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Hi, Just bought today, I love this theme. Is there a way to decrease the transparency /opacity for the slider caption backgrounds I tired a few things but no success. Looking for to implement (opacity:0.4;)

Hi! You can do that with background: rgba(45, 171, 139, 0.4);

That did it. Thanks so much! Just rated the template 5 stars.

Hello, I just bought this theme and I’m trying to upload it. But every time I do it says that its missing the Style sheet. Can anyone help?

Hi! I’m so sorry but you bought a HTML template, not a WordPress theme. Please ask for a refund, you’ll get your money back. Look into the WordPress category for WP themes. Sorry again.

hey, love the theme!

Is the blog a fully working blog?

Hi! Thank you! Well, since it’s “only” a HTML template, it doesn’t have the real blog functionality (database for the dynamic stuff), you have to integrate it with a CMS first.

ah i see thanks for the info!

How do I setup the div code to get two “p50” columns in an accordion div?

Right now I have:

div class=”accordion accordion-style1”>

h4 class=”accordion-title”>Title

div class=”p100”> h2>Subtitle p>text /div>


If I try to add two div classes of p50 under the p100, all the text just disappears.

Sorry to be so annoying but I can’t figure out why my accordions are all open by default: http://levy4u.com/pricing.html

You have couple of javascript errors, try to solve them and it should work. You are using scripts on that page that are taken from homepage, remove them, no need for them. You commented the magnific popup script, uncomment.

Thanks again…. but I have another question for you. It’s so much different working with other people’s scripts. I can’t figure it out for some reason. I made a separate landing page for a special offer and It is just an image then the contact form. But for some reason I can’t get the CSS or form actions to work. I copied the contact folder and the forms section from the master.css. What am I missing?

hey . I can’t add my location on contact page (google maps) pls help me

I tried it dosnt work :(

make sure you have your files encoded in UTF-8.

I must finish this work today so its very important , i send file you on facebook account(designagent) pls look .

hey . I changed extension .html to .php but i have a problem , when i open a .php page navigation bar is not get hover

Hi! Not sure I understand but you always need to indicate the current page by the “active” class in the menu. With PHP, you will need some short script to find out which page is viewed and to add the active class to the corresponding menu item.

I’m sorry my english is bad but I fixed this problem thank you

Glad to hear it.

Hello. On the page blog-post.html, you display an image. The viewable area of the image is approx. 883 px. wide in the browser, but the actual image’s width is 1024 px when opened in Photoshop. I’d like to use the same sized image on the about-us.html page and have it automatiaclly shrink to fit.

The problem is, when I do, the image extends past and to the right of the content of the page into the tileable background. What should I do to have this image display properly? Thanks, E.V.

Hello! The images in the content area all shrink to 100% maximum. But the image should not be in some other div, just normally within a paragraph or by itself. If you have it in some kind of container, add this line to your css:

.container img {max-width: 100%;}

That was my issue. Thanks Darinka!

Hey. I want to get smaller (like %80) whole site , is there anything I can ?

Hi! In master.css, take a look down to the responsive css rules and choose one. You can do the

#wrapperbox { width: 849px; }

width of the main container, but with this you have to use all the other rules that comes with it (as normal css rules, non-responsive)

Thanks for your work! Where can I buy the stock image of the women together with the dog? Regards

Hello Darinka,

I have bought your template and I’m very happy with it. I do have one problem. I use the portfolio-single page and the images stay small whenever I open the page. The same happens when I open the single portfolio page through the live preview page on themeforest. When I hit the same menu-choice again, It all works well.

Hi Darinka. I’m using IE 11 and I had the same problem with IE 10. Firefox and Chrome don’t have the problem. I only occurs when I visit a page for the first time then the image stays small. On revisiting the same page it works good. (see www.nuns.nl and choose “de merken van” Thanks for your reaction!

Hi! At the bottom of the file, try


instead of

Darinka you deserve a statue. My problems are over :-) Thanks for support!

Hi I’ve been working with your template and it’s amazing, but i have a problem. I modified the portfolio-single page and when i resize my browser, i can’t see the right side content (text). Apparently it’s just happening on tablets in portrait orientation.

So, here’s the link to my website: http://goldtrackgps.com/px5.php

Thanks in advance :)

I think I figured it out, still, I think i need a mobile menu for tablet in portrait orientation, because I have 7 elements in my menu. How do I activate that? Tnx

In master.css, find the line 516 and change the padding of the menu items (it will affect their width):

padding: 15px 19px 0 19px;

Now take the lines 584-586 that basically say “hide the main menu and show the dropdown select” and put them to 880px breakpoint (just replace the lines 533-535). You might have to adjust the width percentage a little bit so that it all fits nicely (play and test with various browser widths).

Hey thank you very much, sorry I took forever to reply. My client didn’t notice that but I wanted his site to look perfect :P

Again, great theme :D

Love the template. Do you plan on releasing a Wordpress version?

Hi Darinka,

Really like your WP version, but I need your HTML with product pages and shopping cart. Do you have that available?

Hi! I am so sorry, but this original HTML version does not contain the shopping pages. I added that to the WP version and styled it on there. Sorry again…

Hello, I purchased the template. Somehow, I cannot get the auto-scaling to work in IE. In the coding, i’ve removed the <!....> from the code that says if IE, but it still does not work. What would I be doing wrong? My site is www.chalet-houffalize.be Thank you!

Hi! I’m sorry but the autoscaling (responsive function) does not work in IE in general. No need to be sad though because no tablet or mobile phone uses IE. That means, the auto-scale generally works everywhere, except IE on desktop (where there is no need for it).

While going through the Elements samples in your design, I do not find any option of Tables that can be added to a page (not pricing tables). Is there any code that you would suggest to enable responsive format tables on any page. We have already purchased the HTML version where we need to use this option on some pages.

You’re right, but any simple HTML table code would do. Try this:
        <td>Row 1, cell 1</td>
        <td>Row 1, cell 2</td>
        <td>Row 1, cell 3</td>
        <td>Row 2, cell 1</td>
        <td>Row 2, cell 2</td>
        <td>Row 2, cell 3</td>
If you need more complex table, try http://www.tablesgenerator.com/html_tables (but only copy the table part without the styles)

engler Purchased

Is it possible to “fire” the mixitup jquery plugin with a preselected category? I wanna have some pages with get parameter where the pictures are preselected… Thank you!

Did you remove the active class from the first element?


engler Purchased

yes, I removed it


engler Purchased

ok, found it: $(’.gallery’).mixitup({ targetSelector: ’.gallery-item’, filterSelector: ’#menu-portfolio-items li a’, showOnLoad: ‘cat-2’ }); the active-class can be removed, if it is called without showOnLoad, “all” is selected found the old docs at http://mixitup-old.kunkalabs.com

Hello, very nice template, I just have I question, How do I change the icon on the top tab, I have changes the .ico image, but the “bird” image is still there,how do I change this?

Hi! Have you uploaded your favicon image to the imgs folder? Did it replace the previous favicon? If so, your browser still has an old one cachced. Clear the cache or try another browser and see if the new one loads.


Is it possible to make the menu(nav bar) sticky ? Meaning it stays on top when scrolling the page. ?


Hi! That would require quite a bit of customization. If I may, I would like to point you to Envato Studio. Many good developers can help you with any customization tasks for a great price.


rcalmer Purchased


love the template. question, i need to add some contact info in the form, how can i do that, is there a form wizard?

Hi! There is, because it is a popular Contact Form 7 plugin. You will find ‘Contact’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.

Hi! So I just realised this is not a question on a WordPress version of this template, sorry :D I am sorry, there is no form wizard, you have to go to the code to add a paragraph of text. Use Notepad++ or your favorite editor to open contact.html file. For the contact form script itself, go to the contact folder end edit contact.php file.

Dear Darinka,

I was wondering whether you can review the page http://inharmony.designagent.sk/portfolio-single.html

It seems the picture does not auto-scale, and therefor hides the text when screen size is reduced. This seems to be a bug. Kindly review? Thank you! Jeroen

Hi Jeroen! Yes, it has a problem with auto-scaling because of the plugin I am using to cycle the images. But when you refresh, it is shown in the correct size. So on any device you load the page, the slider shows in the correct size.