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Nice and clean business work, GLWS! :)

Thank you so much!

Wish you a lot of sales ; looks fantastic.
Kind Regards

Thank you! :)

Cool!Best of luck :)

Thank you!

Looks awesome! glws

Thanks a lot!

Beautiful design! Have you tried with Visual Composer? I’m wondering if there’s any conflict.

Thank you! No, I haven’t. This kind of a theme with its simplicity does not need any composer I think. You just open a page and write.

Hi – what do you mean by “unlimited colors”? I’m looking for a slightly darker blueish color. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi – what do you mean by “unlimited colors”? I’m looking for a slightly darker blueish color. Please let me know. Thanks. (sorry – pls reply to this)

Hi! It means you will choose 5 colors (any colors, with colorpicker) and they will be used across site (for menu, footer, links, etc.). You will kind of create your own color scheme.

GLWS Darinka :)

Nice work :)

Thank you! :)


Really nice and clean theme. How do I change a page to left sidebar?

Hi! Sorry for the weekend delay in my answer, I was away. For each page or post, you can specify the layout below right in the Layout box. If you mean the blog page, open the inharmony.php file in the theme-functions folder (line 42 and 44) and change ‘2c-l’ to ‘2c-r’

I like this, at first I thought it may work as a parenting theme, but it’s more aligned towards business, do you offer customization?

Hi! Drop me an email to dtyrpak@gmail.com.

You do not know enough to have an xml file to me? I have a site master demo.

Hi! I’m sorry, I am not sure I understand what you need. If it’s a demo xml file you’re looking for, download it at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0xzKZDcY-BpRURUY1RlSEFLaVE/edit?usp=sharing

Hi Darinka Can I get the the demo content to use as a guide to look like the live preview that you have? Please advise asap. Thank you

Hi! Sorry for the delay, I was away for the weekend. Download the demo xml at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0xzKZDcY-BpRURUY1RlSEFLaVE/edit?usp=sharing

Hello Darinka, Good day,

First of all applause for a nice theme. loved it. I am wishing to buy this. But my client has a comment, they want the background color to be black and white writing. Is it possible? and also can i change button colors of my choice? Please let me know asap.


You can change the background to whatever you want. There are predefined patterns! There is a section for color schemes (including the default color of buttons). There are even many more colorful buttons in the WYSIWYG editor! Everything is well-described in the documentation.

does it have a special editor? like visual composer or drag&drop features? or a default one? Please let me know before i buy it.

Hi! No visual composer or drag&drop, it is the default WYSIWYG editor, so you create content just like you would in Word. There is no need for these complex features, everything is really easy here, using the built-in functionality of WordPress.

Hi, I am working on a client’s website, I wanted to know…. How to remove the “Recent News” section from the hoe page?

Hi, I am working on a client’s website, I wanted to know…. How to remove the “Recent News” section from the home page?

Hi, open the content-page.php file and remove lines 20-45

Why is the demo content not included with the theme like every other theme you buy from here? I’ve obviously found it now via the comments above. But should really be included with both the theme files and in the documentation.

Great looking theme though!

Yes, you’re right, going to include it into the next update!

Awesome. I just installed the theme with all the demo content and it looks awesome. Really great job!!

Great, let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Hi! You have made a great theme! thanks! I have applied successfully. Only one thing from my client, we are Spanish speakers, is there some way in which I can change the language of some elements? for example the “Recent News” -> “Artículos Recientes” y “Read all post” -> “Leer todos los articulos” in the recent news carousel? I hope it is possible. Thanks in advance, and cheers again for your great theme

Hi! First, install the Poedit (www.poedit.net) program.

There is a language folder with the file that has all these phrases in. Open it and translate, save as es_ES.po (es_ES.mo will be created automatically).

Now go to the root and open the wp-config.php, where you add this: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘es-ES’);

Don’t forget to upload your created language files to the language folder of the theme and you’re done!

Let me know how it goes!


First of all, AMAZING template i am using it to create my personal website. I did have a question about the right sidebar. I am trying to include a video on the right sidebar but it is too thin. Is there a way to make the right sidebar a little wider?

Hi! Go to style.css and change the widths on line 99 and 100 (change #content to 72% and #sidebar to 24% for example)


when i have installed the theme, i have followed the documentation to add the slider, when i have added the content and inserted the slider shortcode to the page it shows me the surrounding slider container on the website but not the content i have added. can you help please?


Hi, i have sent you these details to the site via email. Thanks.

i had the same problem as Technique_Web – saw his second post and tried it myself – if you add another slide it works – i only had one slide added – ISSUE SOLVED

Great, happy to hear it! :)

Hi, I just bought your theme. Thank you it is very nice. But appartenly there is a problem. The screen play is different when you view the theme with FF runing with MAC and FF runing with PC. Name of the site appears in two lines on FF PC and on one with FF MAC Also, more pages appear on MAC than on PC. Can you help me with that ? Thanks in advance, Florie-Anne

Hi! Did you set it up on your site? Can you send me a link or screenshots so I can investigate? dtyrpak@gmail.com

Hi Darinka. I send you an email a couple of days ago about the issue of the menu that appears different on MAC and PC screens. Have you received it well ? I haven’t received any reply from you. Thanks in advance for your response to come.

Hi! I replied to your email address, asking you for screenshots. Please send me the one the problem appears on (or both, if possible). Thank you!