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I am having difficulties downloading the files after purchasing. I tried once and got notified that the download failed and is no longer available. Is this something you can look into for me. I need the files urgently.


The download problem is not theme-related. (As a test, I have downloaded it myself.)

I suggest retrying to download. It is probably an issue related to internet connection.

Best regards.

Thank you for your response, however from here it says download failed. Could you provide an alternative source of download as I need the files to setup a website for myself today ahead of some important presentation tomorrow?

I suppose its a Themeforest issue but I just need you as the author to help me out here. Please.

Can you please provide more details for this template , i am looking to buy the php version of this template . Is this template fully customizable without any difficulty and which plugins ,extensions etc it makes use off especially can you please tell if it makes use of any external software ,plugins etc and is it possible to get rid of them and would that affect the looks or functionality of the template.Looking forward to your help and i have already tried contacting via email system but did not get any response and hope will get a detailed reply of the template details, thanks in advance.


The PHP version of this template allows you to reuse small parts of code in different pages like the header and footer. To customize this template (the HTML or the PHP), you need to have some basic knowledge of HTML.

Regarding external software, this template includes only external JavaScript libraries. If you remove all the JavaScript plugins used in this template, then the look of the website will be impacted. Some of them, if not used, can be removed, like Google map, Revolution slider, portfolio items sorting, etc.

If you would like an easy way to customize this template, you could take into consideration its WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/inceptio-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/4659745


Any chance you’ll add a onepage landing and/or the parallax support to this theme? It’s a fantastic theme that I have loved for a long time, but want to do some modernization to include some specialty pages.

Thank you for your comment. Sorry, we aren’t planning the respective additions.


Is this template ready for use with Umbraco?



No, it’s not.



igtats Purchased

Hi, I love your template and get compliments all the time!!! I want to move the Inceptio logo more to the left so I can have more menu items – Can you tell me where to change this setting??

Thank You!!


The logo element can’t be moved to the left because it is part of a responsive container.

What you can do is to adjust the left and right padding (use a smaller padding) around the navigation links (ul#navlist li a). You can also use a smaller left margin for the search element (#search-form). All these elements can be found in the style.css file.

For further questions, please check out our support forum, http://ixtendo.com/forum/


Love the theme—used it for two clients now. One issue we’ve been seeing is on the home page slider, when using a mobile device, the Learn More buttons have been inconsistently clicking through. For example, on my iPhone, using YOUR demo template, I’ve had mixed results. The Learn More button changes from Black to Green when pressed, but does not always click through to the page. It just pauses for several seconds and then moves on to the next slider. I found I had more consistency in clicking through if I waited a few seconds before clicking Learn More, then the click-through rate was better. But it should, of course, work every time.

On other devices we tried, including an Android phone and Samsung tablet, we had NO success clicking through (so even if we delayed the click it still yielded no result other than changing color). Please advise. Thanks!


If you are referring to the button that appears in Revolution Slider, I’ll update this slider plugin to see if the issue has to do with it. It might take a few days for the reintegration and testing. When the item is ready for download, you’ll receive a notification by email.


hi! thanks for this great piece of work; i really enjoy your design & code.

but i’ve got one question. i want to make a contact form with 2 columns of input fields and can’t get that done. using two one-half divs within the <section id=”main” class=”three-fourths”> does not work… can you show me how to do this?

best wishes, lorenz


On your last column, don’t forget to also add the class “column-last”. So, you’ll have <div class=”one-half”> and <div class=”one-half column-last”>.

If you need more help, you can join us on the support forum, http://ixtendo.com/forum/

Best regards.

thanks a lot for your quick response, that worked fine, i’m really happy 5* for design, code & support :-)

Thank you! :)

Can a full-screen video be used for the Home page?

Yes, it can.


wender Purchased

I really like this template! Thanks!

Thank you!


etattva Purchased

I am looking to buy the theme and use it for php website built on laravel framework. I also plan to integrate this theme with existing wordpress blog. My questions 1. I do not want the responsive slider and do some changes to menu. How difficult or easy it is to customize the theme ? 2. Can I use the theme for blog as well ? 3. This is the theme I will use for php development ?


1. You can integrate any slider you want in the template. Regarding the menu, it depends. To change it, you need to know HTML and CSS.

2. You can use the theme for a blog, but only if you develop it yourself. The blog part isn’t functional in the HTML/PHP template. However, here you can find the WordPress version of this template, which has a ready working blog: http://themeforest.net/item/inceptio-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/4659745

3. This item contains a PHP version (in addition to the HTML version).

I hope that helps,

Best regards.

Are you able to add bread crumbs into the page navigation? For instance I am interested in building a flat architecture for my site but want to use bread crumbs to help define the architecture without having to use folders. Is this something I can do with the php and or the html templates?


In order to have breadcrumbs for the HTML/PHP template, you must write some PHP code. As a hint, you can do like this:

1. Define your menu in an XML format (parent/children hierarchy).

2. Parse the menu in a hierarchical objects structure in memory.

3. Create a PHP function which prints the breadcrumb as follows: the function will extract the current request ($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] if your HTTP server runs on Apache HTTP or HTTPD) and it will search in the hierarchical objects structure the object which corresponds to the current request. Once it is found, what remains to be done is to print the ancestors of the object.