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what does “soon” mean to you Digital ?

It has been almost a year…that is not soon to anyone

28 days ago you said soon..it is still soon.will it be soon in 28 more days?.what does soon mean

is it like “what the meaning of is is”


cause that was BS too

come on man..at least estimate..you gotta have an idea ..if not ..it is not soon

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Quick question – I am using a thrid party lighhtbox script for the theme, but when the image enlarges, the navigation bar seems to hover in front on the image – possible a Z-Index issue.

Where in the code do I alter this navbar aspect to allow the newly enlarged image sit “behind it”

By the way, for what it’s worth – this theme is TOP NOTCH – The support by Digital Cavalry has been of the highest standard also.

I ahve NEVER had an cross browser issues with my verison of Innovation+Science > Kudos!

I am a large buyer here and would say it’s the best theme here by a long stretch!

Fantastic work…

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EDIT – Got it sorted – Resolution was in the code of the third party lightbox code…

rock304 – For a guy who hasn’t even bought the theme, you seem quite happy to voice high dissaproval…

Over 1,000 buyers to date – DC are clearly providing a quality product. You seem content to mouth off here and there accross this theme’s boards – maybe it’s time to put a sock in it…

Or Maybe NOT … :mad:

I really take offense to your statement..especially since it is absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

where did I voice disapproval of THIS theme…or any other theme???

Disapproval of DC and how they are handling the I&S wp version debacle.now that is different….

But that is NOT what you said

While you have been enjoying your purchase and DC has been enjoying our money, I,along with many others, have not been enjoying our purchase for about 1 yr and counting..Must be a record or something

and I do not want a refund DC I just want what I paid for

....Just like you,sticker, wanted and got what you paid for.

The fact of the matter is that I agree with you that is is a great theme..and Dc if talented group..if it was not so good I would not be as po’d

did you just misspeak or not read in your zeal to defend DC and really meant to say

“disapproval of DC due to the long awaited /1 yr and counting delivery on a product he has been paid for by me and many other dissatisfied customers”

The fact of the matter is that I did buy the WP version which is NOT up to snuff..never was, and was completely removed,,,,along with the comment section


Please note the statement to the right of I&S wordpress..contact support is a joke

That is only one account I have here btw

The other fact is DC released 3 more themes since I&S WP..and I&S wp is still coming SOON …I thought I was being nice quite frankly

I think I am well within my rights to say what I say,when I say it, and how I said it..and I do not need you commenting on any of it…ever…

Not to mention there is no where else to complain since the theme has been removed because it performed so bad..some people do use it but I,not being a wp guru, do not need the problems.

And I am not quite happy about getting shafted by DC..

Thank you for your comment [not really]...but please do not bother anymore…at least till you know the facts and actually bother to read and understand what it is I said…and why I said it.

Oh and have a nice day and Enjoy your Theme..

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Can you tell me where i can slow down the transitions for the fader on index2.html please, i would like them to last twice as long but can not see it in the code anywhere.

Milan0 Purchased

Never mind, i have figured it out myself.

Thanks for the really fast support as always, shambles company…..

In case anyone else wants to know its found in:


on line 1231 change this:

var FMS _INTERVAL = 5000;

the higher the number is, the slower it goes.

Hello DC can you tell us please when we can download IS WP version ?

I purchased yesterday and started to customize it. Does any problem with any browsers like IE8 , IE7,IE6,Chrome, etc?

I have certain queries for same theme.

1. How can we set active navigation link or rightside bar navigation using css?

2. How can we integrate google map with contact us page?

3. How can we control speed of fader slider and change text alignment after changing height of slider?

Theme is most beautiful and attractive, I have selected this theme after checking around 200 other themes.


Hello, Thank you!

1. If you want to set an active link for the main menu you can do this for example by adding additional css class to this menu item, that will change the color properties.

2. You can just use a proper Google Map code – you can generate this code on Google Map site with Link option and also set the size of this map etc.

3. You can change the speed of fader slider in common.js file located in js folder. Search for SETUP FADE MOVER SLIDER (FMS) section (it starts at line 1216 in this file) and change the value for FMS _INTERVAL. As for the text alignment, you should be able to do this in common.css file (FADER/MOVER SLIDER section, class .slideFaderDesc).

Where is DC? I am awaiting for advice.

How to integrate captcha in existing contact page? Any guidance or advice?

Hi DC,

There is some sizing problem for Accordion slider. I have uploaded 760×300 size slides but all are cutting from right side. Can you tell me what is the exact size is required for same?

You can check result from following our test deployment from following site http://www.techblogmoney.com/usa/

Awaiting for your response.

Thanks and regards, Gitesh

Upload/Insert Tool bar not working since upgrade to latest version of wp 3.1.2

I am using version 1.0 of this theme…. It is not a plugin conflict…. Do I need to upgrade to 1.04?

Hi Guys,

I really feel bad on Envato support. I purchased the WordPress Version of this theme. Now for last 6 months it is not available for download from my downloads lists. It says Page cannot be found. When I asked the support, first they said “the file is being updated/upgraded by the author, it should be available soon again.” When again I said it was in this state for 6 Months or more, they simply said “Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this particular item qualifies for a refund.” I also asked to give me download of DC’s other wordpress theme if what I purchased is not able to give.

They again rejected !

This is a way of cheating. Now that DC has new WP theme, they remove old one from download.. So you will be forced to buy the new one, Even if you are already purchased the old theme.

Envato support don’t even take time to ask the seller why these things are so. They support more selling .. so that they can get more commission !


Hi, the new I+S WordPress version is now finished and should be available again to download on Theme Forest marketplace in days. It will have some great and unique new features and it will be available for all who bought the old WordPress version.

Thanks DC,

This is promising.

Hello everyone,

This info is not related to this Innovation+Science HTML version, but a quick info if someone is looking here for the info about WordPress version.

Finally we released a new version of Innovation+Science WordPress theme. This is a totally new theme, in big part with the same design, but with completely new code, new features and improvements.

The new Live Preview demo is still in the works – it will better show all the I+S2 features after a few days. To find more about what’s new in this release you can read Item Description here or check the new PDF User Guide file for this WordPress file.

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DC – Thanks for your template design – Is there a way to make the Contact PHP Form work with a Windows Hosting account. My hosting server supports PHP 5 so… ? Please let me know what might be the problem.

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Cool Template !

I have some questions.

1. Is there compability problem with IE9 ?

a. 'cause it doesn't show the font ?
b.When i allow the blocked content the titles / headers get lost.

2. When i use this template with Turkish characters ;

a. Firefox doesn't recognize it ? I changed on the browser the encoding but still no change ? I set the language setting also from en to tr.
b. Chrome has the same problem as Firefox ?

Would be happy for your answers.




Thank you!

1. Looks like this comes from the old version of Cufon file. Because the older version of Cufon is not working in IE9 . To fix this, you can download the latest version of Cufon from this page:


(in Download section) and replace this file in lib folder. This should fix this.

2. Do you have font with Turkish characters? If not, you will have to find a font that has Turkish characters and generate this font for Cufon. And then use it for your site instead of Sansation font.

Best Regards DC

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Alright ; IE9 is fixed i just have to change the font as i see. Could you also give info about Firefox and Chrome. Do you think that these browsers have problems with the font ? Regards

koronz Purchased

I just sent you an message via your profile message box.

Could you please send me an email address where i can send screenhots?


Hi DG,

Finally, I have switched my live site in to your theme. It looks great. Kindly check following link. If anyone has comment kindly provide me.

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