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Really nice work and v original. Any plans to create WP? Good luck


Hi, PaddyTaylor

Thank you for your comment.

and It is good idea for WP version. ^^ :)

thank you

Look great :) Good luck with sales.


Hi, tabvn

Thank you so much. I’m very happy;)

Nice work! Have a many sales :)


hi, louiejie

Thank you a lot ^^ and you, too.

nice work :)


hi, AliA

Thank you ;)

Original than the movie ;)
Great work , looks wonderful ; wish you the best with sales.


Hi, Bedros

Thank you for your kind word.

I’m so happy!! ^^ :inlove:

Great theme!


Hi, martijnbokma

I’m glad that you like my theme.

thank you so much.

Does it comes in PHP only or also in full HTML ? :)


Hi, soireeDigitale

My theme is fully HTML +contact Ajax form. :)



Hi, arrowthemes

Thank you very much. ;) :inlove:


Hi, nextWPthemes

Thank you a lot for your comment. :)

tunroff Purchased

Beautiful design ^^ I like it


Hi, Tunroff

Wowww!!!! If you have any problem. I glad to help you….Thank you so much for purchased my theme.

^^ :inlove: Pinyo

Great design! I hope you’ll make WP version! :)


Hi, deyani

Thank you for comment. ;)

:inlove: It is good ideas!!


Very nice Theme, let me know when you cast the WP version.


Hi, guigows

I’m glad that you like my theme. :)

Now, I don’t know when I release WP version but I must release as soon as possible :inlove:

Thank you so mush. Pinyo.

JJojola Purchased

I looked in the contact.php and I see no place to put an email address to have the message sent to me. Where do I do that?


Hi, JJojola

thank you for your purchase. :)

I’m updating for your request. Please waiting for update approve from reviewer team.

Thank you so much, again. Pinyo ;)


hi, JJojola

Now, you can redownload update version for your request. :)

If you have any problem you can ask me everytime.

Thanks. :inlove:

Nice work!

Excuse the possible silly question, but where does the company name / logo be placed in terms of branding the theme?


Hi, sticker

I’m glad you like my theme.

In this theme don’t fixed about position of logo. You can add it in other position such as - fixed in top slide or top menu. ^^

But now in this have example of logo position when you see this theme in responsive for device (ipad, iphone, etc.)

Thank you very much. ;)

Am going to buy your template tomorrow, it is awesome, one of the most elegant i have seen for a long time! Well done!

I do however have a question: I would like to add a members only page, a page where members have to log in. Can you fix it? Please! How many pages can i add? Can I add sub pages+ How do i do? THANX ONCE AGAIN FOR AWESOME TEMPLATE !


Hi, turkmenguy12

I’m very glad you like my theme. :inlove:

Now, I receive your mail. I must answer for all question to you by email.

Thank you so much. Pinyo

Great theme, but there is no space for proper branding….


Hi , jisaac

Thank You for good idea , I will do as you suggest.

Thank again



The flexslider only animates the first time with the slide_content_xxx and slide_desc_xx. I was looking on how you defined things in flexslider.css and see some reset in the animations, but these don’t work (?). Are you aware of this and otherwise could you take a look if this can be fixed. I am using latest version FF. Thanks


p.s: nice template!!

Unfortunately this doesn’t work with IE8 , my fault, I should have read the description before purchasing or spending hours developing a website.

IE8 still has quite a large userbase out there and will do for sometime because IE9 cannot run on older Windows XP machines, so it cannot really be ignored even though its crap, are you going to make the template IE8 compatible?


Hi, borelandn

Thank you for purchased my theme , I’m so sorry . My theme used CSS3 & HML5 it works best browser with CSS3&HTML5 supported.

Thank you and so sorry again.


Do you know, when do you publish that for wordpress?