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Nice theme!

I’ve got a couple questions before purchase:

1) How do you create the homepage layout – is it drag and drop?

2) Can you save custom page templates easily?



Thanks. 1. There is a home page template 2. I do not have a page builder in this theme, working on it at the moment ;)

That’s great – thanks. Any idea of when that will be available?

Also, can I recommend you allow insertion of PHP code as one of the elements for the home page builder, as well as straight content/HTML?



The page builder will be integrated in the next my theme.

nidrig Purchased

hi, Thanks for the great theme.

In a future release, would that be possible to make it translation ready? (.po files)


This option will be available in the next update.

I’d just like to highlight the sneaky tactics that this author (and others) are employing. I am a blogger, trying to make money from commissions on sales of premium WordPress themes.

When you view the live preview of themes, authors such as mad_dog redirect you away from themeforest.net to their own site. When you click purchase from the live preview, the author appends their own affiliate tag. This is stealing referral commissions from bloggers like me who work hard to make a little money from a commission – as well as driving sales of individual themes.

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New update is available for download, please review the list of new features on the product preview page.

core12 Purchased

Great theme! Well done! Only 1 question. I want to set my homepage with Page Right Sidebar template instead of mainpage template. However, the background image doesn’t show on the home, but does show on the rest. Is there s slug setting or something I’m missing?


Thanks for the purchase. Please submit any question you may have to my help forum at http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1-General-Information I do not provide support via TF comment form.

Hi- thank you so much for the amazing theme! I’m not sure if you will be able to help me with this but my question is about the mobile theme. I had to re-size the logo area in the header as my logo has too much detail to be so small but now the mobile logo area overlaps the menu. Do you know if there is anything I can do to re-size the logo for the mobile version? ( url: dukdesign.com/edgestone ) thank you so much! (just posted in Forum- sorry for the duplicate post)


Thanks for the purchase. I will get back to you via a support forum.


I’d like to remove the search bar from the menu on my website. How can I go about doing this?



Hello! Please post all your questions on my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1-General-Information Thanks.

webdiner Purchased

Is there a way to disable the responsive portion of the theme?


Dear customers! Please post all your questions to my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1-General-Information Thanks.

Hi, help me please. I bought an Incipiens theme for the Russian-language website. I have problem, When translating text in contact_info.php. The Russian text is displayed as question marks. What changes should I make in order to properly display Russian text. I hope for a quick response. Thank you.


Hello! Please post all your questions to my help forum at http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1-General-Information

Excellent theme, very easy to use and configure, very functional. I have received excellent technical support and assistance. And in a very short time. Working with mad_dog – a pleasure!!!


Thanks a lot, I do appreciate your feedback :)

chuckmo Purchased


Thanks for the solid theme. However, there is no option for the Contacts page in the Page Attributes section as mentioned in the documentation. Where is it?


Hello! The support is provided via support forum only at http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1-General-Information Thanks

The retractable color area on your demo page: Can this be used to hold other widgets or content? Such as an Event, Newsletter Signup or Twitter feed? And, enable it to stay visible until manually retracted?



Hello! That panel is used only for the demo purposes, you can change the colors in the admin panel.

Hi…I have not located the font that you used in the content area

. Can you tell me what is the correct font?


puchased theme but see this


Dear customers! Please submit all your questions to my help forum at http://forums.themedev.me TF comment form is only for pre-sales or general questions.

Hello! seven days ago, you said: translation will be available at the next update. Is it ok with the 12th august’s update? thanks

atleast repond my query in forum sir..i need to up the site


Done, please note that my working hours are Mon-Fri (9a.m. – 9p.m. UTC /GMT + 2).

This is perfect for me except that I’d like to add a small box or two of content over the full screen homepage…is this possible?


It can be done, but only as a custom solution.

Hi there!

Fantastic work and theme. It has (nearly) everything I’d need.

Before purchasing I have but one problem>

Portfolio area- Portfolio Content page (ex:http://demo.themedev.me/wordpress_themes/incipiens/portfolio/iubet-per-accipere-sibi-aperit/) In any of my portfolio pages, I would need to showcase landscape and portrait oriented pictures. Your demo only shows same size pictures slideshows. 1.Is there an ajax handling of image sizes? 2.what happens when a portrait oriented pictures is displayed: -crop if too big? resize/fit? -blank sides if too small? 3. To resolve that issue(if there is one), would it be possible to have a gallery (like shown in you gallery page: http://demo.themedev.me/wordpress_themes/incipiens/gallery/#prettyPhoto) just beside or inside a portfolio content?

Thank you very much for your time and hard work!




1. :D me neither… 3. there’s a gallery down the page below the social buttons(left)! ;) 4. ok

Thanks again,


As I see it is a simple gallery widget, it is not related to the portfolio single page.



Thank you very much for everything, and a good luck for your sales!