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Dear friend

Please, let me know how do I add the “Latest from blog” section on homepage (bottom), as seen at http://digitalcavalry.com/themeforest/live/wp/innovationscience2/. which is different from the “Homepage recent posts (small thumbs)” at the top.


Hello, this can be enable in subsection Innovation > Home > Homepage posts main stream. Here option “Display homepage posts main stream” must be selected and you can setup this section with various options. Then you must click on Save button available at the bottom of this subsection.

Hi there Having a problem testing out Innovation and Science. Every time I change a setting on the menu, it gets wiped out after I save it. I’m on a Mac tried Chrome and Safari.

Also, can’t get anything to show on the homepage, but that could be the same problem, settings not saving when I save them.

Would really appreciate some help, this looks like a great theme..


Hello, the page should refresh with new settings after you change and click on the “Apply Changes” button. I am not sure about this because I can’t test in on Mac. Works fine for me in Chrome and in Safari. Maybe it was some temporary problem on your side, because I think you are the first that writes about this. Maybe can you check it on some other computer?

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Hi again.

Is there a way to hide all tags, either on the homepage or on the entire theme? Let me know ASAP if you can.


Hello, for this you will need to make a modification in the code. I think the easiest way would be by making simple change in the common.css file. Here you can search for these two classes:

.blog-post .post-tags
.blog-post-medium .post-tags

- and just add display:none; property for them.

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It worked! Thanks!

Thanks for the great theme, really love it, so customizable, but i have a couple of question i would like answering if possible.

1. I have made a page called ‘Contact Info’ and assigned the contact template to it. I have added some text to the page but when previewing it I am only seeing the form boxes and not any text that should appear above it, can you point me in the right direction as to what I might have to set to enable this?

2. On your demo you have a side bar and a bottom bar, how do you get the bottom bar? I have tried creating another sidebar, but it just duplicates the side bar with the same content and it does not go across the bottom of the website.

3. How do you create the Tag and page map pages that are on your demo.

Sorry for all the questions, but it saves typing three separate questions out..



Thanks for answering 2 and 3, great help, but for 1 I have got a problem, I have saved the page, I have loads of text in the contact page saved, but all i get is the contact form when i view the page, none of the text! It must be something i have done but been going round in circles for ages now!


As for the 1, you can try to create a completely new page with “Contact” page template and put some text in the editor, also go to Contact page template options in Custom Page Settings – here add some email and select Save settings for this page. Then publish the page and see it the problem still exists, maybe for this new page it will work.

If this won’t help, maybe you can send us access to your WP admin (using contact form in our TF profile) and I will take a look on this.


Tried this and it didnt work, Sent you an e-mail, Thanks…

Bugger forgot one…. sorry for this..

Tour Pages! Love them, but I have a small problem that i could do with a workaround for… It’s the slide names! is there a way to have a real title and a published title? The reason for this is because i have made up three now that i am using for an expedition diary, the problem is that if I name them Day 1, Day 2, etc… they look good on the page, but the problem is if I have another expition diary to do a Tour Page for, and I want to have the same page tiles of Day 1, Day 2, etc I now have a problem.. I will use dates for the monent, but it would be useful if there was a way to see them in the admin page with long names, but then the pages use the short name for the viewable page???

Thanks again,



Hello, no, if you mean the titles in the tour menu, it is not possible. It would be possible only with some additional modification in the code by adding special options.


Ok, thanks for the help anyway, maybe in version 3.0 (subtle hint, he he)

How does one setup the theme as it appears in the Live Preview? Do you provide the demo content, like other authors do? If so, where? If not, would you please send? I would like to use the theme – but its fairly complex….....


Hello, the sample file for IS2 is not available in the ZIP . I can send you an xml sample file from the demo with all the posts and pages (for this you can send us an email using contact form in our Theme Forest profile), but you will still have to configure the theme settings.

Also, if you will have problem with recreating some part of the demo live preview site, let us know and we should be able to help you.

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But I get the whole text, not only an excerpt, as in the live demo..


To have a short excerpt on blog page or homepage, you must use More Tag or Excerpt field for posts – to define an excerpt text.

If you want to use “Excerpt” field, check if it is selected at the top in “Screen Options” and you should find it below Custom Post Settings.

More tag must be inserted in the editor – in the place where you want to end the excerpt that will be visible in post preview (on Blog page, Blog stream, archives…). You can insert more tag manually or using “more” tag button from the top menu in the editor.

Tour Pages – I have setup a test and noticed a strange thing happening, please check out this link:


If I add a simple gallery to the first page i looks normal, but if i add the [dcs_chain_gallery id="11" w="550" h="270" tw="50" th="50" number="6" random="true" title="true" /]

It slides the tour pages, if i use a normal gallery shortcode it seems OK, but it doesnt link the chain slider, and i have tried this with both slide and fade transitions, both have the same effect.

What I would really love, is the ability to add the same type of gallery images that you get with a Photo News Page, see attached page.


Is this possible? and if not, how do i fix the problem that i have?

Thanks again.



It is not possible to use Chain Slider in Tour pages. I think there is some code conflict, because it is a slider placed inside a slider and it was not designed for this kind of use.


Thought as much and it makes sence now that you have said it…

Is there a way to get the images from a NextGEN gally to display like they do at the bottom of the following link on a TourPage?


If you mean the Gallery page template display – like the images at the bottom of the page from your link – this is not possible (only with some coding). You can still have a gallery in Tour slides by using the NGG shortcodes available in IS2 theme, like in the fourth tour slide on this example page:


Does anyone know of a social media sharing plugin that has support for custom post types? Anything I try to use (Shareaholic, Sociable, etc) ends up in all the custom post types like tour pages, homepage tabs, etc, and looks pretty bad.

I’ve tried adding them to the theme manually, but am having trouble with placement on some of the templates.

Any ideas?


Hello, some type of pages like Homepage Tabs were not designed for this kind of functionality – these pages are used only for a sub-content on homepage. However if you need this for your site, I think it should be possible to do manually with some modification, but I don’t have a ready solution.

Having 2 issues with the theme.

1. http://kellysrestaurant.com/galleries/?isp_gall=0

No Thumbnails. I tried to download the most current thumb.php version and replaced and cleared the cache but is not working. I also set permissions to 777 to the cache folder and it is not working. Next Gen Plugin.

2. The bigger issue. http://kellysrestaurant.com/events/month/

When you click on the event the event content does not show the event content and also shows the server date. Using “The Events Calendar” plugin.



Announcement Bar ?

How did you get the ‘Text Widget’, ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Custom Menu’, ‘Selected Links’ and ‘NGG Images’ to appear in the Announcement bar?



Announcement Bar is the bottom bar that can be sued to display some additional information, text or just an image banner at the bottom of the site. It is visible on our Live Preview site all the time as the bottom dark bar with IS2 logo and buttons But it Now! and DC.

I think you mean the Widgetized Footer part on Footer – this feature you can setup in section Innovation > General > Footer. Here you select “Show widgets” option and you can select up to 6 sidebars. First of course you must create some sidebar in Innovation > General > Sidebar section and in Appearance > Widgets you can place widgets on these sidebars.

hello , is there any template to import into wordpress and change it after, like xml? it will be very helpfull beacause I cant add anything into mainpage except main menu.



As for the sample file with posts and pages I can send you the file on email – for this you can contact us via email using contact form in our Theme Forest profile. But you will still have to setup some settings in Innovation CMS panel to display Homepage content.

Also, in regards to the Homepage, did you created a page with Homepage template and set it as “A Static Page: Front Page” in Settings > Reading? After this you can setup the Homepage in Innovation CMS panel. You will find a bit more about this in the User Guide file in part 2.1.

This should help, but if you will still have any problem with recreating some part of our Live preview demo site let us know and I should be able to help you a bit more.

This is starting to seem a little needlessly complicated :/

Just downloaded and installed the theme and it seems the wordpress menu feature isn’t compatible with the theme so I’ve got to use the themes menu settings?

Setting up a sidebar that’s visible site-wide seems impossible? I’ve set a sidebar to appear on single posts but can’t seem it get it visible for the homepage for a static page.

Any ideas?


Hello, yes, for the main navigation IS2 menu system must be used. The WordPress menus can be used to create top additional menu or sidebar menu.

The site-wide sidebar can be set only on Widgetized footer at the bottom, you can’t add this kind of sidebar in page content if this is what you ask.

As for a sidebar for Homepage, you can set an individual sidebar for this page in Custom Page Settings. First you create some sidebar in Innovation > General > Sidebar section, then add some widgets in Appearance > Widgets to this sidebar. After this in Pages section select to edit your page with Homepage template and in Custom Page Settings you can select a sidebar for this page.

In Innovation > General > Sidebars you can set a default sidebar displayed on all pages with no individual sidebar selected etc. You can also check if you selected you page with “Homepage” template as “A Static Page: Front Page” in Settings > Reading section.


I have to manually select a sidebar for every new page I create?

The only way I can get my homepage to work is by setting it to a static page?

Another problem I have is my homepage is just empty. I have made test blog posts and tried enabling all homepage settings in Innovation > Home…. but still nothing is working.

Site: thehollywoodpalladium.com

If I can’t get this working by tomorrow I’m requesting a refund. I’ve never found a wordpress template to be this user unfriendly.


I see some posts on your homepage – looks like the Home options are working but maybe something is not set properly. I see the link to post is not working – I am not sure why, but maybe its not a fresh WP installation and this can by fixed just by going into Settings > Permalinks section and clicking on Save Changes button.

Also, if it is not a fresh WP installation and/or you use some non IS2 plugins, you should also check if the plugins are working good with IS2 theme – some problems might be caused by non IS2 plugins.

As for posts, when you edit a post right below the editor you will find Custom Posts Settings section which allow you for example to add post main image that will be later displayed as a thumb on homepage or blog page.


Yes, you must create a page with Homepage template first and then select it for “A Static Page: Front Page” option in Settings > Reading. After this you can start to configure your homepage in Innovation CMS section, like for example choose sidebar in Innovation > General, configure this sidebar in the selected sidebar manager section, and use options from Innovation > Home.

If you for example want to display standard blog posts from “Posts” section, you go to Innovation > Home and in subsection titled as Homepage posts main stream – select option “Display homepage posts main stream”. If you want, you can then use also other options from this subsection like for example select categories of posts by category ID or set some specific layout for this stream of posts.

In Innovation > Home you will find also more options to display posts in other forms – as blog post thumbs and recent posts (small thumbs).


You will find more details about how to start in the User Guide PDF file in part:

2.1. How to start working with I+S2 theme after installation – basic and important tips.

Apologies I had not read the User Guide ;)

I’m slowly getting the hang of this template.

One final question. You’ll see I’ve added a events plugin which adds posts as a custom type “event”. How can I edit the theme so all custom types appear on the homepage listings?

I’ve tried this in functions.php but it has not worked:

add_filter( 'pre_get_posts', 'my_get_posts' );

function my_get_posts( $query ) {

    if ( is_home() && $query->is_main_query() )
        $query->set( 'post_type', array( 'post', 'event' ) );

    return $query;

Hello, for this some modification in the code is needed but we don’t have a ready solution. I can’t help you more with this, because this needs some development and research, but it is possible. You need to add code that will query from database your “event” type posts, will process it and display on homepage template (for homepage display code will have to be added to homepage.php). This can be some single function or more advanced object. You can try find some code on codex WordPress pages, maybe there is some ready solution or some tips for this.

Your code from the comment just return database query, not HTML code.

Hi there, I messaged with a problem last week about things dissapearing, this is still happening. Often if I save a section after working on it, for example the menu section all of the options go blank and this is mirrored on the front end. Usually it then comes back after a while, but I can’t explain why. I’m on a mac but this happens on all browsers. Firefox seems to work best. This is an issue it would be great to get some feedback on but I can live with it for now as I usually get it working eventually!

I also have a couple of other questions if that is OK:

1. I know this is simple but I want a menu item that just says blog and takes people to the blog stream of recent posts but I can’t work out how to do this after reading documentation, could you break it down for me?

2. I’m showing Homepage Blogpost Thumbs on my homepage, but to get the thumbs working I had to add a post main image on the individual post. Is that essential? Because I don’t really want to have to edit all my old posts if not necessary… Would there be a way to tell it not to display the featured image at all at the top of blog posts?

3. Also I can get a ‘more’ tag to work but not an excerpt can you say why that might be? Because again it will mean editing all my old posts again with more tags which an excerpt would be preferable…

Thanks a lot!

By the way have been testing this at a friends house but just bought a copy here through the site for myself, I’m convinced it will work out for me just having a few teething problems…


Hello, I don’t see a Purchased ribbon at your comment. Please contact us from account that was used to purchase our theme.

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Hi there, Not sure why I don’t have a purchased ribbon but it was this account, can I email you my confirmation or something? T


Hi, it must have been some bug, but I see it now, thanks. Now I hope I can help a bit.

I am not sure about the problem you mentioned at the start. We didn’t get any reports about this kind of problem. Maybe it is something related to your server or WP installation. It looks weird based on your description, but you can also test it some fresh WP installation and check how the options in menu work. Or even make a test on some other host or localhost installation if possible, just to see how it works on your Mac.

Before I go to the next questions, make sure you have a page with “Homepage” template and it must be selected for option “A Static Page: Front Page” in Settings > Reading section. You don’t select any page for Posts Page here.

1. For this you create a page with “Blog” page template named as “Blog” – you can set also some options for this page in Custom Page Settings (in this case remember to select option “Save settings for this page” in section Blog template if options from this section are used). Then you must have some posts created to display on this blog page. After this go to Innovation > Menu and just add an item with a page link – select for page link your Blog page and make sure option Use is selected for page link column – click on Save button for this new item.

2. As for the posts main image, yes it is necessary to add a main image for posts if you want to display a thumbnail or main image. At this moment you must have a main image for small and medium posts layouts (smaller thumbnail layouts). If you want to display posts with no images you can select Big layout option for posts stream – this option is available in Innovation > Home > Homepage posts main stream – here you can select option “Big” for “Force posts layout…” option and you should have your posts without an image displayed properly.

3. I just checked this and both – more tag and/or excerpt options – work fine for posts. Do you have the latest version of IS2 theme installed?

Hi there,

I´ve just updated to Wordpress 3.5, and lightbulb icon has disappeared from post editing page :-(

Any update soon?

Best regards


Hello, yes, thanks for the information, for this Lightbulb icon a small change is needed in the code because of the WP 3.5 update. We already found a solution for this and an update with this fix should be ready soon.

If you don’t want to wait for the update, which will take a few days, I can send you a simple instruction for this right away on email. For email contact please use contact form in our Theme Forest profile and I will send you back a solution.

If you can remember I was (and still am) having a problem getting the ‘Contact’ page top load with the additional text that I have entered on the page, i just get the form!

Well I have just noticed a rather larger bug!

ALL of the photo news links on the main page do not load at all, all I get is 404, any ideas???


This is the only server that I have and if it means that i will loose all the data which has taken months to create and format, then this is going to put me back months if I have to delete wordpress and re-install from scratch. I have tried a test using a clients wordpress and trying to transfer information between the two using WP Backup, but this does not work. Any other suggestions?????

The only thing i was thinking of doing is: What would happen if I renamed all of the present directorys on the webserver and just place an ’_’ infront of each directory and file in the root of the webserver, this would enable me to create a new site, the only problem here is that I will not be able to see the old pages and transfer then, I am not sure what this will prove as I know that the site and the theme works from scratch, the problem is that when you start to populate the theme with information it then does not work, the problem being that I cannot see why it does not work and the only available method to test this is to stop and deactivate all plugins (which i have done on many occasions), try and create new pages (again I have done on many occasions), my worry here is that i will end up having to ditch this site and all its data, completely wipe and start from fresh, spend another 2 or so months building the site back up only to find that for some reason the error re-occurs and I have then waisted another two months and your suggestion again is to wipe it and try again without really knowing what is causing this issue to occur, I would like to hope it is a plugin causing this issue, but as I have deactivated ALL plugins and tested again and again, and it still fails to respond as it once did, I would think that it is not an issue caused by any of the plugins, the only thing i can think of is that the database has become corrupt somehow, and where-ever the information on where the page links are stored in the database is kept is incorrect, but I have not found a way to look at this information yet and where it would be to see if this is the cause, and if this was the case, then why would it only affect the ‘Photo News’ pages! starting to loose all hope here, and it seems I am running out of choices.


GOT IT !!!!!!!

Thanks for the help, it did kind of help in that it pointed me at the information that was wrong.

What I found was, in the sites xml file which I had exported from Wordpress as per your suggestion, I noticed a few weird things in the directory paths, in that after the /wp-content/ for all of the Photo News entries instead of what was expected i got this /wp-content// !!

I took out these incorrect entries (/) as I noticed that they did not appear on any of the other links, re saved the XML file and then removed all of the Photo News pages from my site and also from Trash, then re-imported the XML file which ignores (thankfully as I was a little worried) all of the same files, but thankfully replaced all of the Photo News pages that I had deleted, but this time the Links on the home page work!!! Yippee!!

The only issue is that it has lost the links to the galleries and the title images, but I don’t mind spending an hour or two replacing these, its better than the months i was looking at replacing the whole lot!!!

Thanks again for the great support, although indirectly, we got there in the end!

PS. Still the best Wordpress Theme out there, even after my hassles!


Wow, great you found some solution for this, thanks for the information. Maybe it was something caused by the redirection, but hard to say.

Me too: I´ve just updated to Wordpress 3.5, and lightbulb icon has disappeared from post editing page.

Can you send me a quick method to resolve this situation?

Thx Laslo from Hungary

P.S. I love your themes very much. You are the best!


Thank you! I just sent you an email with the solution.


Thank you. It works perfectly.

I have another small issue regarding a strange dot that is appearing when i have placed a shortcode in for WPDM (Wordpress Download Manager Pro), I have asked advise on there site and been told to make a small change to the CSS of the site!

There suggestion is: the dot is coming from your theme css. in theme style.css file add the following line:


I have checked the CSS directory under the theme and presume that he means ‘common.css’ but i am not too sure so asking advice before I think about editing this, also afer doing a search for ‘list-style’ i see that this file has loads of entries, so can you point me in the right direction as to where I need to place this line of text?


Hello, for this modification you need to edit this in the common.css file, but I am not sure if this a default ul list and if you want to just remove the dots or change something?

If you want for example just remove the dots from default ul list, you will have to add this code in common.css file:

ul {
list-style-type: none;

If this wont help, maybe you can write a bit more about what kind of modification you need and send us a link to this list display.


The problem is that if enter a shortcode for Wordpress Download Manager Pro into a page that uses this templatye:

<!-- WPDM Link Template: Bootstrap Thumbnail 2 --> <li class="span4" style="margin: 7px;"> <div class="thumbnail"> <a href="[page_url]"> [thumb_300x200] </a> <div class="caption"> <h4 class="media-heading" style="padding: 0px;margin:0px">[page_link]</h4> <p>[excerpt_100]<br /> [file_size] | [download_count] downloads</p> [download_link] </div> </div> </li>

I get a bullet point appear either in front of the box around the download link or inside of the download link, to get rid of this ‘dot’ i need to use this line of code:


But I do not know where I need to place it!


I think you can just put it inside common.css file or in CSS file that comes with the plugin – if some file comes with this plugin.