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I would like to know the answer to this MacJosetty’s question aswell.

“when i embedd youtube videos, there are no previews in the overview on the main page visible.”

A black screen appears on the preview when linking YouTube videos. Vimeo videos do work fine.


Hi PHILSE, great theme, I get via Blundle, and I don’t know if I can get support. but i have installed the theme in a Wordpress 3.7.1 I have only one post with an Image Gallery on it. I have published the post and now the theme doesn’t load. I have the preloader image and never loads the home. BTW my site is http://www.lotstejidos.com.ar I have disabled all plugins and no luck.

jamodo Purchased

Hey Philse,

Thanks for an awesome theme. I have a question. Is it possible for the Title of the post to show up as you hover over it?

Am i allowed to remove the footer?

Thank you for the nice theme


Hey there,

Yes you are free to edit whatever part of the theme you’d like.

Hi There, I setup the profile fine. Did one post worked, did a gallery and it stopped working? http://www.alexisvert.com/girlwithshoes


The gallery post type is working great. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. If you are still having issues contact me using the form on my profile page and I’ll be sure to take a look. (Note: You must email me from the account used to the purchase the theme as it doesn’t appear you’ve purchased with the above account.)


It was part of a bundle purchase… How would I get the update then? Apologies never bought a bundle before? Are updates included in those?

Hi I like this theme very much so far ( thank you for making it :) ) I bought it through the bundle. —I find it rather odd though that there is not an easy option to change the footer content? Am I missing something, because it looks like the only way to edit the footer is by editing the php code in the footer.php file in the parent theme?


Hey there, Shoot me an email using the form on my profile page with a link to your page and what customizations you’d like to make to the footer and I’d be happy to give you a hand!


Hi thanks a lot I will shoot that email over if I run into an issue with the footer thank you :-).... I was just surprised though that there aren’t any built in customizations built into the theme settings to easily create a nice footer with columns or drag and drop widgets into footer columns? I love the theme though great work

jdailey Purchased

I would like to make it so the them is not responsive. What would I need to remove, change or add to accomplish this?

Nice looking theme. Considering purchasing but curious about a few things and wondering if you could answer a few quick question. I’d be using it as a mixture of text and photo posts.

1. Does it support WordPress 3.8?
2. Is there a slider/gallery function? Didn’t see one in the demo but would on occasion be posting a series of photos, rather then just 1 per post.
3. If the answer to 2. is ‘no’ would the theme work with a plugin like Simple Lightbox?
4. Is it relatively easy to change typefaces through the theme’s own settings or better to do it through hand-coding?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been using the tumblr version and it worked great. I’m having some trouble setting up the wordpress theme.

1) I am not overly fond of the borders around the posts. I thought the look on feel on tumblr was a bit nicer.

2) There doesn’t seem to be an option to fix the background, so that it isn’t tiled. Am I missing something?


Hey there,

Thank you for your purchase!

1] Photos for image type posts must be set using the Featured Image selector on the post editor screen. If you do not see this by default, you can make it visible via the ‘Screen Options’ tab in the upper right. Setting photos via this option will result in no borders (just like the Tumblr version).

2] Add this code to the custom CSS field on the Incorporated options panel:

body, #preloader { background-attachment: fixed; }


I’ve sent you an email through the support form, but I have another question. Can I add a widgetized footer to the theme? I need to add buy links to the different sites where my book can be purchased. I have two options:

1 – add them to the code for each page/post 2 – add them to the footer of the site

If I wanted to pursue option 1, how would i do it? I am only looking at this option in case I am not able to add the widgetized footer.

dnlkrgr Purchased


Thanks for the awesome theme. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve noticed a lot of requests for the image or post title on hover over. Has that been implemented?

Also, is there a way to remove the image hover all together? Meaning, can I remove the white faded opacity color and just have a click through with no hover effect?

Thanks! Keep up the good work.


For some reason, my posts are not showing up automatically to my front page even though set to the Front Page in Settings>Readings. I have also noticed it will fix itself randomly and then default back to posts not showing. Is there something I may be missing?


I believe wordpress was having a disagreement with Chrome as my browser for some reason. Seems to be working fine on Safari. I think Im all set.

Is there a way to include constant links social media icons on the face of the site. Thank you!

I love the look of this theme – but Im finding some inconsistencies with the text formatting within posts.

- text format/image placement is not consistent when published. I find it is a lot of trial error.

- text format/image placement changes in backend after published/updated.

- Are there any short codes to organize text next to images.

Ive attached visual examples in the below link. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6RfA7waf1TWT1RPTWZtc1VhSHc&usp=sharing

If you could provide some clarification it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sorry – one more comment/question. The plugins (for formatting and text) doesn’t seem to be working with the new WP update.

I own this theme, and the background colour on the BLOG page won’t show up. On every other page, the dark grey background colour works perfectly. for some reason, on the BLOG page, it shows up white colour (or no colour). the checker pattern comes up, though. so it looks weird. any ideas?