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Hi there

If I wanted to remove the sidebar functionality so that its a full-width page how would I do this?


No, you’re not, no worries! :)


Hi Darinka – where do I find the key for the visual composer?


Hi Steve! This theme works completely without the external Visual Composer plugin. If you want to use it, you have to buy it from the codecanyon. But the theme is not adapted for use with this plugin. It just doesn’t need it.


I’ve downloaded the file but am having trouble getting the slideshow to appear. I can’t find where to edit it!

Also, I’ve tried downloading the “Whistles” file but it won’t install properly…

Any help is much appreciated!

The site I’m working on is adampersonnel.com




Hi! Do you have the Slider and Whistles plugins installed and activated? If so, look at the documentation PDF that comes with the theme for step-by-step process on how to do sliders and whistles. Only after proper plugin installations you can import the xml data.


I want to change the color of a menu item. How I can do?

Well in that case, prepare a css class in the style.css, for example:
nav#mainmenu ul li.my-class a { background: red; }

Then go to Appearance > Menus and add that css class to the item (you can do that by activating Css Classes in Screen Options panel, on that page).


Sorry, but I do not understand that I have to put on the menu


In the admin (Menu page), click on an item you want to be highlighted. Do you have an input box for a css class there? If not, enable it on the top right (Screen Options).


I installed this theme for the website http://www.adampersonnel.com and I am having the following issues:

1. All the widgets I added to the Primary widget section previously show up correctly in the sidebar, but are now appearing at the bottom of the page after the content.

2. I was able to reproduce the code to add five more slides to the Testimonials Carousel; however, after five slides the carousel automatically goes back to the first one.

Thanks, Giuliana


Hi Darinka,

Thanks so much for your help. My client has a new problem. She says that when she visits certain pages on her site, the “blog” tab disappears and reappears. I don’t understand why, also because for me the site displays perfectly, all the time! It’s very difficult for me to begin analyzing a problem that I can’t see!

Do you know why she is seeing this issue? And why I am not?



I think it’s because she is visiting the site on smaller screen and the menu is too large to fit (that’s why the last element gets lost). You need to adjust it in the media queries. I recommend on line 625 to add:
nav#mainmenu ul li a {padding: 15px 30px 0 30px;}

Hmm, that’s what I thought too. I will try it. Thanks so much!

Hello Darinka.

Thank you again for the beautiful template and it’s features.

I have a question regarding making custom “page templates” for this theme – What’s the best way to go about it?

I want to create landing pages within this theme, I’ve attempted to do this before by using “display: hidden” styling on elements but I want to go further and make page themes that are “landing page” friendly without damaging the main site, etc.

For instance, what file should I start with as a “baseline” for a custom “page theme”? I have created a child theme just so I don’t damage the original one you’ve created.

Any suggestions would be delightful, thanks again.


Hi! I am so sorry I have missed your question!

To create custom page templates, create a file in the main theme folder, for example “landing-template.php”. Open the empty file and add:
Template Name: Landing Page
Then add:
<?php get_header(); ?>
and your custom code after that. Don’t forget the footer at the end! Good luck!


I like your theme.

These are PRE PURCHASE questions :

1- Is there a one clic option in admin area theme setting to custom the height of the menu area (header) or do we have to edit in custom css ? because we want to put a logo here to the right or left in place off “inHarmony” for exemple

2- Is anti spam like captcha feature include in contact page setting ( with Google map nice option setting) or do we have to do that with external plugin ?

3- Can we have Home without slider ?

4- Is light box effect include with setting (on and off on particular image, shortcode) or do we have to get external plugin ?

5- Is Search feature can be more smooth (with a fade effect for ex, and no border) than the little window open ?

6- Is there a Google Analytics tracking code field on the setting ?

7 – Is side bar limited ?

8 – Can we adjust the colors of your theme outside the style include ?

9 – Can we have a sort off sticky menu ( same as all the web site menus) that come when scrolling the pages. Because when scrolling we don’t see the menus, we have to come back at the top.

Thanks for your attention.



1) Yes, the header is of automatic height depending on logo.

2) Contact form 7 is used for my contact page. Use it with Akismet. It’s best.

3) Yes, you just don’t include the slider’s shortcode in the page that is set as your front page.

4) Lightbox is included automatically.

5) With a bit of css or jquery customization, sure.

6) Yes, there is a field in settings for the Google Analytics UX-number.

7) How limited?

8.) There are color pickers to adjust the color scheme to your liking in the Theme Customizer. Choose a color and hit Save!

9) That requires more customization. I would suggest studio.envato.com for that.

Hi, I have installed the theme on http://occcustomsite2.com/

I want following .. 1) Font is too small. Everything should be 50% bigger, including headings and navigation menu.

2) Add consultation request form to the bottom of all pages. I want to use Form 7 + Contact Form DB + Really Simple CAPTCHA plugins. which I already installed ?

could you please mention how I should make such changes ?


Hi! 1) Go to style.css, line 60 (body) and change the font-size to perhaps 1.6em. Note that you might have to change some other things like paddings since the big font might not fit somewhere automatically after such change.

2) Sorry, not really sure about external plugins. Read their documentation to make it work. Good luck!


I decided to upgrade my Wordpress site to the new “multi-site network” version… I noticed several things broke.

The social media icons no longer display themselves. Pagespeed Insights went from 85/100 -> 54/100….

I am assuming it would be best to not install this on a “Wordpress Network” framework. Any advice?


Hi! I am just about to release an update to the theme. It should be up within 1-2 business days. Please test it after you update and let me know if it’s better.

jjcrab Purchased


I am going to buy your theme , however I do have one question. The theme is a responsive them, but I want to turn off the responsive feature.

I want to use a mobile device to browse the website in desktop mode ,does it support?


Hi! You can go to style.css and comments out the whole responsive section (it’s well commented, so you will find it easily). After that, you would open header.php and add this viewport tag to <head>:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=1200">
That should do it!
jjcrab Purchased

Thank very much for your help, Darinka.

jjcrab Purchased


I brought your theme , it is very good. I do have some questions for the theme.

1) I follow your document and copy and paste the feature icon code, but something wrong, please check here: www.workplaytest.com/holeung

2) Can I use my own icon for the fearure icon?

3) Can I add a url to the feature icon? Can I add one more feature icon, so that it will have 7 feature icons

4) I want to add a hyper link to the latest project carousal. In stead of showing the large picture, I want people jump to a web page when they click the picture.

5) How to delete the example widget on the frontpage? I dont need to have any widget on footer.

Thanks in advance.


Hi jjcrab!

1) There is a <br /> element that got added there somehow – maybe while pasting from word. Go to the Text tab instead of Visual on your Edit screen. Remove that tag.

2) You can for sure, choose any of these: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/cheatsheet/ and in the Text tab, change the icon code.

If you want to use something completely different (like another icon set), you can, but it might need adjusting the css so that the icon fits inside the circle. It depends on how large it is.

3) Select the icon and click the hyperlink in the Visual tab.

If you want 7 icons, just copy the feature code and add to the end (before the div clear) in the Text tab. But you also have to go to editor-style.css and change the percentage width that the feature icon takes up from 16.66 to 14.28% on line 72.

4) The carousel is a simple WordPress gallery. In Gallery Settings, you can choose whether to link to the large image (“media file”) or the page for the image (the “attachment page”). Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow custom hyperlinks there. But I think a plugin might help the problem – try https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-gallery-custom-links/ and see if it works!

5) Go to footer.php and remove lines 18-21.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

Hi Darinka!

Super WP newbie here. Looked for mentioned tutorial/documentation, but could not find.

a) Great for beginner? b) Link to docs/tutorial, whatever are they?

No coding/CSS knowledge here yet.

Thanks! Await your kind and prompt reply!



Hi Scarlett!

My theme has a documentation folder once you download and unzip it. There is a how-to pdf inside.

However, there is a slight knowledge of WP and HTML needed. Just a beginner level. If you are a total newbie, it might be a bit of a steep learning curve.

Hi Darinka -

Thank you for the great theme, but I am having an issue with navigation when viewing the site on mobile and tablets.

Mobile – the main menu navigation completely disappears. Tablet – the down arrow for the dropdown arrow does not work, instead you have to touch the actual word “navigation.” If you touch the drop down arrow it actually opens up the search bar.

I hope you can help!

Thanks, Amanda


Hi Amanda! May I get a screenshot and your url to dtyrpak@gmail.com, so I can investigate?


Sure thing! I will send to your email.

Thanks, Amanda


I’m using this them on a website, but I’m having a couple of issues. The main one being that the comments panel isn’t showing up within posts. This is the same for the standard WP comments, and Disqus (I intend to use Disqus).

Also, when I go to “Theme Settings” I just get a blank screen with a save button. However, I can edit the theme sufficiently via the Wordpress editor. I would like to have this working though.



Hi! Sorry for the late answer. Now… do you have the latest update of the theme running? Can I have your admin details to dtyrpak@gmail.com?


Thanks Darinka, I’ve just sent you the details via email.


For Kev and others: the “Theme settings” page is now obsolete. All settings have been moved to “Appearance > Customize”. Your old settings have been saved there.

Hi! When I click the “Post a comment” link on our Blog page and post, there’s no Comment box showing up. I also checked the demo site and it’s not showing up too. Would you please help on how to fix this? Thank you.


Thanks, Darinka! I will then change the content-*.php files since I’ve directly changed the css files of the theme.


Hi Darinka,

In connection with my issue on Comments Box I mentioned two months ago, I have updated our site Skyway Web content-*.php files. However, the Blog page isn’t working properly. Would you please help me to fix the issue?

Thank you!


Please let me know if you need the admin info of our site so I could email you. Thanks!

Hi Darinka, would you know the width or dimensions of this theme (in pixels)? Thank you.


Hi! The theme is responsive, so it has a fluid width, but the widest one is 1220px.

I would like to remove the hierarchy of pages from each page display. That is, the part where it has a trail of pages listed like “Home > Services > Residential”, etc

Where do I go to do this?



In the meantime.. I found the breadcrumbs class and set it to “display:none”. Let me know if this is the proper choice.



Hi! Yes, this would be the way to go about it. Don’t forget to put all your changes into a child theme, that way you won’t lose any after you update the theme to its latest version.

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Hi. Great theme, but how do I make the header text larger where is displays phone number, email address etc?

Hi! Thank you! I am sorry I’m getting back to you this late, I couldn’t answer last week. Usually I try to answer within 24-48 hours. To make the header text larger (or any other css changes), use a child theme. More on that is in the last chapter of the documentation PDF. If you use a child theme for your changes, you can still update the theme to its latest version and not lose those changes. So for this change, add to your style.css:
#address-block { font-size: 1.15em; }
cent1234 Purchased

Hi. How to import demo xml? How to create page like: http://inharmony-wp.designagent.sk/


Hi! All si written in the documentation, step by step. In the description of the item (on the item’s themeforest page) you can find the XML files.

Hi Darinka,

In connection with my issue on Comments Box I mentioned two months ago, I have updated our site Skyway Web content-*.php files. However, the Blog page isn’t working properly. Would you please help me to fix the issue?

Please let me know if you need the admin info of our site so I could email you.

Thank you!