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Amazing work! Good luck with sales! :)

so tempted, so tempted, ok, got to have this – about to purchase :)

Awesome job!

Hi there. Awesome theme. Congrats!

One question: I see it’s not compatible with IE6 . What happens to the theme with IE6 please? I hate the damn IE6 thing, of course, but it’s still out there in the wild.

Cheers Richard


Hi Richard, We will be updating for ie6 support soon. At the moment I’m not sure what the issues are. I do know there are transparent .png and padding issues.

Great package. This theme has it all. Well done!

Wow, as with everything else you’ve created its always of great work!

Been kind of on stand by wondering when you where going to come out with a WP template ;0)

This came out at a great time, been looking for another template to get another site I have in mind up & going. Im thinking this will work out great!

Wow, great work Webtreats! Yes, it was just a matter of time when you will show up on Theme Forest ;) Good luck with sales!

Thanks so much guys! Glad you like the theme!

Purple Purchased

works great thus far, only one issue:

when I save any of the settings in the inFocus admin area, it automatically reverts to the default style (deep_blue.css). Is there a way to fix this? Or do you know what can be causing this?

Thanks! :)


Thanks for purchasing Purple! We haven’t been able to recreate the issue yet, but we think we know what might be causing it. We will post a fix as soon as we have it. In the meantime could you tell us what browser you were using?

Purple Purchased

sure thing, am using Firefox (3.5.7) on the mac.

Thanks for looking into it!


We think we’ve fixed the potential issue, and will include it in the next update. In the meantime if you send us a message through our profile page we can email you the file to replace.

Purple Purchased

also, when using Cu3er, is it possible to have the links open in the same window instead of a new one?

Yes, open theme-functions.php which is located in wp-content/themes/infocus/lib/functions/ folder, find line 257 and replace:
$data .= '<link>' .$flash_slider_slide_bulid['flash_slider_link_'.$j]. '</link>';
$data .= '<link target="_self">' .$flash_slider_slide_bulid['flash_slider_link_'.$j]. '</link>';
Save the file and then hit “Save Changes” in your themes admin area to update the xml file.

Hi Can you use the different column layouts on the home page under the feature slider also?


Yes, you can put any content in that area. In the homepage tab of the admin area select the page whose content you want to import. You can see the various column layouts supported here: http://themes.mysitemyway.com/infocus/styles/layouts/

Wow. That’s all.


Thank you rarepearldesign! Glad you like the theme!

I think I have been asking following question on every great looking theme here but it happens to be an important one for me :)

Does the lightbox feature on the portfolio page also support playing video’s from exposureroom or one’s own server in flash?


We used prettyPhoto for the lightbox script, which does support those things, but we didn’t set the portfolio up with that in mind. I checked and youtube videos do work, but exposureroom does not seem to. We will definitely look into adding full support for flash and video in a later update.

Stunning…Absolutely Stunning !

any chance you could put up previews or screenshots of the site with the different colors..

i think it would really help people deciding


Glad you like it! We’ve added live previews for the color variations now. You will find the links in the description.

Great theme. Are you read this Topic? I hope you know what you doing.)))


Yes, we followed that thread closely. Unfortunately we’d already built-in the admin panel to support it when we heard the news. Cu3er is not included as per their terms, but we figured we’d leave the framework in place should someone wish to download it themselves from their site.


Good. Great idea. Best wishes.))

Fantastic! Any chance of a HTML .


Glad you like it! Yes, we hope to have an HTML version soon.

That’s good news that video will be in the next update, I think many theme builders here mainly focus on photo’s here which I think is a big missed opportunity for video oriented buyers and that is a large group as well.

Could you pls check if the following should work, I have got this working on a theme I bought here and if you would use following link, does it work then?



Yes, that link did work!

noafilm Purchased

Great, I”m just downloading the theme, 100mb large?? I’m curious what’s inside :)


Thanks for purchasing noafilm! It’s all the layered PSDs! Let us know if you need help adding the video, since it’s not in the documentation yet.


Please read CU3ER license carefully!


“SWF containing CU3ER may not be embedded as part of a template, application, and/or web site where stated template, application, and/or web site is re-sold and/or re-distributed for independent use by third parties, without specific prior written permission.”

Embedding (using) is not allowed!

Please remove CU3ER and related files from your template and/or distribution package ASAP !

Fair play and same rules for everyone! No tricks and gimmicks!



I think you’ve misunderstood our description. There are no Cu3er or related files included.


Flash is ‘embedding’ to web page. CU3ER is embedded in page which is part of template. Template is selling to third parties. Whatever CU3ER is, or is not, in downloadable package, it is embedded in part of template and you can see it.

Template is what we all see when we hit ‘preview’ button. I’m not talking about downloadable part and redistribution is covered in license too.

License wouldn’t have much sense if it will allow usage like in example above!



Template is what we all see when we hit ‘preview’ button.

That’s not how we’ve been operating – we have been allowed to use certain images in a demo as long as they are not included in the download package, similar to using CU3ER in a demo as long as it’s not included in the download files as well (simply stating that the theme supports it if the user chooses to implement it themselves). I’m assuming that’s what’s going on here.

The buyer is not purchasing the demo, they purchase the contents of the files they receive after download, not necessarily the same thing…