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beautiful work mate!

Thumbs up as usual!

Dark version rocks!

Incredible! Both in design and functionality! Nice work guys! :)

Again, in a word outstanding. You bring a fresh perspective and true art to the craft. You guys rock.

This looks incredible and I’d love to use it but I can’t get it working in Safari 5 on a Mac? For example the back home button does nothing and project links slide to the project page and then slide straight back to the home page without stopping. Works fine in Firefox.


Hi pozza,

That’s strange, all is working here. We’ve tested the template on safari 5.1.1 here as well as iOS 4 & 5 on iPhone & iPad and there are no problems.

Perhaps you can send us more details via our profile page




This is all fixed now and working fine on my version of Safari – Thank you – Great template!

pezflash Purchased

Lovely and awesome work, guys.
Is a pleasure to support such a professional work. Bought! ;)
Will be using it very soon.

Absolutely stunning

Hi pixelentity,

let me say, outstanding work! Great overall performance and functionality!

Few questions:

1. Assuming that posts have to be managed through custom CMS version of he template, right?

2. Is there a possibility to eliminate that 1-2px space lines in home page’s thumbnail grid?

Thank you! Wish you luck with sales!

Kind regards, BrandingToken



1. If you would like the posts . projects to be managed from an admin area, searchable, etc. then yes they would need a cms, but like any normal html/css template in this category they can be manually managed also using html.

2. Yes, a small shange in the css will get rid of those 1px spacings if they are not required.

Hope this helps.




thanx! Outstanding! :)

A lot of thought went into this – congrats.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments. We appreciate it. :)

Love this template! Sorry for the noob question but how do one edit this? Since its not CMS i would guess in dreamweaver? I would really like to try it out but i fear i wont have the skills required to edit this one =/



To edit this template you would need to use a simple code editor such as notpad++ or komodo edit, both are light & free. Dreamweaver is also possible but i presonally wouldn’t recommend it because it can sometimes add its own code and try to take control of things it shouldn’t control. But yes basic html knowledge is required to work with all site templates.



Awesome template guys :) Very creative :)


Great work ! giving my chills ;) Hope to se the Wordpress version soon ;))

OMG this is my new favorite template on TF! The page changes with full urls :0 I want to learn :delicious:

any plans of a wordpress version?



At the moment there are no plans for a WP version.


sensational work

would buy directly if there was a wp version of it!

Brilliant and beyond. Thank you for making this available.


Thanks for your positive feedback