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Hello again, unfortunately I still have problems with color. I replced #ff9311 everywhere in style.css but the change only happened in Chrome. It doesnt work in firefox. Color is still yellow. Please answer this one question, where and how I change yellow color globally for entire theme?

hello Laufer, thank you for your purchase, you just selected default 4 color scheme but if you want used other color you should will be changed Manually all of the color code in CSS file.

Hello as I said earlier I replaced all ”#ff9311” values with “f00” values. When I do a Ctrl+f search of the style.css file it doesnt even find ”#ff9311” value anymore. When I open the page in Chrome it is ok and color is red but in Firefox it is still yellow. I cleared cache etc and color doesnt change. Also how do you actually “select” a default color scheme. Where do you go to select it?

Can you please answer my question?? I cant find where I change the default template. I replced all the colors in the css file but ”.default” class still overwrites them and I dont know where to turn it off. I dont want that default template and I dont need it I am perfectly fine with doing everything myself and I dont want that default template. There is no explanation and no examples in the documentation file. When I check the source in the developer tools I see: .default .nav-wrapper { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #ff9311; } <del>.nav-wrapper { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #f00; position: relative;</del> }

How to deactivate the default template??

HI, I m using this theme, All things are good, but the banner of this theme is not supported in ie11 and i m also using a background image in body but chrome not support. Please check this problem


Thank you for your purchase, we are wanted to apologize for any tardiness in our response. improvement will be done and updated.

Contact form placeholder doesn’t work on IE. ¿Any solution?


Thank you for your purchase, we are wanted to apologize for any tardiness in our response. which version of Internet Explorer?


I have problem with slides, you can see at


I have tried but it didn’t work.

You may have to change the code and they’ve disrupted. actually, this theme exactly like preview item and no problem.

Yes i have changed the code.

So I have download again and upload all these files with no changes, still same problem. You can see


Like to second Gladiador on this one… we’ve been waiting for a Google Chrome transparency fix for partial view for a while now. Is there an ETA on that? It’s apparent on the HTML version, as well as the WP version.

Do you have problem with partial sliders in chrome browser?

i have a Problem with upload of infinity template.(hosted word press) After buying i had downloaded “all document and files” and now it is not possible to upload this zip to word press. could you help. what should i do?

you just bought HTML version and if you want use WP version you should purchase it individually.

i bought wp now also and opend zip. there are html-zip. do i need they also to upload???

you should just upload “” file.