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danotp Purchased
got another question please can you have a look and see where im going wrong please http://www.simplysprinkle.co.uk/shop/


Dan ps the template is ace btw


Yes, you will need edit template files in order for the plugin to match the theme. It looks like Woo Commerce provides documentation for you to do this easily. If you would like us to help with this, please send us an email through our profile and we can work out a price.

Thanks! Luke

If I make a recipe blog, I am SO using this. Very nice! Love the footer.


Thanks, go for it! ;)

Hello, I am looking at buying this theme for a recipe blog, quick question, can the wood background be changed to white while keeping the egg, which and parsley?


Hello! Yes it is definitely possible to swap out the wood background for white.

Love the template! thank you so much!

2 quick questions.. is there a way i can make the background just plain white? (remove the wood?)

how can i change the font of the cursive for the headings? Thank you!


I’m glad you love the theme! :)

Yes, to make the background white instead of a wood pattern, open the main stylesheet (style.css) and locate this line of code:

body { background: url(images/bg.jpg) repeat; }

... change that to this:

body { background: #fff; }

To change the cursive font, you need to locate two css selectors in the stylesheet that have this property:

font-family: "Dancing Script", sans-serif;

“Dancing Script” is the cursive font that you will need to change.

Use our support forum if you any more questions and I will be happy to help! http://support.divwrap.com/

Thanks! Luke

Thanks Luke!

I have tried to set up an account on the support forum but it is saying 'No valid purchase codes where found' ?

I just want to know how to install a different font if possible? rather than dancing script? thank you so much


Are you using a font from your computer or somewhere like Google Fonts? If you are using a Google Font, you would open up the header.php file and add this bit of code in the head tags:

<link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Font+Name+Here" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Let me know what font you plan to use.

ME again, so sorry.

i want to show regular blog posts as well as recipies.. is there a way to show just normal blog feed rather than them boxing them in categories showing ‘recipies in blog’ hope that makes sense..



No problem! :)

The theme was built so that the blog uses tags, instead of categories. So you assign categories to recipes and tags for the blog posts. When you click on a tag below a post, it will show all posts tagged with that tag name.

If you prefer the blog posts to use categories I can include them with the recipes, but the recipes would not look like boxes, but regular posts.

Let me know what you want to do.

Got it! Thanks alot.. so if i want to assign the blog posts to the menu how will i do that so it shows the blog feed?

thanks for the info on the font also!


No problem! To show your blog feed, create a page and then go to “Settings > Reading” and set the “Posts page” to that page. To add it to the menu, go to “Appearance > Menus” and add the page to the “Top Menu”.

Let me know if all that made sense. :)

PS, i used ‘Pompiere’ and it worked after following your instructions! thank you


Glad I could help, let me know if there is anything else! (I replied about the blog feed above)

Yes! that all worked great. Amazing.. I will leave you a review very soon. thanks so much. very helpful :)


Awesome! :)

Hi, your seems a nice theme. Have here a custom.css file?


Yes, you can easily include a custom.css file into the theme.

Me again!! sorry

is there anyway to make the top drop down menu (black one) stay down? rather than having to click on it to bring it down?

Thank you!


No problem at all!

There sure is a way to do that .. send me your FTP info through my profile, and I will do this for you.


i want to remove the header from the blog page that i have linked in the menu (to all blog posts)

it says ‘Posts Tagged In ~ blog’ how can i get rid of that.

last question i promise!


If you send me FTP info, I will get rid of this for you. :)

Hi! I bought your theme yesterday. How i could to Change the Language? sorry for my bad english



There is a comprehensive tutorial here that should help you to translate the theme – the default english po file is included in the theme: http://www.appthemes.com/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-theme/

Hi, the font does not support Czech characters (http://czech.typeit.org/). Shown in img http://oi48.tinypic.com/mac56e.jpg

You can add these characters?



Sorry but the theme’s font does not support Czech characters.

mizcyu Purchased

Hi I bought this theme and hav a question

Can i remove latest recipe on the main page and put more older recipes row?

I want to show full of recipe listing !



You sure can! Please send me your FTP info and I will do this for you .. I replied to your email that you just sent. :)

Thanks, Luke

mizcyu Purchased

I Sent an email!! check plz :)


Checking now. :)

Your theme is set up to only search for ‘Recipes’ however I am not using the recipes function at all. Is there a way to have the theme search the entire site instead?

Also, I have plugins for YouTube + Pinterest + Flickr that I use in my blog sidebar, when your theme is active, none of them seem to work. Any thoughts?


Hello danalmasy!

Yes, I can make the search feature work for the entire site. Feel free to send me an email with your FTP and WordPress login for the site and I will also take a look at the plugin issue.

Thanks! Luke

Greetings—I would like to have users click the featured image for the recipe and go directly to the recipe instead of seeing a larger version of the image. Is this possible?


Hello portcitynerds!

Yes this is definitely possible. If you purchase the theme and install it, send me your WordPress login and I will make that change right away!

Thanks! Luke

hafeezs Purchased

Hi divwrap,

I downloaded and installed the theme, however the Wordpress says I have a broken theme with style sheets missing (_MACOSX – Stylesheet is missing.)

Can you please help?




Make sure you install using the “ingredients_theme.zip” file located in the main download file, not the “ingredients_wordpress.zip”.


Can you remove the top part of the recipe pages such as shared by etc? I would like to use this theme as my sister’s site so she can start a recipe site. Also, is it possible to remove the words from the chef but too?

Thanks, Daven


Hello Daven!

Yes both of those are possible. If/when you purchase the theme, send me a message through my profile with your FTP and WordPress login and I will make those changes for you.