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Hi, I’ve been having trouble with the Shop section, because I don’t know how create the page to visualize my products. In the live preview of your template you have section shop, I want to create that page, but my question is how create it?


Thanks for your question!

Shop, Cart and Checkout pages are the pages created by WooCommerce. Initially there is no need to add WooCommerce pages manually, just please find the following notice in the dashboard and click on it. All the required pages will be created. In case you’ve skipped the notice earlier, please make sure you’ve added the following codes to make the Checkout and Cart pages work: [woocommerce_cart]

Then proceed to the WooCommerce settings and select Shop as the Product Archive/Shop Page and appropriate pages as Checkout and Cart pages.

When the Shop page is created it can be found here in the list of pages under Appearance – Menus.

You can select it, organize the Menu Structure and it’ll be added to the navigation menu.

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve been having trouble to create the same Topsidebar you have in the live preview of your template, i can’t find a widget for pages excerpt. How to create that Topsidebar? and how can I remove the comments template from the pages and articles?

here the scheenshots:

http://www.innovazionelogistica.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/aaaaaaa.jpg http://www.innovazionelogistica.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/bbbbbb.png


Thanks for asking!

The blocks you’re referring to are added via Visual Content Composer, not a widget. Let’s see how it was done – here’s a short screencast. And that’s an example code from the first block:

<h2 style="text-align: left;"><strong>01</strong> Machines</h2>
Custom admin panel significantly extends original Wordpress functionality, turning it into an all-in-one tool for content management.

<a class="more_button" href="#">Read more</a>

And as to comments section – for removing Leave a Reply please see a screencast and replicate the actions on your end, then update the page.

Please let me know about the results. Thanks!

Thanks for your fast reply. Problem solved!

Great, please feel free to contact us anytime any assistance is required! Thank you!

Hello, I’m looking for the last version of Revslider (4.6.5). There is a hack (again!) in the version 4.6.0… Could you please help me? Thanks :)

Thanks for asking!

To receive the latest version just please contact our support agents - please submit a request here.

Thank you!

Hello, I want to write personalized styles for titles of http://industrial.cmsmasters.net/four-columns-portfolio/ is it possible? example: http://delbamaquinarias.com.ar.s191062.gridserver.com/image013.jpg

Thanks for asking!

Please note, that we don’t provide any assistance/guidance regarding any customization changes, all responsibility for them lies on customers implementing modifications. We can only advise you not to change initial code and if possible add any additional styles via Theme Settings – General – Custom Codes fields. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi~ I got a pre-purchase question

Is it possible to make several blogs and allow any members to write a post besides administrator?

thanks have a nice day~

Let me check..

so you mean that if what I want from this theme is

1. to create several different categories of blogs 2. and want to allow the members (whom are registered) to write a post at their will..

then it is possible..

am I getting it right?

Have a nice day~~

Hi again!

1. Yes, several different blogs with different categories can be added.

2. That’s potentially possible with the help of the third party plugins, we just don’t guarantee that they will work properly with the theme.

Please feel free to ask further questions should you have any. Thank you!

Hi, rrthi!

As to your question regarding registered members who’d like to write posts – perhaps, contributor user role can match the requirement. There’s detailed explanation in WordPress codex (click to proceed to an article). Posts won’t be published by contributors, but can be written and managed. Hope it can be satisfying, in such case no additional plugins are required!

Thank you!

I’m just getting started using the theme. When I try to add a block in the Visual Content Composer, I just get an uneditable yellow rectangle that vanishes as soon as I save. Please advise.

Thank you for contacting us!

The fix for this issue will be included to the next theme update and meanwhile I’d kindly ask you to submit a personal ticket so that our support agents could provide you with the fix or even upload it to your server if required. Please send a request here.

Thank you!

Hello, are you think about updating themes for newer version of WordPress (4.3)? Thank you.

Thanks for your interest!

Our themes (and Industrial as well) should work absolutely properly with the latest WordPress version, we haven’t received any complaints regarding compatibility with it. Though just in case any issue occurs, we’ll provide our customers with the required fix to eliminate it.

Should there be anything else you wanted to ask please do so, I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Thank you!

Hi there. I’d like to know if it is possible possible to use double language with your theme. Or if there is any plug-ig that I can Use? Thanks indeed Enrico

Hi, Enrico, thanks for asking!

As we don’t guarantee language plugins compatibility with Industrial theme, we usually advise our customers to create multisite or add sub domains.

*And please pay attention to the products from our portfolio, that support WPML plugin – all themes starting from Medicine Plus to GoodDay. Please click to proceed to our portfolio.

Please feel free to ask further questions. Thank you!

Hi I seem to have lost all my contact forms in my website, just a broken shortcode is appearing and I cannot see where I can create a new one?

Can you please help?

This is when you add a contact form via the visual editor.I then get a dropdown list of contact forms I have previously created but none of them work?

Any help would be appreciated (http://www.safeguardbellows.co.nz/)

Cheers Linda

Hello, Linda, thanks for contacting us!

Please contact our support team via a personal request (please submit it here) and our support agents will provide you with a fix for the issue you’re experiencing.

Thank you!

Neither of the twitter functions are importing my tweets (the CMS twitter widget or the Theme Settings-Appearance-Content). view for yourself www.innoscentiaab.com

Thanks for contacting our team!

Have you added the Twitter keys for your Twitter account? If not, please let me know and I’ll provide you with the instruction on how it can be done. And please make sure you’ve added sufficient amount of tweets, the twitter account is open and the Twitter Username field (in widget or in the Twitter line) doesn’t contain ”@” sign, but just username.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!


Muehle Purchased

Hello again,

i’ve some problem assigning the categories to different portfolio types.

i have 2 portfolio pages ie. port_type1 and port_type2 and 2 categories: AA and BB

if i assign a project to “port_type1 and AA”... i can choose on my port_type2-site the categorie AA, even though is empty on port_type2 and AA.


Thanks for contacting us!

We would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket and provide us with credentials to have access to your dashboard and investigate the case from your end – submit now. It will be much more convenient to see what exactly is meant having a ready example.

Thank you!

I’ve got problem with no footer on my page. I’ve made site with template Page Builder and when i get into it i see no footer widgets that i’ve set in admin panel.

Sorry I wrote about wrong theme also from us.


I would be grateful if you check it

Ups my bad, sorry. This names looks almost identical

The author and the theme names are really similar!

Anyway, thanks for contacting our team and all the best from cmsmasters! :)

Hi! I see there are no updates to this theme since March. Are you going to be applying any updates for security needs or enhancements?

Thanks for asking!

Industrial theme doesn’t have any security problems at the moment, though we plan to release minor update shortly. Stay tuned and please feel free to ask questions should you have any.

Thank you!


exira Purchased

Do you also provide Industrial as a plain Site template? (Non-Wordpress)

Thanks for your interest!

We don’t have Industrial theme version for other content management systems or as an HTML template.

Please feel free to ask further questions should you have any. Thank you!

Hello, I would like the project page not to show the Project Details column and use the whole width of the page for its content.

Hi again, Dimitrios! Thanks for the idea for More Projects! Glad to be helpful, we’re happy to hear you’re satisfied with the results :)

Please feel free to contact us whenever it’s required. All the best!


I would also need when viewing Projects in Portfolio template to resize the image (from Featured Image) to show it all.

Thank you in advance

Hi again! As much as we’d love help, such customization is beyond our support policy. Featured images need to be cropped in order to fit columns, for proper portfolio displaying. Masonry portfolio type can possibly meet your requirements, but there’s no such functionality available for Industrial theme. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi, I like your designs. I need an Oil and Gas design preferably in PSD. Can you help?

Thanks for your feedback!

So you’d like to order some custom designs for Oil and Gas industries? If so, please send us a request for further discussion.

Thank you!

I’m currently using your template at http://eandh.charlesryan.com and for the main navigation items that include secondary navigation, it’s nearly impossible to move my mouse in a way that allows me to access the secondary navigation. It seems I have to move my cursor precisely over the “down” triangle in order for it to work.

Any idea how I can fix this?

Thanks for contacting!

As we can’t see the same problem on our demo site, we’d ask you to submit a personal request and specify your purchase code, WordPress and FTP credentials. And please let us know if any customization was implemented.

Thank you!

Hola, hay alguna guia que pueda seguir como para poder por ejemplo copiar el slide que se ve en el home, y crear las distintas paginas con la misma estetica que se ve en el demo?


Hi, thanks for contacting!

Please note, that we provide support in English only, so please translate your request and we’ll gladly assist you.

Thank you!

Hello, is there any guide that can follow such as to copy the slide seen in the home, and create different pages with the same aesthetic as seen in the demo?

Thank you.

Thank you for your questions!

We include demo content files for slider, it can be found in Demo Content – Revolution Slider Demo Content folder. Instructions on how it can be done are also available in the same folder in readme file. After you import demo content, you will have the same slider as we have on our demo, except for the images – they will be substituted by placeholders. Our license does not allow us add images to the download package, but all the other slider elements and settings will be imported.

You can use the same slider on several pages, if it’s required, and even copy the overall page structure. You can create a composer template or save an existing one and then use it for future elaboration. Please note, that slider needs to be enabled separately, in page options.

Just in case you experience any hardships with demo content uploading, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, we’ll gladly assist you. Thank you!


We have an issue where none of the images load on our projects page, individual project pages, or in the latest projects widgets.

I can see one error on the page

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘scrollHeight’ of undefined

industrial/js/jquery.script.js line 20

Can you advise on how to fix the issue please.


Thanks for contacting!

The problem you experience is usually caused by incorrect Twitter script functioning. I’d kindly advise you to check Twitter settings: username, the quantity of tweets, if the account is closed or not. The proper Twitter functioning should solve the issue, you can simply deactivate the Twitter widget for a while to check if the images are loaded properly after that. If there still be problems with Twitter displaying, there will be a need to renew Twitter keys.

To generate new keys please proceed to https://dev.twitter.com/ and log in using your Twitter login data, then find Tools – Manage your apps and fill in the form.

Then on your server proceed to theme_folder/framework/function/theme-functions.php. Open the file and do the Ctrl+F search for get_tweets. Please paste your keys as shown on the image and save changes. Hope it will help!

Please let us know about the results. Thank you!