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I’ve got another problem (sorry can’t edit previous post again).

http://luem.artifex-design.co.uk/ – this is my dev website

I copied code from the documentation into “CMS->Pages->Home page->Content Tab” and well, it looks pretty weird.

How can I fix it to look like on demo website? For now items are doubled and there are also visible item details…


InSolo Purchased

Cant get the big slider to work. Can you post quick-guide?

ttreppke Purchased

Same problem with the slider…

InSolo Purchased

if you have changed the homepage identifier to something else than “home” then you need to change this also in “headerslider.phtml”

ttreppke Purchased

@InSolo: Thats it :) Thanks!

ttreppke Purchased

Next problem, now with bundled products:

I get the following errors in Chrome Console: not found (404) jquery.min.js

And when I click on an bundled product option: Uncaught ReferenceError: bundle is not defined

Awfully slow theme. I had to rewrite the Meigee_ThemeOptions_Helper_Data.

Also not lot of Notice: Undefined variable: yyy, so template files had to be fixed.

ttreppke Purchased

yes patrick. looks really nice, but is slow and has many bugs :(

Hi guys, Sorry for late reply. Bugs you mentioned will be fixed soon.

@patrick_yi_82, @ttreppke: This theme isn’t slow, maybe you servers are slow? Check the demo – it’s running quite fast.

@patrick_yi_82 Why had you to rewrite the Meigee_ThemeOptions_Helper_Data ?

Can the top sub-nav display in more than 2 columns or will the conflict with the responsive theme and make it not work on smart phone?

@nixdanish Our goal on page load time is less than 500ms. And we use a dual quadcore dedicated server for our projects.

Your list, grid and featured product widget loads the product collection, then each product is loaded multiple times to fetch the hover image. Load time gets worse for configurable products.

So it had to be re-written so the hover images can be loaded without loading the whole product data.

Also home page slider does not automatically slide after x amount of time. It loads the wrong configuration value from magento.

And more ..

But we won’t request for a refund. We like the theme and minor issues can’t ruin your overall effort.

alexa_cz Purchased

How to setup slider?

“You can add them manually by editing .phtml file – app/design/frontend/meigeetheme/default/template/meigee/slides/view.phtml”

But, */slides/view.phtml doens’t exist.

xalexm Purchased

Cant figure out what happened i don’t have a menu in the header

chaberny Purchased

I don’t have the menu in the header either.. was anyone able to get it working?


joetomgo Purchased

I checked to ensure cms page was set to “home” and it is. Static block is named “header_slider’.....No slider displaying.

joetomgo Purchased

@alexa_cz I think the reference to this: “You can add them manually by editing .phtml file – app/design/frontend/meigeetheme/default/template/meigee/slides/view.phtml” But, */slides/view.phtml doens’t exist.

is remnant code inadvertently not removed from one of @nixdanish other themes is my guess. I also purchased REDRESS theme and that was the true directions for that theme.

How to activate navigation menu with category links? I’ve created few categories, products and I can’t see them ;/

Very good UI, maybe the best on my opinion, but some bugs that have to be resolved asap.

Some bug I found:

1. Shopy by error in configuration for catalog.xml name=”catalog.leftnav”

2. Noty notices is not enable in backend config

3. Not a seo optimized template

@nixdanish do you have plans to a new release?

I haven’t seen anything like this before in terms of interactivity. So well done, but there are certainly few bugs that I’d like to point out to the developing team.

1. The contact form on the front page sends to the contact page where the form does not work either. 2. The cursor sliding on the front page for new products is very nice feature but very often just click through and sends you to the products page.

Is there any support to this template? Still basic questions about slider or navigation are not answered since 7 days…

Also slider doesn’t scroll automatically but you have Animation Speed and Slideshow Speed in settings. Any ETA on fixing this issue?