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Very nice indeed! Congrats and good luck with sales!


Thanks Anps! ;)

The view full recipe link on this page http://themes.divwrap.com/ingredients/

When you hover the >> drops down to next line instead of being inside the red button

FF 12 on PC.

Great theme tho!


I greatly appreciate you pointing that out, we will fix this right away! :)

nice work, good luck with sales!


Thanks! :D

Very nice ideas, especially liked the one at the footer ; congrats , very nice work. :)


We appreciate your comment Bedros .. :)

Great theme bud, good luck with sales!


Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Stunning, absolutely stunning! I’ve recommended this to a few of my foodie blogging friends. I can see this being a very commonly seen website in the near future as I browse something yummy for dinner online :)

Congrats and good luck with your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal


That is very generous of you, thank you for the recommendations! :)

Good luck with sales. Nice work. Footer liked it very much. :)


Thanks! :)

Hey There

Very nice work! I’ve been thinking of buying it but want to know first, is there a limit of recipes? can I categorise it? such as pastas, pizzas, burgers, etc.

Also the logo at the top looks amazing! is I type my company name would look as good as your “ingredients”?

Thank you


Yes, you can create an infinite amount of recipes with an unlimited amount of categories! Also, yes, you can type your company name and set the logo to “Plain Text” and it will look like the ingredients logo. What would be even better is if you sent us your company name and we send you a custom logo image .. it would look sharper. ;)

We would be more than happy to help!


I think this design is great and I really want to purchase it.

However, before I do I just want to know is it possible to add a function that enables visitors/user to submit/add receipes to the site? E.g. Visitors will be able to sign up to the website, login and add recipes when they like.

If this can not be done at the moment, do you plan on maybe adding this feature in a future update?

Kind regards


Thanks for the complement! :)

Yes this is definitely something that I can add to the theme in the next 2 days. If you send me your email through our profile, I will notify you immediately when the theme has been updated with this feature.

- Luke for Div Wrap

Lovely design and good luck with sales :) Just one issue remove the $35 dollar price tag from the item preview banner :P


Thanks! Yeah, we just uploaded a new preview image. ;)

Great looking theme :) yummy!


Thanks! I’m sure I put on a few pounds during the making. :D

Excellent work.



Thank you!

arturo_c Purchased

the .po file where is?



It is in the main theme folder. :)

DAsteph Purchased

I am searching for the font from the logo? Can you help me?


Hello DAsteph! Are you wanting to change the fancy looking font to something different? Or do you want to make the logo text instead of image?

Let me know.

DAsteph Purchased

THX for the fast support! I have found the font for the Logo. I wantet to create my own logo with your font.

But i have another problem… When i click on home page on “view all recipes” an error message comes out..

Any idea?


Wow, your site is looking great! ;)

You need to create a new page and set the page template to “Recipes” under “Page Attributes”. Then you need to link the button “View all recipes” to that page, by going to “Theme Options” and pasting the URL to this page in the box “Recipes URL ”. It looks like we forgot to include this option, so I will send you a new file called options.php with that option.

Send us your email through our profile and I will send you the new file.

Thanks! Luke

DAsteph Purchased

THX a lot, i give my best. But with this great theme it is very simple to create awesome sites! ;)

Hope to see you soon when i start my project official!

ps: you have mail! ;)


No problem Stephan, thanks for your compliments!

You have a reply with new files. ;)


verifeye Purchased

I bought your theme yesterday. I must say, I am very pleased with the looks and feel. However, would you please think about including a simple tutorial that explains even nothing more than how the settings should be and what widgets go where in order to achieve the same look as your demo. At least as a jumping off point. Thanks and grats!


Sure, I can do a quick screencast .. send an email through our profile and I will notify you when we post the video.


DAsteph Purchased

I have a new problem and hope you can help me!

When i click on a tagword, the archive didn’t display any recipes. The search works perfect. :(

thx in advance


The theme was built to use categories for the recipes, not tags. Try using the “Categories” widget instead of the “Tag Cloud”. :)

DAsteph Purchased

Aaaaawwwh ;) Is it possible to change this thing easy? Would be so great! :p

By the way… I cant find the comment function by the blog entrys? In the meta there is an option for “responses”?


Wow, I forgot to add the comments in there, I will send you the three new files for this. :)

For the tags and categories, it would be possible to change this .. if you could send me your FTP info through email, I will change this for you.

DAsteph Purchased

Can you mail me the templates to my email adress? I think you should have it?




I sent you the new files via email, let me know if you didn’t receive them.

- Luke

Hi Do you recon i could add woo-commerce to this temp and it would work to sell products?



Yep! Woo Commerce should work fine with this theme. :)