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Greetings – Any chance of a live preview for this template?

Looks great – I am interested in purchasing it, pending seeing it live.


I upload a preview of this template, I don’t understand why it’s not online. I contact support to fix it.

Thanks for your comments


It’s done,

Live Preview is online !

Screens look well – hopr the preview is up soon!

Good luck with it!


I hope too ! I contacted the support for the preview file.


shaff Purchased

i would like to know how can i edit your company logo (cu3er.swf) file which is appearing on banner.


Thanks for purchasing my template. I m currently in holidays, i Côme back in one week to help you


Hi shaff,

I don’t see the logo you talk about. You can contact me by mail or see the wiki on cu3er website.

keep me informed.

And thank you for purchasing my template

Hi, i have problem with polish fonts like ??? (khem, http://michalczuba.nazwa.pl/fonts.jpg ) . Encoding is utf-8, but there is a problem with displaying these fonts.


Hi, first thank you to purchasing my template

where do you have the problem? on simple text or on cufon text?

I think it’s on cufon text. You must generate the TitilliumMaps26L_500.font.js (with titillium font) on the cufon website and select the correct alphabet.

You can do that on this url http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

Be sur you choose “Cyrillic Alphabet” or “Russian alphabet” or else.

If you have always the problem or you don’t understand my answer, you can mail me.


I have this problem when i use the < p >< / p > tag.


Can you mail me or give me url of your page?

Because I’m french and I never used cyrillic or russian alphabet.

Do you try with equivalent HTML special caracter like that ” &xxxx; ” ?

ambrits Purchased


Great and very perspicuous and practicable template! I will check your other works!

Best Tamás


Hi ambrits,

thank you for purchasing my template

Best regards

@Clemento_Pakito: Site which i build is here:


you can see it in the ‘Oferta’ table.

I didn’t try the equivalent HTML , but normally polish fonts work fine with utf-8 :



Re Michal, it’s done ! I maked some test and I found the solution!

You must open your file (ex: index.php) with notepad or other, and save as with utf-8 codage.

After you can put in your special caracter without problem.

Original file is coding in ANSI .

Keep me informed.

Best regards

Now it works great! :) Thank u so! :)

BTW this theme is awesome :). Waiting for more great themes… :)


Thank you!

A bientot

It is a beautiful template, but there are just a few things that seem difficult about it.

Why are the pages different widths? And why does the logo text change size when you switch between pages? Do I want to deal with converting things from polish?



Sorry but I don’t see what you are talking about, can you much explain the matter?

Best regards