admin? Basically what color combos are available with the theme.

No problems customizing it as needed, just was curious what the options were. Thanks!


Hi and thanks for your comment :)

There is color picker included in the theme, here is the screenshot of the Color panel http://screencast.com/t/ymSSl2Qvrn


Sweet. Thank you!

Hi there! I’m really excited about your theme but I’ve been having problems with the theme when trying to activate it. I’ve downloaded the theme a few times to make sure there weren’t any issues with them download, and uploaded it as is without changing anything that you’ve setup. I’m getting the following error:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name incare_theme

Description Stylesheet is missing.

Any advice on how to resolve this issue, or if you have dealt with it recently? I know there is a style sheet but for some reason WP isn’t finding it in your theme.



That is exactly what I have done from the start (unzipping the InCare theme from the WP folder), yet the css files are not being found via Wordpress. I’ve used both Filezilla and GoDaddy FTP to see if it was a transfer issue, yet I’m still receiving the same result. I’m a web designer so I’m used to working with my own templates and stylesheets but really loved yours – I’m trying to trouble shoot the issue. I found a similar issue via Wordpress.org support: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/problem-with-importing-a-templatetheme. Any thoughts?


I also noticed that you have two style.css files; one in the incare folder that is just the header without the cascading code, and one in the style folder that is cascading code without the header. I’m wondering if this is creating the problem?


BAH! My mistake… I did have the simplest upload issue. I had an extra incare subfolder when I was uploading it to the themes folder. Clearly I haven’t had enough coffee today. ;p Thanks again for your help and the great theme!

Great theme! Can you explain why IE7 and IE8 are not supported and which features will not work in those browsers?



Hi and thanks for your comment. IE7 is outdated browser and we don’t test our themes to work on it. The theme should work on IE8 but because we are using CSS3 there will be some visual differences from other browsers.

Hi there,

Thanks for the response, love your work.

Agreed on IE7, my target market used that browser 1% of the time in December while IE8 was 13% so IE8 is still relevant. However, I was curious as to what doesn’t work in IE8 so it sounds like it will with some visual differences rather than functionality.

Well done. Will likely be buying this soon.



We didn’t find any functional issues on IE8 only visual, and those visual are mostly because IE8 can’t show rounded edges done by CSS3, that’s actually the reason this theme doesn’t support IE8.

Hi! We would install this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/booking-system-pro-wordpress-plugin/2675936?ref=wpshock

But we saw in an other comment that this template doesn’t show calendar. We will have problems installing this plugin?



Hello, This theme doesn’t have calendar included and we didn’t test it with the plugin you mentioned but I believe it should work with this theme.

Carmitma Purchased

I absolutely love this template! I purchased it and really happy I made that decision. I have few questions: 1) I am trying to add a table to a default template page. and although the table’s border is seen properly in the editor, it does not seem to show it’s border in the site. Is it a known issue? how do I solve it? 2) I really liked your demo, and the fact that the revolution slider in the home page was right under the menu. how do I go about doing that? right now when I add a slider it has a big space from the menu. 3) Events – I used the event tab as a regular page that is password protected. the problem is I keep seeing the word ‘Protected’ in the event title in the site. how do I remove this word? I dont mind it to be in the actual page, but I dont want it to be shown in the title.

Thanks Carmit


Support for all Themes Kingdom themes is handled through the Themes Kingdom support system, if you’d like to open a new ticket over there and Themes Kingdom support team will take a look at your issue :)

To register support account please follow these easy steps:

Find your ThemeForest purchase code/licence key

Create an FREE Account

Carmitma Purchased

Also, for some reason, the gallery does not show the photos. I managed to structure it well and divide to categories, but the photos themselves, although uploaded, are not shown.

Good afternoon, I liked the song, just not like the colors, I have the opportunity to tinker with colors? was an editor of the same theme, or just by css. Thank you!

Thanks for your comment :) There are many colors that can be changed from admin section. Check this screenshot of the colors panel: http://www.screencast.com/t/NlcsvTWieu58