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I am testing the local site built with Infine theme. In iPad, the site display “Infine ! Drupal theme” as the site title right below the browser url box. How can I either remove it or change it. I have changed the site title and couldn’t find where the value was entered.

Thanks, Peter

Thank you for the quick response and it is the metatag module needs to be changed.


Will let you know when the site is up. This is my first time to build a Drupal site and lots to learn, and your theme helped greatly to get me started on a solid good footing. For sure, I will dig into the core of the theme to make theme customization and that will be a lot of fun.

Thanks, Peter

Thank you, we appreciate the positive feedback : )

Question about simlenews subscription right below the top slider. I got the SMTP to work and can enter email to subscribe. However, I am getting AJAX error as shown below. How do I catch the error so it won’t display it in the browser? I don’t necessary need to handle the error and can just ignore it and not sending any email to subscribe.

Thanks, Peter

**Partial error message displayed in a separate browser window when no email address entered in the simplenews subsciption box **

An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows. Path: /system/ajax StatusText: OK ResponseText: Invalid address: You must provide at least one recipient email address.

Sorry not able to get back with you sooner and has been busy to get the site ready for production.

I deployed the site to Acquia cloud. Without using the SMTP Authentication module, the Contact Us email does work fine except the “Subscribe Newsletter”.

Updarte, good news, all emails worked and really nothing that I have to setup other than the standard email settings for the sender. It was to do with my local environment and free account with Acquia. Once I signed up with paid service of Acquia and both emailings worked.

By the way, I am not using SMTP Authentication module for emailing but use the default Drupal email backend.

Thanks, Peter

Thats great news,

I am glad you don’t have any problems with the theme. Wish that more customers would be like you to explore all the theme options, instead of giving us negative feeback after first issue : )

You are very welcome and everyone in our company are impressed with the theme. The url for the site is http://pstech.cpa2biz.com for a conference coming up in June. We do a lot conferences a year and if this site is well received and we certainly will do a lot more with it.

Thank you very much for you nice theme and creativity. Peter

Welcome, and thanks :)

On the video playback of top slider, I noticed that when using colorbox to play back and the scaling works differently among the browsers: 1. Chrome – it scales the video correctly to the pre-set iframe size. 2. Safari – It doesn’t scale and display in full so only see a small portion of it with pre-set iframe size. 3. Firefox – it doesn’t scale and center the video but you still only see a small portion of the video since the iframe is smaller.

Do you know if there is a way to be able to display video that they all scale properly in a pre-set frame size?

Thanks, Peter


You can get back to me afterwards, i would like to hear if it works, so we can figure something out if not :)

Sorry to get back with you after a while. The solution was specific to my case: We have Brightcove video account, we uploaded it to Brihtcove and play video back from it and resolved browsers specific issues. The code to play the video is exactly what you have and just point the video URLs to where we uploaded to Brightcove.

Thanks, Peter

No problem and thanks for rating :)

Sir great theme :) have one pre-purchase question. in your html version a section http://html.infine.byaviators.com/#nav-pricing but this section is not including in drupal version. I want this section too so any idea how can I do this? Thanks

YEs its disabled for low resolutions as it was not readable much

See the css

@media (max-width: 767px) .fullwidthbanner-container .fullwidthbanner .clock-item { display: none; }

if you want this anyway even on mobiles you would have to play around with css on mobile resolution to make it look right


Thanks so much Sir :)

I can’t seem to find where to change the main Slider Images, including changing the date (countdown) and video slides. Where are these located?


The revolution slider is managed here


There is an item “Revolution Slider” in top bar also



Just made another purchase. Can you tell me if there are enhancements since my last purchase?

Thanks much and keep up good work. Peter

Yes, under your downloads tab :) There will be stars next to product

Hi, Checking to see if the slider has been updated since I haven’t received any notification. However, just downloaded the package again but want to check with you it has the slider update as you have mentioned.

Thanks, Peter


No i am sorry, we had a lot of work and in process it kinda got forgotten : \

You will get notified about update, i just have a full day, tomorrow i hope.


Wanted to clarify, does the theme have inner page support? Meaning, in case we do want additional pages created within the site at a later point of time, is it possible. Please let me know


Hi, can you please tell me how can i remove/update footer section(contactus, map and footer bar with social media) and social media icons

Found it in blocks section but not able to update social media link. Please help


You need to navigate to admin -> structure -> menus -> social

and add links : )


Good day very interested in your topic. For my purposes at the conference site is planned to create a user profile access by password. As currently implemented interface authorization and registration of personal cabinet member?

Thanks for your answer! Can I put the authorization on the main page without changing the layout? Is there anywhere a suitable place? And, tell me if I can add code to the Google Maps menu streaming conference (Hall A, Hall B. ..). To be displayed for each thread has its own map?

Hm, you can certainly place a block with registration anywhere on the page basically.

Event is node, so you can download a module which offers a map field and add it to the display, you might edit the template though to make it look right.

Hello! I purchased this theme earlier this year and I am now trying to configure it. I am having problems with getting the main navigation drop down menu to display when expanded = true :)

link: http://dev-clearwaters.gotpantheon.com/

Thanks, Clif

Hi. well you are trying to use onepage template as multipage ?

Try to start with demo installation, there is database.sql – dump file located in demo folder.

Be aware that this is designed as onepage and also marketed and described as one page :) Thus multilevel menu support is not there, as it does not have any reason to be there – onepages are very simple with just a few links usually.

Great theme! Have a question though, I’m setting up a section using the theme’s “partners” post type. I uploaded all the logos and it looks like the theme only displays 10 partners. Is there a way to change that? I have closer to 17 logos. Also, is there a way to post two sections of partners? I’d like to have one for 2013 and a second for 2014 but the logos are different for each year. Thanks!


As this is drupal the partners section is done as a view

View is exposed as a block

Block is exposed as part of the onepage : )

So you just have to navigate to Admin -> Structure -> View, edit partners view and set the limit as you want it , or add another view. displaying different partners.


This is a very basic question, but I’m new to Drupal and want to figure it out before purchasing. I know this theme is designed as a single page, but does it offer the ability to have other pages within the site with different content types (a blog/discussion board, for instance)? I saw a similar question from user “sitash_jm” but wanted to ask before purchasing.

My apologies for what is probably a very basic question…

Well there is wordpress version as well :) if you are more familiar with wordpress.

Yes, you can have another pages. although its not have been 100% tested, but there are no problems reported with it so far.

hello sir i can’t find the reveloutin frontpage slider..I want to edit this..

Do you have revolution slider plugin enabled ? Have you imported the revolution slider zip file ?

When submitting the Webform on the contact section, or in the Webform itself it doesn’t tell us which field are required. Is this a theme bug or webform configuration?

Of course it is webform configuration, just configure the one webform and you can set which fields are required.


When I upload an image to use for the slider, it is “squished” to fit the screen, and destroys the aspect ratio of the picture. How can I prevent this?

WEll it tries to stretch however if you have highly disproportional image it can look wrong, you need to resize it a little before uploading : |

Help! Does not work “Infine Posts Slideshow” http://rusprogressor.ru/?page_id=520 A long text on the main page. Why? “Infine Posts Slideshow” does not cut it automatically?

Uhm, well the developer did not get back to you because you have written in wrong thread, please move this to proper thread – not to drupal version

Thank you! go there

Tried installing after purchase and received an error. I got these messages in this order…

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Any insight?


you are installing wrong zip file. Install ZIP which is containing only the theme.


Hi, I am finally getting around to setting things up. I ran Drupal core and contrib module updates and those all went smoothly. I noticed Drupal in the bundled demo is version 7.22, which has the dreaded Drupageddon SA-CORE-2015-005 bug in it. It would be good to repackage the demo with a newer Drupal core version so that demo sites aren’t vulnerable to that attack.

Secondly and along the same lines, I was wondering if there was any chance we could get an updated revolution slider. You mentioned it a year ago in another comment but it looks like no new version has come out.. Rev slider before 4.2 has that nasty bug in it that allows arbitrary file donwloads and led to lots of wordpress site hacking (though it’s unclear if that same vulnerability is exploitable in Drupal).

Anwyay finally rolling up my sleeves with the theme which looks great, I can update revslider myself if need be, just not sure how? Thank you!


As I know in Drupal version we are using only javascript version of revolution slider which has not the bug which you mentioned above.


OK great, thanks for the quick response! :)

Hello, My client send me the drupal version, how it is possible to get the wordpress version because i work under wp? Could you send me the wp version? thank you for your understanding… Franck

How I can translate slide captions?


these captions are coming from revolution slider so you need to check how to translate revolution slider. Probably you need to create new slider for each language.