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cbnplay Purchased


I just wonder that I can use Instagram Access Token?

How to do that? Thanks!!


Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

What exactly are you trying to do regarding Instagram?

Are you trying to have your Instagram posts automatically post to your Tumblr?

Philse, Didnt got a response from you so I’ll try again

Hi Philse, I’m using version 2.1.3 but some user complains that the “SORT”menu (in my blog is called “CATEGORIAS” doesn’t show the popup otion if your browsing in mobile. I have reports from iPad and iPhone, both with chrome and Safari. Do you have any fix for it? (if you need, my code is @ http://blog.rigonatti.com )

ongjuee Purchased

Hello Philse,

Great theme. Loving it. Does it take a long time to create a custom code if I would like to have another “sort” drop down menu? Would appreciate if you can help! Thanks!

Hi! I purchased this theme, I like it very much. I’ve just installed it e personalized but I can’t see it full screen. Just a white page. I use Chrome. can you help me please?