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Very nice theme! ;)

Thx @louiejie appreciate your support bud!

Nice theme, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you!

Its a nice clean theme. I just wanted to know that whwther the theme is buddypress compatible.

I want to create a blog where- 1)the home page shows an itro about my blog, a login and register links/buttons. 2) Anyone can post without login or register and if wants, then can create one’s account and set it as needed. 3) The blog would contain blogs on various topics. 4) all major permissions should be with the amin, if needed can delete any spam post or anyones account and send a mail to them.

There should be no reason why it’s not compatible. Most of what you are wanting is just your own content. WordPress admin by default can do anything.


I Have recently Just purchased your theme, love it exactly what I’m after, the only issue I have is with the image scaling with the responsive design.

Desktop: Iphone portrait: Iphone Landscape:

I would like all my images to be shown fully like they are on the desktop and not cropped like they are on the phone.

How would i go about doing this?

Thanks LB

Your image is 3264×2448, the image isn’t meant to crop, it’s meant to cover. Our image is 1400×899 so our image covers the entire area on all sizes. I would try resizing your image to 1400×899, that will get you exactly what we have on the live preview, not to mention, loading image sizes that big will make your site look very slow to users (if their internet connection isn’t brilliant)

Hi there -

I really like this a lot! Have been following this and your “Swiss” screenshots/updates for a new “ink” heavy writing project with an email newsletter – do you expect the other theme/email template to be released this month as well? (trying to decide between screenshots of that one – and a live example of this one that I love – both look great – but I can wait a week or two if need be as well :-)

Thanks – love your style!

Hi and first thanks for following me on – it’s great that you are enjoying the updates and have an interest in both of the new items :)

In all honesty I’m still tweaking away at the design of Swiss so we haven’t started coding yet – which means we are looking at probably the middle of next month before that hits the marketplace.

Let me know if you have any further questions and again thanks for your interest.


Freaking amazing. LOL!!! “Hi, does your theme contain 500 google fonts, page builder drag and drop and 3 different sliders. Nope it does not.” That was awesome!

Curious if its possible to show the actual menu links for desktop only?


Hey @CrucialCounty thanks for the comment – I appreciate you appreciating my description ;)

I’m not entirely sure however what you mean by showing the desktop links? Did you mean show the menu open on desktop or an alt. menu for desktop – the reason I wanted a universal appearance (same on desktop / tablet and phone) was to improve the viewers experience (it’s all the same regardless of device = no different flow to using the site).

If I got that wrong then just let me know ;)



As plenty folks that are 40 plus would not be able to find the Menu or Social Share icons. Can the both of those items be set to appear in their expanded state by default?

:) Well I’m 40 plus. No – not without changing the whole functionality of the js.

:) thanks very much!

Just bought the theme but I must say that I am a bit confused. The options and possibility to adapt the theme seems to be extremely limited unless starting to programming my own CSS. For instance, could you let me know where I (easily) can change the font and size of the main title that shows up as on overlay on the image with the “read more” button below. I assumed that since the theme where very minimalistic that the admin part would be just as easy, but not this minimalistic. Thank you in advance.

Hi, we show screenshots of the admin and we can’t offer font size changes and colors for every single heading, title, font p tags, and everything else in your admin otherwise you would have a 10 page admin panel that no one would ever want to use :)

Again changing a size and color is 1 minute job.

As for refunds, you will need to contact Envato as they are the seller but according to their terms and conditions you agreed to, refunds are only eligible if the product is broken or not what is advertised – but you can always try.

If you would like to open a ticket at the support center (as this is a comment area and not support) I can tell you the exact line number if you show me a screen shot of the heading in question – heck if you give me your WP admin login I can even do it for you by editing in WordPress editor to the style sheet – just tell me the font size and color ref.

Many thanks


Thanks Jonathan, for an excellent response time and support. Although I must gracefully decline. I went in to the CSS and changed the CSS font sizing. Basically not a problem. But I did a couple of checks and when trying to remove social icons (leaving fields blank) i continuously got an interface bug where the pull down menu fields were kept from rendering and looked rather broke. Then when reloading the page, all social icons had been added automatically without me doing so. Also, when looking at it from an Iphone 4 the scaling of text (I’m unfortunately using 5 words in the title) expanded outside the background and words were cut on the mobile interface making it look rather bad. My main issue is that any real changes to the theme requires to much effort and I still have to work around interface issues after that. It might be that I’m working in Swedish and the “words” require more space but the issue remains the same, too much work to get a simple one pager to work here. Thanks again and all the best but I will have to continue to look for a more easy to use theme.

No problem! Good luck with your hunt I’m here if you decide to try again as all your issues you report sound like simple fixes tbh – iphone 4 has it’s own media query just drop the font size a notch.

Social icons looks like maybe you did our import as leaving blank should make blank? Just tested here and no issues. I can add and save and see – I can remove and save and gone.

Anyways, as I said I’m here if you decide to keep with this theme and I am always willing to help!


Lovely theme! Would be nice if the theme has better support for list.

Now live! Go grab the download from your downloads tab and replace the style.css only. Many thanks!


Fast and great support. Love it!

:) Thanks!

Hi Jonathan I have deployed the theme on my blog ( Whilst, I am still in midst of augmenting the blog I have realised that the theme navigation doesn’t work. The Menu link works, however Search and Recent posts link do not work. Can you please help?

Hi but did you follow the directions in full for your setup? Basically did you set up your widgets for those menu items to actually have your recent posts and a search box as outlined in your setup. This is part of WordPress – widget areas using default WordPress widgets.


I have followed everything religiously but still the same. Also There is a typo on page 4 bullet 7 (Fitness-WP instead of INK-WP):).

Hi = please open a ticket at and I can give you a screen shot of the WP default widgets we’ve used.


Looks great! Can I somehow do the theme to be more like a “gallery” page than blog. I mean that you can go to gallery from index page. And I would also like to take away all “post” words away from the links.

Hi – you can add the post format ‘gallery’ to the menu as a menu item and only those posts will show. As for the post from the links, have you set your permalinks?

A short note…

First, the theme is very nice, one of the best I’ve found so far. So thank you!

Next, one issue: In order to achieve the same look as the home screen of the Demo, your customers need to modify index.php to call up featured_image instead of featured_image2

I just thought I’d mention this for those of you who want to achieve the large background size (min height 1115px) as shown on the demo site. Currently the index.php calls up featured_image2 whose height is less (650px).

Other than that, great theme! Thank you!

Hi and thanks for the purchase and kind words, however, there is absolutely no need to alter a thing to get anything to work, I believe what you are looking at is the blog index which is meant to be 650px high.

The home page is a specific template you are supposed to use for the home, sounds like you didn’t – this uses the background cover of 1115px – it would of been a really silly move for us to of released a broken theme :)

Just make sure you create a home page and choose the home page template – Also if you ever come across anything confusing in the future please open a ticket at support as per your documentation, that way we can help you work things out.


In the theme preview the post overlay fore the title is an semi-transparent opaque background. The one if the downloaded theme is a light blue semitransparent background.

Also in the theme preview the behaviour scrolling down in a post is the title fading and a parallax effect. the one in the downloaded them doesn’t fade and is static.

preview: vs. installed theme:

Why is there a discrepancy?

That’s because what you see in the demo wasn’t the same as your download :)

You beat the review queue basically – if you could contact me via my profile page please and I can supply the new files direct to you or supply me with your ftp info and I can do it for you – sorry about that but I guess you will get the update earlier than anyone :)


Hello, this is a great theme, i want to ask if the portfolio page support video and audio post. Thanks

Hi and thanks for the kind comments. Not in the same way you see them on the blog posts. If you would want a quote for that you would need to go to the support center

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your amazing template “INK”. I am a spanish blogger who has recently bought and I´m very happy with it. However, I have several queries that I would like to, because I have some questions about its use: Mi blog: When you click in link, the last post published appears (name: “ZAZ”), but if you scroll down you can see another post “La magia de las islas remotas”, but in a different format (where photos and “Zaz” type formatting is lost post), different designation that I like and that appears at this link better . How could I change it to come out as the article “ZAZ”. Thank you very much and best regards. Angel

Hi thank you so much for the purchase and your kind words – I’m really not sure what you are asking I’m sorry. Please take a look at the olive preview and see how the theme works, then also make sure to read the documentation. You should be using the read more tag to shorten your index page article length (this is not a theme thing, it’s a WordPress default) this will reduce the amount shown on the index page – images are not scaled so either choose a different image or scale prior to uploading etc – it’s just a matter of how you use the theme to your advantage.

We accept support tickets only at the support center listed in your documentation, the live preview page, the support tab and also my profile page – here’s another link for you:


Nice theme Jonathan! It’s super clean and beautiful my friend!

- Darren

p.s. I loving that coffee cup video. May I ask where I could get that? :-)

Thanks so much Darren – yes it’s from the wonderful website :)

You’re most welcome! And thank you. Oh no, another great site for me to get addicted over ;)