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Good luck with sales..

Ah, thanks! Just a small typo. All fixed.

Very simple and nice color. Good luck “PixelBin” :)

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Hi. Is it compatible with BuddyPress?

You’re back ;) Looking nice. Good luck with sales!

Thanks buddy! It’s been a while but hopefully I can push out a couple more themes before I’m back to being MIA. :)

Good stuff! Busy with college I presume?

Yessir, starts up again in 2 months so I’m trying to stop wasting my free time and get some work done, haha.

Looks Great, congrats. Wish you the best with sales.

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Hello, I bought the theme and I need to insert a Google Adsense 300×250px banner at my sidebar. But I need to increase the page width for this. How I can do that?

Increasing the page width will require increasing the width of the post images (otherwise there will appear spaces on the sides of posts) in addition to some other changes such as alternative the viewport media queries. The best way to go about this is to edit archive.php, index.php, and single.php and replacing span-17 with span-15 and span-7 with span-9. It will give you exactly 300px sidebar working space at the cost of some main content space.

If you are set on changing the page width anyway, let me know.

Hello, I’m interested on buying this theme for a blog, I especially like the multi-author capability, but I would like to know what kind of control will I have over it. For example, can I change the size of the author’s picture on the side? Do I have control over the things that appear with the author’s picture (date, views, likes, etc.)? Is it possible to create pages for each author with a photo, a brief description and all the posts written by them?

I would also like to know if it is possible to have a sidebar in the homepage, and not only on the posts pages. Is there any documentation where I can read all the possibilities I will have?

Thank you.

The documentation is found at http://themes.pixelb.in/induction/documentation.

Everything can be modified with a bit of know-how. Likes only appear when the ZillaLikes plugin is installed. Views are built-in but take one line of code to remove. You can change the author avatar size no problem, it’s just changing the dimensions in another line of code.

For the author pages, they already exist within WordPress (if you click on an author, you’ll be taken to his or her page) although they currently don’t have an avatar or a description. I can help you with that post-purchase as it is an easy fix.

It is not possible to have a sidebar on the homepage due to the lack of space. The posts’ meta details take up the space that the sidebar does on single posts pages.


i have build the language files with the “CodeStyling Localization” Plugin. But the files will not load. Here you find the Path to the two files: …/wp-content/themes/induction/languages/de_DE.mo …/wp-content/themes/induction/languages/de_DE.po



Hello … ?!?


Nice theme. Before buying:

- Is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.8+?

Let me know.


Sure! The live preview is running 3.8.

are you there ? need some support

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no reply pixelbin ?

Does this theme work with WordPress 4.1?


I got a couple of questions…

1. Is there a way to enable drop down menus? I have a menu: Legal |__> Menu1 |__> Menu2

But its not showing up at all…

Another thing is I would like to hide the author that posts on the articles, is there a way that it can do that??

Can you email me the fix? when I finish setting up the test site, I will need to update the other site…


Pixel, I hope you are doing well… I am having a problem with the theme that is creating on its own a dropdown of the menu without it being configured that way… Take a look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/9iFGfc6.png I have tried to recreate the menu’s but it still popping up… can you advise how to remove that?