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I purchased the theme and tried uploading it (just the theme folder within the zip file) and it is not showing up where I can choose it to activate the theme. Also tried zipping the theme folder and uploading it through Wordpress and I get an error saying that there is no styles.css file.

Any ideas?


hi crealities,

it s because of you purchased HTML version of the theme. it doesn’t work with Wordpress.



I purchased your theme but dont know how to deal with the gallery pages…its all broken, please help me to fix it.

dear friends,

we’re deeply sorry for this conflict which caused by our HOSTING FIRM . We’ll get online ASAP . currently we’re using our all sources we have to fix it. Apologize again.

we’re online now. sorry for inconvenience. kind regards

Sup, I purchased the HTML theme yesterday but it really is a pain in the ass to write blogposts . would you suggest I buy your wordpress theme too? Or is there a better way of getting a blog post done without having to rewrite over the whole template?

Could anyone teach me how to write a blogpost using this template?

Okay so I got most of it down… now I just need to find out how to make the mailing list functional. Advice?

pumbie Purchased

Scratch that … I introduced it myself with a third party script :)

I have the gallery working using the 3column template but I’m not clear on how to make the sorting work:

These are my categories :

<ul class="sort-by-menu alignright_block">
                        <li class="alignleft_block first">sort by:</li>
                        <li class="alignleft_block"><a href="#" class="selected notextdecoration gray-only" rel="all">all</a></li>
                        <li class="alignleft_block"><a href="#" class="notextdecoration gray-only" rel="Sports">Sports</a></li>
                        <li class="alignleft_block"><a href="#" class="notextdecoration gray-only" rel="Concerts">Concerts</a></li>
                        <li class="alignleft_block"><a href="#" class="notextdecoration gray-only" rel="Hot Cars">Hot Cars</a></li>
                        <li class="alignleft_block"><a href="#" class="notextdecoration gray-only" rel="Retouching">Retouching</a></li>
<br />
Can you help me with this?


Can you share the details with us with email? Lets a take a look to your site if possible.



I’ve sent you the details via the email the author link on your profile page. Let me know if you did not receive it or send me your address and I’ll email you.

Is the sorting feature explained somewhere? I’m not seeing it in the documentation.

Great design, although how do I get the portfolio page to display without connecting to a database or is that even possible? Also, how do I get the email submission to send to a specific email address, do you have the code written already?

lremesi Purchased

Hi- Once you DL the dummy SQL where to you save it in the file structure? I have the dummy db from this link here is a dummy SQL database file. you may download it from http://incorporate.ozythemes.com/help/incorporate.sql but now need to know what to do with it so the 3 column gallery will display. Any help is appreciated.

egotype Purchased


Hope you help me:

how is it possible to sort images (4columns gallery with quicksand.js) in a way that i did not see all the images first. I want to divide the gallery in 4 categories – so i want to have 4 Buttons with the categories and one button for all images. You have this option (http://incorporate.ozythemes.com/portfolio_4column_gallery_quicksand.php) but i want to see first for example the images of the “printed”-section and the last option should be the “all”-images option. Do you understand what i mean? Could you give me an advice please?

Thanks a lot Dudes…



Actually its easy to generate 4 column quicksand enabled page, just take a careful look at the current one (anyway, we will be there to help you further)

I think I understand, simply take “all” after others.

Please contact with us on ozy@ozythemes.com and don’t forget to share more details (screenshots, URL , etc..)


egotype Purchased

Hi again…

I have sent an email to you. To generate a quicksand gallery is not the problem. I only want to have another sorting. I donĀ“t want to see “all images” first. If i come to the gallery page i want to see for example the “photo”-gallery or the “printed”-gallery and the last button at the the top right section should be called “all” and should the link to see all the images. Now it is so that i come to gallery page and everytime i see all the images. That is not what i want. Could you read my email – hope you understand my problem.

Thanks Dudes…



We will try to provide a solution for you.


Hi freevision, really nice site. Am looking out for responsive sites. Will you be doing so for this one?? Do so hope you will. Perhaps you can keep my details and advise when available. thank you. J

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:) best! www.pedrolino.pt


Yay, Fantastic :)

jovan91 Purchased

hi I bought this template yesterday and everything is working fine except the portfolio page which keeps saying there is an error and i cant figure out how to set it up/put my pictures up?

egotype Purchased

Hi again…

One fast question: How it is possible to enable the arrows (previous/next arrows) in the jquery.colorbox-min.js? I have to click every image to see it and that is not what i want. For me it would be better to have the arrows in the left corner at the bottom like the original colorbos.js looks like – could you help me??


hi egotype , we’ve replied all support requests. if you need any assistance please contact us by email.


sk3tch Purchased

I need help getting the contact from to work. i have changed my email address within the php file but still keeps saying error when i submit the form!! HELP !!!


hello, sk3tch. we’ve replied all requests by email. please contact us by email if you need further help.

kind regards

i purchased this item already, whenever i try opening the portfolio files in the web browser i get a javascrpit error and i dont know why?



Putting theme files behind a local or remote server will be good for it.

Already did? You have to take a look at this page better : http://www.ozythemes.com/index.php?board=1.0


Hi, great theme by the way.

Can you tell me how i can receive emails from filling out the form on contact us page? Once you press submit where does all the information go?



Hello David,

the information goes where you’ll describe in options menu. please check your admin panel.




I’m using the html theme so i don’t have an admin panel?

Also, i sent a detailed email to ozy@ozythemes.com, if you could take a look at that would be great.

Thank you for getting back to me.

damil610 Purchased

Like someone else already pointed out, this theme is a waste of money with really bad documentation (almost nonexistent). Coding is messy and not clear direction what each is for. I’ve have bought 5 html themes on this site and this has got to be the worst. No doubt the design and layout looks great but good luck trying to customise it to your need. No point sending emails directly either as you won’t be getting any clear or timely response. I’m not one to leave bad feedback but I’m just appalled at what is on offer. The simplest things take ages to work out. Time is precious and one of the main reasons of buying a theme is to save yourself time but not this.

Note to author, you will save a lot of stress and anguish if you can take some time to document your theme properly, what you’ve got out there don’t make no sense!


After responding many of your emails suddenly very strange way to communicate.

First, this is an HTML theme its not a WordPress and since its HTML you have to do your own work hard-coded. There are no wizards.

Everything is editable, PSD files are included, style files are included and there is documentation to show how you change it.

NOTE : I’m not gonna remove your comment bcoz some other buyers may find it useful.