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Is there an updated twitter widget available for Influx html5?


Hi, Unfortunately not.

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I noticed the template does not work with Safari 6.1 It loads great on Safari 6.0.2 If I go to the Live Preview on your website on Safari 6.1, the template does not load the images

I was wondering if there was anything I can do/change to get the template to work on Safari 6.1

Thank you


Hi, We’ll take a look at this and see what we can find.

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I would like to buy the theme but i have several questions:

1. Can I add another page? 2. Can I delete the arrow to change the content at the top (showcase,bio,contact)? 3. Can I delete easily the porfolio gallery at the homepage? 3. If i put a link on the hompage (to about-me.html for example), will it open on the page with the same effect that when you open a project from the portfolio grid? 4. Can I change the photostream by a lightbox? I want the little picture opens with lightbox (as it can be done with some project of the portfolio) 5. Can it be possible to change the “flash effect” on the picture sliders?

Please let me know about this.

Oh and on Iphone5S – iOs 7 – the site doesn’t appear at all. Only the top link bar but no content appears.



+ I noticed something. I resized my browser on purpose, making it smaller. Then, you cannot see the full content (you don’t see the right part) and there is not at all any scroll bar at the bottom of the page to go on the right (am I clear?). Please see here : http://s13.postimg.org/923jk48wn/influxsize.png.

Will it be corrected? Or any updates are now abandonned? – the theme being from 2011 and we are tomorrow in 2014..

Please let me know as well. Thanks.



Thanks for your interest in our work.

Yes you can add additional pages, these pages can also use the scroll effect like projects/posts. Instructions can be found for this in our help docs which are included in the download. Project images can be opened in a lightbox just like how the videos in some projects are opened at the moment. Again, instructions for lightbox use are contained in the help docs. The image transitions in the slider cannot be altered without customizing the template.

This template is not responsive but is created on a standard 960px wide grid. No laptop/desktop resolution will be smaller than that (hence no horizontal scroll required) while for mobile devices they will simple zoom out and display the whole page like is standard for sites which do not have a mobile/responsive version. This will not be changed, and further updates for this template are very unlikely.

Best regards, pixelentity