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Hi Webtreat,

First comment :-)

Good work!



Thanks Motti.

love it!


Thanks for purchasing erickhaddad! Glad you like the theme.

I love this design so much, I wanna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant!


Oh my! :0

inlow Purchased

Looking forward to working with this.




Thanks for purchasing inlow!

Great work. Very smart column system, A-Class design and great typography. I wish to work with this as soon as possible :) Thanks for such a beautiful work.


Thanks ayyurek! Glad you like the theme.

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Wow! Your attention to detail in this design is extraordinary. It is extremely versatile and well documented. Very nice job.


Thanks for purchasing tcrown! Glad you like the theme.

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As promised Webtreats – theme purcased. Beautifull work. Very elegant…

Please keep converting the PSD themes you have to html!


Thanks for purchasing sticker! Glad you like the theme. We’ll definitely keep releasing the HTML versions of our upcoming themes.

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I’ve just has a look at the root files, and on the index page of each colour scheme, there seems to be no small navigation buttons under the main slider to move from one slide to the next. Just a single image – Nothing like the preview.

Maybe I am missing something…?!


Hi sticker,

The small slider navigation buttons will be added automatically as you add slider images to the homepage.

If you’d like to start with the homepage on our demo below is a download link for the index.html file for the ‘deep_blue’ color scheme. Just change the style sheet on line 9 to use it for another color scheme.


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OK. Thanks.

Generally all HTML templates here have sample slides included in the download files so they can be edited easily.

It might be something you could address in an update – that the site appears as the live preview does. With sample slides for easy manipulation.

EDIT : In order to add new slides, do we have to create them from scratch, or are template images for the smaller slides (as in live preview) included in the images folder?

To be honest, I feel ‘test slides’ should have been implemented in the purchased fileset as is the case with the live preview. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the feedback sticker! We hadn’t considered that, we’re working on an update now.

With regards to the smaller slides, are you referring to the frame effect. If so that is applied automatically.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Good to hear you address issues when raised.

Smaller Slides: I also feel samples as in the live preview should be written into the code of the downlaodble files, so we can use those frameworks to add our own content.

This way, the template is easy to manipluate and edit “out of the box”

Are you going to make the new update available soon?

Thanks again for addressing my concerns – much appreciated. And great work on the design!


We’re working on the update right now. If you contact us through our profile page here we’ll email it you as soon as it’s finished.

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Great – many thanks!

Webtreats you have done an excellent job. Above the call of duty. Thank you for your attention to details.

I do have a question regarding the calendar widget. How do you get the days to correspond to the actual month.

For instant, March 1st begins on a Monday. How can I change the widget to reflect this?

Thanks so much for the hard work you obviously put into this.


Thanks for purchasing mglodfelter! Glad you like the theme.

The template just provide the styles for the calender. If you’d like to adjust the dates you’ll have to rearrange them manually by hand in the HTML .

ä,ü,ö doestn work. can i take the cufon files from the wordpress theme?


Yes you can just use the file from the Wordpress theme. We also provide the accented cufon file within the js/ColaborateLight_accented folder within each template.

and i`ve one more problem. the big picture doestn load, i dont know why.

the imagepath is correct



Hi joomlaianer,

Looks like you have made some modifications to the theme. There is now a index.php within the URL structure. Without knowing what modifications you’ve made it will be hard to help you troubleshoot.


i`m using a php framework ( codeigniter )


Hi joomlaianer,

Just sent you an email with the fix for this issue.

Really Awesome! Been Waiting for something like this.


Thanks for purchasing mixedbrains! Glad you like the theme.

sticker Purchased

I want to post back to say that my slider conerns were IMMEDIATELY resolved. Really great after Sales service…

Also, the solution to my issue was quite involved and probably took a lot of the OP’s time – especially on a busy launch day – Great Job!



Your welcome sticker.
Thanks for the feedback.

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What video formats will it support? flv? swf?


Thanks for purchasing mroberts!

Vimeo, YouTube, Quicktime and swf file formats are currently supported. Flv is not. Below are examples for each supported format:

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What a breathe of fresh air! Finally – this is why I joined Envato.

As a professional web designer to have something available with this much attention to detail that (without having to build from scratch) I can re-configure for a client is out of this world.

Thank you – keep up the excellent work – you’re extremely talented – I hope you make a mint ;)


Thanks for purchasing SBrook! Glad you like the theme.

This is an absolute stunning template. The CSS is very structured and documented.

I am having an issue where there is not enough content to force the footer to the bottom of the page. Generally I use the following technique.

html { height: 100%; }, body { height: 100%; }, #page { position: relative; min-height: 100%; }, (star) html #page { height: 100%; }, #footer { position: absolute; bottom: 0; },

However, after inspecting the CSS , I am not sure what exactly to do. I have tried creating div’s similar to the CSS listed above, however I can not seem to get the footer down. This is sometimes and issue when using a framework similar to the 960 framework, however you are not using that for this template. Do you have any suggestions or can you help me solve this issue.



Thanks for purchasing bogerdesign!

Are you looking to implement a “footer-stick” solution, or would a min-height solution work for you?

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Great work, i have buy it as wordpress – love it, and buy it now also as html, keep up a good work there :)


Thanks for purchasing Grphoto! Glad you like the theme.