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Why is H1 tag missing for single page/posts? How can we use H1 tag for post-title instead of H2 tag?


You can edit file single-content.php and replace there h2 with h1


We have content-single.php? Was there reason why H1 tag is not used in template?

How can we change H1 and H2 font size?


Yes, sorry, it’s content-single.php. In style.css change ”.post-title h2 a” to ”.post-title h1 a”

Author field is missing in post. How can we add it?

Edit content-single.php and inside ’<div class=”post-meta”>’ add
<a class="author-link" itemprop="url" rel="author" href="<?php echo get_author_posts_url(get_the_author_meta('ID' )); ?>"><span class="vcard author"><span class="fn" itemprop="name"><?php echo the_author_meta('display_name'); ?> </span></span></a>

Thank you for help. We appreciate it very much. Issue resolved! :-)

How to add word “by” next to author name? Should we add the same code in loop.php too?


Just add ‘by’ before the

<?php echo the_author_meta('display_name'); ?>

. If you want to have it on main blog page, you need to add it to each file in nevia/postformats

Flexslider is not working in Firefox when using browser zoom > 125%

Less < 125% working http://postimg.org/image/rneyxt17n/

More > 125% not working http://postimg.org/image/lsp81ogv7/

Please advise.


I’ve just checked in my Firefox and it works fine https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zd03w561uvfcab/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-05-08%2015.06.37.png and every zoom level ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/ros6gbta4kwvf63/Zrzut%20ekranu%202014-05-08%2015.07.53.png ) I’m not really sure how to help here.


It looks that you have checked Revolution slider instead of FlexSlider :-)

Please check FlexSlider here: http://incredible.purethemes.wpengine.com/home-2/

What FF are you using? I have FF 29.0 and the same issue was in 28.0, too. And I have accessed live preview from different PC’s.

The original WooThemes Flexslider is working fine in Firefox – no matter what browser zoom level is set. There is something wrong with your code.

Flexslider in IncredibleWP live preview is broken in Firefox when using browser zoom, too.

Please see screenshot http://postimg.org/image/yqomv67sx/


How browser zooms websites it’s not something I can control ( I don’t even have any idea how could I) – it works ok in my Firefox like I showed in previous comments links. I’m sorry but I can’t help here.


It looks that you have checked Revolution slider instead of FlexSlider.

Flexslider is not working on live preview. Revolution slider is working OK. http://postimg.org/image/vp3lbgldz/

From what I’ve heard you had the same problem with HTML version, and Vasterad told you that you need to remove ‘margin-top:-1px’, this fix will also work for WP version

I am having trouble with the permalinks. Every time I update a new page it resets and fills the editable bit with my WP login name. I have WP 3.4.2 installed, and 1.3.1.


A colleague of mine who no longer works at the company purchased the template. I have no idea what details he sued to make the purchase. I can give you his name privately, and the name of the company if you like.

I do not get to choose when things update. The people who are in charge of those things prefer not to change unless we absolutely have to, as problems usually surface. It seem you have not seen this bug before and that you are not certain upgrading will solved anything. Is that correct?

Thanks for your prompt reply.


Yes, that is correct, however permalinks are not related to theme – theme is just a visual layer – permalinks are WordPress ‘core’ features, so I’m 99,9% sure the theme has nothing to do with it. Maybe it’s some plugin you’ve installed or some server issue. Anyway, I’m pretty sure everyone who will try to help you with this issue will say ‘update to latest version’ first.

Kind regards,

Lukasz Purethemes.net


Great thanks.


How to use custom list in footer widget? We would like to have .empty li {list-style: none;margin: 5px 0;}

How to add custom font size for footer-bottom { font-size:11px; line-height:175%;}

Thank you!


But why do you try the class ’.empty’? Do you have any list with this custom class?


Yes we do have <ul class="empty" /> in widget.

We have tried to use some of custom list styles as well from shortcodes such as plus_list, circle_list etc but none of them can be applied in widget.

It seems that widgets are using only arrow_list as default and it can’t be changed through custom CSS box in Theme Options.

body #footer .widget .empty li a { list-style: none;margin: 5px 0; background: none } 

We are using latest posts instead of static page for home page. How can we add squeeze page content to main latest posts template above the blog post excerpts?

I’m sorry, I don;t know what’s wrong with me today.. the code should be
<?php if( is_home() ) { ?>
Use here any HTML code you want

<?php } ?>

Thank you very much! :-)

We understand that you are very busy and we appreciate your time and help! So far you have addressed all of our issues promptly. Thank you!

Where should we put this code in case we want custom content above eleven columns and right-sidebar?


Just after <div class="container" />

Will we loose any theme customization if we update from 1.3 to 1.5? Yoast 1.5 does not seem to working on 1.3. We just updated to WP 3.9.1.



Ok. Yoast working now.

I’d still like to know if we’ll loose any theme customization if we upgrade to 1.5. Also, as I mentioned in the past the guy that bought the theme is no longer at the company. We tried upgrading today before realizing that 1.5 was not compatible with WP 3.9 but got an error. Do you think this is because we were using one of our personal accounts and not his?


Hi so where did you get the 1.5 version if you don’t have access to his account and you don’t have Purchased badge?

Any changes made in source files of theme will be lost after update.

We are having a problem with the revolution slider. There is a problem that occurs during the transitions. Here are the details of the error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined jquery.js?ver=1.11.0:2 n.extend.each jquery.js?ver=1.11.0:2 a.fn.cssAnimationRemove jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js?ver=3.9.1:18 (anonymous function)

Any ideas on how to solve that?



please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

4Webs Purchased

Great theme! But I’m having responsive issues with the slider. I cant seem to figure why the text and buttons from the slider fall over the text when I make my window smaller.

URL: http://bit.ly/1wyJJzB



please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll modify it for you so the image will dissapear on small screen and the text will take it’s place.

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Hiya – love the theme, our client is still using it successfully. Just wondering how do we limit the number of recent post showing on the home page?

We’re using the code > column width=”3/4” place=”none” [/column]

But are getting the 3 across and then 7 other posts below it?

http://tuhourangi.iwi.nz/ to view the issue, would love it get it fixed as it’s a great looking site :)

Hi, you have version 1.1 installed, the latest one is 1.3, maybe update will help, if not, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hello, on the main page of your theme it says that the version available is 1.3 but the auto updater in wordpress says 1.5 is available – can i see a changelog ?