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last respond from the developer is about 5 months ago.. it seems he is died. RIP

Does this theme use google recipe view?

This theme is broken, and there is NO support from the developer. DO NOT BUY!

Anyone can help me as I create a submenu?, These several days in order to add a submenu, but you can not, someone please help me.

sisicath Purchased

Hello, I bought you a theme September 10, 2013. After reading all the comments, I do not believe that you do not fulfill those. support and thought that you have eliminated all the defects in the pattern. But it was not. I have the same situation as that of vanessa_167. When I add the recipe and want to view it, give me a “404.” When click on the logo opens blog vmese home page. Please provide me with tech support. Or give me back my money! Sincerely, Catherine.

sisicath Purchased

And how do you install a theme? I tried to install it on a local hostnge on your computer, it worked without errors.

Hello, just purchased this theme as well. Does anyone knows how to display the “home” icon in menu? Thanks guys! I’m sure we can make our own support for this theme. ;-) All the best.

This is a good theme, but with one or two small problems.

1. The main menu does not work with submenus 2. The “new” graphic that covers the corner of the main homepage recipe can obscure the title 3. If a recipe name goes onto 2 lines, then the layout of recipe boxes is broken 4. Tags are not displayed in the same nicely padded boxes as categories when using a widget 5. I don’t seem to be able to get the email signup widget to show in the footer

It’s a shame the developer has vanished, because if he fixed these issues this would be by far the best recipe theme on themeforest.

madandyaz Purchased

hello divwrap, I bought your template. I have also tried to contact via email and … nothing no answer!

We need your help with setting the template! how we do it?

Information about this no longer answer questions or anything, is it true? I hope you reply asap! my email is patxi.herranz.manso @ gmail.com

its a good thing that i read all your comment..im planning to buy this.. but now..im thinking twice.. anyone from u willing to sell this to me for a much cheaper price.. even if its broken.. i have no problem with it.. i might even try to help u with ur issues… email me – krmudvayne@gmail.com

I wanted to buy this theme but thank god I’ve read your posts. If you’ve already bought it and you want to sell it at a cheaper price, email me – florica.cristian@me.com

So it seems that the developer is no longer supporting this theme, and there’s an issue I need help with. If there are any Wordpress/Tim Thumb whizzkids on here who wanted to buy the theme but are put of by the fact the developer is no longer replying to support requests, I’m happy to share the theme with you if you’re able to help me resolve an issue with the featured images. Drop me a reply if you’re interested.


Managed to solve the problem, it appears the hosting’s mod_security settings are stopping the Tim Thumb script from running.

I can’t get the view all recipes link to work. Can someone help me? I tried changing the permalinks. No luck. I can hard code the button in, I just can’t figure out the link to the page that displays all the recipes?


Never mind.. Figured it out.. You need to create a recipes page.. call it recipes and set ip us as “recipe” template.

if anyone wants to sell this theme for much less plz contact me jack3422@gmail.com

i’ve bought the theme and managed to install it. I can resell and offer support (at a lower price). florica.cristian@me.com

Who wants to buy half-price in this topic, please e-mail sisicath@yandex.ru

This theme is not responsive ?

Who wants to buy at CHEAP price? please e-mail ayy198@gmail.com

Hi everyone, I bought this theme while ago and it is working perfectly. You really need to read all instructions before to complaint about something. You will need to install some extra plugins in order everything work. My site is in Spanish and I translate almost everything, you can take a look at RecetasSalvadorenas dot com. My concerns are, what about if I want to change all my website to another theme? Is there any risk to lost some content? Also, there is one more issue that I found, this theme is not “mobile friendly” and it seems almost impossible to adapt it. I tried so many things in the CSS files in order to make it “mobile friendly” and couldn’t… any advice?

Hi, I need to show/add a picture for each step in my recipe (step 1- image1, step 2-image2,...) Is it possible with this theme ? thks

Camprubi Purchased

Hi, I know, there seems to be no official support for this theme anymore, but I hope, somebody can help:

The lightbox function does only work out for the recipes, but not for my blogposts. When you try to enlarge a picture inside an article, no lightbox is popping up. You are just opening the original image source, which is not, what I want.

External lightbox plugins had no effect on this issue so far. Has someone a suggestion, what I can do, so that my readers will not leave the article by clicking on pictures?