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woodsysa Purchased

I designed this site 4/5 months back and in error I forgot to change the email address in the footer email form widget.

I thought the spam was coming from my own website and not my clients.

Today I figured out what I’d done and have corrected the email address.

BUT I ’ve been BOMBARDED BY SPAM FROM THIS FORM – and need a simple solution to correct this urgently otherwise my credibility will go down the drain with my client.

Please advise soonest.

I wrote direct via email to you before reading the last few comments on similar issues others have had.

Love the theme….but this is a wee disappointment as it ruins the whole client/customer relation between me and my client when the theme itself is so phenominal.

Any ETA v/v the theme update?


Hi woodsysa,
Sent you an email regarding this.

We’re planning on having the 1st of two updates planned for inFocus done in 2-3 weeks that will address this.

I’m updating all blogs to Wordpress 3.0 at the moment and I’d like to know if this theme is compatible with the new version of WP? Since 3.0 have menu creation built-in, is there any risk that it will destroy the top menu that is already in the theme?

As far as I’ve seen when I’ve updated other blogs that is using other themes, any menu that is a part of the theme will override the WP menu maker.

Would be thankful for advice before I do any upgrade.


Hi simplychrista,

The current version of inFocus (v1.6) available through your “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest admin menu is compatible with WordPress 3.0.

Regarding WordPress’s new Navigation Menus feature, the theme’s current menu will still function normally and not be affected.

We have an update planned for inFocus that will include full support for WordPress Navigation Menus.

HeyHo Purchased
Thanks for the code to show the image with the shadow frame: <div class="portfolio_img_holder"> <img src="http://yoursite.com/path/to/your/image.png" /> </div> What i need to do is insert images into a page without using posts, but i would like them to display like they do with the lightbox effect and image rollover like the portfolio option.

How do i modify this code to do so please.

<div class="portfolio_img_holder"> <a href="http://infocus.mysitemyway.com/wp-content/pics/960-full-2.jpg" rel="lightbox[portfolio]"><img src="http://themes.mysitemyway.com/infocus/wp-content/pics/small3.jpg" /></a> </div>

You’re welcome HeyHo,

To have the hover effect like on the portfolio page you’ll have to make the following changes.

First use this HTML code instead:

<div class="portfolio_img_holder">
    <a href="http://infocus.mysitemyway.com/wp-content/pics/960-full-2.jpg" rel="lightbox[portfolio]">
    <span class="roll_over rollover"></span>
    <span id="img1"><img class="hover_fade" src="http://infocus.mysitemyway.com/wp-content/pics/960-full-2.jpg" /></span></a>

Next open up the following file:


and paste in the code below right after line # 193


    function() {
        function() {
samnait Purchased

Hi Webtreats,

How can i make it so the recent post or achive is part of the navigation on top as a dropdown?

Thanks, Sam


Hi samnait,

Currently the menu doesn’t support this functionally.

As a work around you could use the following plugin:


This plugin allows you to make a WordPress page or post link to a URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress page or post URL . You could add a page that would show up in the menu and then using the plugin link that page to the blog category or post of your choosing.

Kenet Purchased

Nevermind… I fixed it.


Hi Kenet,
Glad you fixed it.

On the front-page; instead of showing the spinner, is it be possible to instead show the first image in the slider? I was thinking something like the slider used by apple here http://www.apple.com/iphone/

IMHO it is better to see the image load the first time instead of displaying the spinning wheel and once the images are in the browser cache they will load instantly the next time. This will look much better than displaying the spinning wheel each time the front page loads.

I understand that the theme is what it is, but I thought I should ask incase you have code laying around that would fix the slider. Otherwise I’ll try to give it a stab myself.


Hi sovandeulv,

Currently the theme’s slider only supports the functionally of pre-loading all images. We’ll definitely look into including the functionally of checking if the image is cached in a future update.

If you do end up taking a stab at it yourself we’d love to see what you come up with.

jagers Purchased


In the process of creating a couple new blogs with this theme but every time I load the theme I receive an internal server error. I am assuming this has something to do with the themes compatibility with wordpress 3.0.

Any help with this issue?



Hi jagers,

The current version of inFocus (v1.6) is fully compatible with WP 3 .0

Is your site hosted on GoDaddy?

Several users of the theme hosting on GoDaddy have reported this message as well. I’m not sure what they changed on their servers but replacing the following file on your server:


with the one in the zip file below should resolve this:

cherita Purchased

I’m having the same problem as jagers—every time I upload the theme, it causes a 500 internal server error. I’ve even tried downloading and installing fresh files but the problem persists. I’ve upgraded to 3.0 so maybe it is a compatibility issue, although I’ve been having this internal server error problem since before i upgraded, so I’m not sure about that. Whatever the reason, please help!


Hi cherita,

The current version of inFocus (v1.6) is fully compatible with WP 3 .0

Is your site hosted on GoDaddy?

Several users of the theme hosting on GoDaddy have reported this message as well. I’m not sure what they changed on their servers but replacing the following file on your server:


with the one in the zip file below should resolve this:

Hi Webtreats,

I’m insanely excited about how good my new site is looking with your theme (thanks to some excellent e-mail support from Pamela). I’m almost ready to launch.

Any idea why the blog page is not displaying the contest for that page? It goes straight to blog entries, instead of showing the 2 intro paragraphs that are posted to the content section of that page.

The blog page is here: http://www.yearbox.com/wp/help/calendar-planning/


Hi rottenuncle,
Glad to hear you’re liking your site.
It turned out great!

If you contact us through our profile page here we’ll send you the file to replace on your server that will resolve the intro paragraphs not showing on top of your blog page.

FYI – In Wordpress 3.0…

Saving Page Header meta doesn’t work. It works in posts for me, but not in pages. I’ve tested this with a fresh WP3 install with your theme v 1.3.

I fixed the issue in my above comment by editing


on line 362 I changed

if ($i == 2){


if ($i != 2){


Hi buffalokill,
Glad you resolved this.

We have included the fix for this in the newest version of inFocus (v1.6) that’s available through your “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest admin menu.

webdude Purchased

Great Theme…

How do I copy the gradient gray background (sidebar) with the location map and directions on the demo?


Hi webdude,
Glad you like the theme.

If you scroll to the bottom of the contact page on our demo:


You’ll see text that say’s ”+ Get The Code”

If you click on the text it will expand to show the exact code you’ll need to paste into the HTML view of your Wordpress content editor to create the same layout.

Also make sure you select the “Full Width Template” template when you publish the page.

In regards to the Google Map, its a screenshot that we took from: http://maps.google.com/maps

motti_b Purchased

Hi guys,

I know there is a solution to it but cannot find it here (I wish there was a search system to search for subject in this forum :-))

Anyway, my gallery thumbnails are moving around depending on how much “Portfolio Teaser Text” they have. I try to align them but they still move, sometimes without doing anything.

Can it be fixed that they always align properly?

Another issue is that when creating a page and clicking on the little head to get the shortcode menu the window that pops up does not have the tab “Portfolio” on it.

Does it have anything to do with some updates? Because I did not update the last time.

Thank you, Motti www.photosbymotti.com/blog


Hi motti_b,

We have included the the fixes for both these issues in the current version of inFocus (v1.6).

I know you’ve made quite a few customizations to your site. I can email you the files that you’ll need to replace on your server for only these updates.

One of the files that will need to be replaced is this one:


If I recall you’ve made some customizations to this file. If you can email me this file from your server I can apply the update manually so you don’t loose any customizations you’ve made.

motti_b Purchased


Yes, I did a few modifications (I think). I will email you the file later on this evening. I really appreciate it.


HI there,

I am having a problem with Simple Press Forums and I am wondering if it may have something to do with this theme. You can find the forum on this page: http://strategycms.com/members-area/forum/.

The problem is that when I click on one of the forum categories (such as Getting Started) I get a 404 Error. They have a support page about this on their site: http://wiki.simple-press.com/installation/troubleshooting/the-dreaded-404/.

I have tried those suggestions and nothing works. I am wondering if perhaps there is something within the theme (maybe redirection) that is causing the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks and be well,



Hi Moshe_SWD,

I don’t have any experience with the Simple Press Forums plugin but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work with the theme.

I’d recommend deactivating inFocus and then activating WordPress default theme and see if the Forum plugin works.

fingasf2 Purchased


I’m aware that there is some spam protection on the infocus contact form but i’m still being slaughtered with spam in my inbox. Is there anyway to add a captcha to the infocus contact form? please save me!

www.famouscircle.com (my site)



Hi fingasf2,

The theme’s contact form uses what is called a “Honeypot Captcha”. You can read more about it here. http://haacked.com/archive/2007/09/11/honeypot-captcha.aspx

This particular method doesn’t appear to work in all cases. We plan on updating the theme’s default contact form with a much more robust captcha solution in our upcoming update to inFocus.

If you’d like to use a standard captcha instead which seems to be more reliable we’ve written an FAQ on how to seamlessly integrate contact form 7 in its place:


Hi Webtreats,

I dunno if this was asked before but can’t find it… im trying to remove some preloaded widgets on the footer, recent…archives and etc but somehow cannot remove it. i just want e-mail us to stay there… thanks and more power!


Hi line_ache,

Go to your Wordpress admin menu: Appearance » Widgets
You’ll see 5 active Footer sidebars to the right of the page.
Drag which ever widget you like into the appropriate Footer sidebar.
If you’d like no widgets in the footer drag in a text widget and leave it empty.

Thank you, Webtreats!

Excellent and prompt advice. We are back to normal on our site and I’m extremely happy to have purchased from you.

Great support – Five Stars!


You’re welcome missbranded,
Glad we could help.


Hello again all is well on the site once again thank you for all of your help getting me up and running.

I have another challenge for you.

I have a standard rrs feed link with the typical orange icon in the sidebar. I have redesigned an rrs feed link and would like to replace the one that is there. Can you please tell me where to locate the rrs feed so I can change the icon.

Thanks Jessica


Hi findingonesway,

You could replace the RSS image in the following folder:


But seeing how this is a core WordPress file it would be overwritten every time you updated.

A better way would be to overwrite it using CSS .
For example:

.widget_rss h3 a img {display:none;}
.widget_rss h3.widgettitle {
    background: url(http://faq.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/u14.png) no-repeat 0 3px;
    text-indent: 16px;
    line-height: 21px;
motti_b Purchased


I just realized that my page navigation at the bottom of the blog page does not bring me to previous pages. It is stuck.

Maybe it does not work with Wordpress 3.0 (I just upgraded a couple of days ago)


Thank you, Motti


Hi motti_b,

Replied to your comment regarding this here.


p.s. Just sent you an email with your updated files.

Hi there,

inFocus is adding in a
tag into the tables of Simple Press Forum (see video for details: http://screencast.com/t/NDMzNGVm).

Any idea how I can stop this from happening? Is there a reason why they are being inserted? If so, how can I remove them just for Simple Press forums?

Thanks and be well,



Hi Moshe_SWD,

The theme has no effect on the output of the code you’re referring to. Either the plugin itself is injecting the stray <br /> tags or WordPress’s wpautop function is inserting them.