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Hello, I have problems with the menu on smartphones and tablets. It does not look good. No sample menu items.

Can you help?

Solucionado. He vuelto a instalar el theme y funciona.

Good to hear!


I have just purchased your theme and need some help setting it up are you able to give me some help.


I don’t understand how to create a child theme I have read through the documentation but still can’t understand what I need done.

Hi Darinka, I am wanting to know if you can help me out as I am having problems getting the slider on the homepage to work and also with the footer widgets things are working correctly like the demo can you please help me out.

Hi! For the slider, you need to create a slider at Appearance > Sliders. Then create at least 2 slides in Appearance > Slides. Then, on your homepage edit page, add the slider with a button (adds a shortcode). What is the problem with the footer widgets?


I’ve been using your theme for a while and love it.

Just updated one of my sites to the latest version and I can’t see the slider anymore. Quick fix?


The slider issue is in Safari only, and the other thing I am noticing is that social media icons do not show the icon, just a square that, when hovered over, changes color.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi! What is your site’s URL? I’ll take a look!

Hi is it possible to make Portfolio pictures not open as picture, but as a link?

This is a standard WordPress gallery, so when you’re creating or updating a gallery, on the right of the screen you have “Gallery settings” and there you can change the links to the “Media file” or “Attachment page”.

i install WPML, works great, but once the plugin is installed some pages were hidden; Why this is happening ?

Hi! A question – Have you tried disabling the plugin and those pages were visible again? What do those pages have in common?


I am trying to finish a website for a proof of concept but need some help.

Can I email you a few things that I am trying to do as it would be a lot easier for me to email you with a few things instead of writing them all here.


Hello. Sure, contact me via email: dtyrpak@gmail.com

The site is not responding to mobile view. Please help.

Hello! The theme is definitely responsive.Can you send me a screenshot or a clue what resolution and device you see the problem at?

I sent an email to dtyrpak@gmail.com with the url and login credentials. Thank you


hz2014 Purchased

Hi Darinka,

i’m using your inHarmony Theme.Thank’s a lot for this.

I think there are 2 Problems:

1) In header the fa-mobile-phone icon is not aviable. (see your demo http://themeforest.net/item/inharmony-responsive-multipurpose-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/7063129 )

icon-name: “fa-phone” works

2) items in the Main menu unter the search div have no mouseover funktion

look at screenshot: http://iomo.de/temp/no_mouseover_in_menue_under-search-div.png

best greetinx



hz2014 Purchased

Hi Darinka,

would you please answer me.

Thank you.

Hi! Yes. In js/scripts.js, change the searchbox lines 56-62 to:
$('#sitesearch i').mouseenter(function() {
            $('#search-box').show().animate({'opacity': 1}, 200);
        $('#search-box').mouseleave(function() {
            $('#search-box').animate({'opacity': 0}, 200).hide();
and in style.css, add:
#searchbox { display: none; }

hz2014 Purchased

That works. Thank you.

Hi Darinka, can you help me with hyperlink on foreground image so i can make a better CTA on Home page slider. Did not succeed with class-cycle and post-types edit. Thank you!

class-cycle.php is the file. You wrap the img with a hard-coded link, so you have (line 43):
$output .= '<a href="LINK"><img class="slide-image" src="' . get_post_meta( $slide['id'], 'slider_foreground_image', true ) . '" alt="" /></a>';
Don’t forget to replace the file and flush cache!

Thx. What do I need to add in post-types.php, so i can choose a hyperlink to each foreground picture, lets say I have 5 slides, each of them need it’s own link for better CTA.

Hi, well, you’d need to create a new field, make sure it’s saved and all and that is a bit more complicated. I’d recommend studio.envato.com for such code customizations. You can try yourself, but make sure to backup the files before you do that. Good luck!


hz2014 Purchased

Hi Darinka, How do I change the Default Template for “New Page” ? The Default Template for New Page should be “One Column Template”. Thanks and Greetinx Holger

Hi Holger! In functions.php, change lines 20-27 to:
                '1c'  => __( 'One Column', 'inharmony' ), 
                '2c-l'  => __( 'Two Columns, Sidebar Right', 'inharmony' ),  
                '2c-r'  => __( 'Two Columns, Sidebar Left', 'inharmony' )),
        array( 'default' => '1c', 'customize' => false ) 

Basically nothing changes, just the ‘default’ part.


hz2014 Purchased

It works. thnx! Holger

Hi Darinka! Could you please take a look at my site? www.gotech.no Something very weird is happening, all of my fa4 are gone. PLEASE!!

it’s installed and activated. After I used JavaScript to Footer plugin, it removed search bar, and all fa4 icons…. then I uninstalled the plugin, and restored to later backup. Still have this problem. WordPress Visual Icon Fonts is the only thing that is not working.

You can do this (in theme-functions/inharmony.php, line 121). Change the whole line (the fontawesome line) to:
wp_enqueue_style( 'inharmony-fontawesome', 'https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css' );
You now don’t need that plugin anymore.

Thank you, it worked perfect! You are the best! :D

Hello! Is there a way to fill in the alt attributes of the slider images? On my website as well as in your live preview the background images alt tags of the slider are empty (alt=”“). Thank you very much in advance.

Hello! Yep, you have to open the php file of inharmony-slider plugin:
plugins/inharmony-slider/inc/class-cycle.php and on line 43 and 45 fill in the alt attribute.

This works, thanks a lot! Would it also be possible to automatically fill the alt-attributes in the slider with the alt-attributes of the media library?

Hello! Great theme.. I am having an issue though with the social media links not having images. Not sure why? http://www.januarygroup.com/test/cheney/a/


demo website is not working. shop is not working. is the purchased version buggy and not working?

Thanks for the catch! It’s working now!

Hi There!

I would like to change the font for the entire website.

Where can I do that?



Great theme, thanks for that!

Can you help me where to paste the analytics code?


Hi! How can I make the slider faster?

Hi! In plugins/inharmony-slider/js/slider.js, change speed and timeout.

I might be just looking right at it, but I cannot find the Styles drop down if my life depended on it. I added all of the plugins that were indicated in the PDF, and I am not sure if it was in one of those, but it is just not an option for me to use. Help please!

OK so I have a few questions:

1. On the mobile view of my website, the company logo gets cut off at the top. How can I adjust this to get it fixed?

2. On my Request A Quote page, for selecting a date, on the mobile view, a calendar pops up and you can select a date that way. But that does not happen on the desktop version … what can I do to fix this?

3. Can I make the widget calendar in the sidebar interactive? Like so that you can look at different months, or does it have to be static?

My site is: http://roysstowtravel.com/dev

Hi oarbogast!

1. In style.css, look up line 733 (in the section of 740px media query) and add:
#logo { height: 200px; }

2. This works for me on desktop too. I clicked on the black arrow in the right corner of that select box and the calendar pops up.

3. This is a native calendar widget that is shipped with WordPress. I can’t change its functions. But you can install another widget that might suit your needs better. Look here and I’m sure you’ll find what you need: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/calendar-widget