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Having purchased this template I am very unhappy as the ‘Live Demo’ is not exactly what is downloaded after purchase. All of the so called ‘Font Awesome Icons’ are not included as advertised as is the widget shown in all pages to control layout and colour. I feel cheated!

Hi, for select color widget is not part of files to download. It only for preview purpose. For Font Awesome is fully supported within this template. You can see font-awesome list here:

how can i change the wrench and heart icons?

Hi, you can change it with other icons available below:

Hi! How can I hilight top menu items while being in every section, using one-page version of theme? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, it’s required custom works. Customization is out of scope for support. But i will consider to make it on next update.

Thanks anyway.

Hi, I am having issues with the layout of the top navigation bar in mobile and tablet view. I had to make dropdowns in order for the links to even go where I wanted them to. This is a simple site, I did not want drop downs. After I put the dropdowns in, when you view it on a tablet or phone, it has all of the parents of the dropdowns listed; yet the links are broken. I tried “hide in tablet view, but they still show. People will get a 404 error anytime they click on these main links and get confused. Plus, it is confusing to have all of those links in mobile view when half of them go nowhere. Can you please tell me where I can edit this in the code and what I would have to do to have no dropdowns and make the links work with just my 3 simple page links?


Can you send your url so i can see your issue directly. The menu would works with or without dropdown.

Hi, so use a lot of bootstrap right now, but i found a problem, when i put the HTML text from bootstrap, it just uses the other css files, not the one from bootstrap! Look: and it just uses the templates CSS, not the bootstrap. And it should look like: REPLY FAST, thanks. - zzMrMartinzz


Sorry, this template still using Bootstrap version 2. So you can use Bootstrap 2 components instead. You can see components for Bootstrap 2 here:

Can you please update it, it keeps bugging for me. I seriously need this, please update Bootstrap and link the files. :)


Sorry for your issue. Yes we will update this template with latest bootstrap.

Great template indeed, i was wondering if you was going to build the same template for Wordpress soon?


Thanks for your purchase! :)
Yes we have plan to make WP version for this template.

Ok great, any idea when this will be? We really wan’t to upgrade ours to WP as soon as possible. Tnx in advance.

Sorry we cannot ensure maybe on next few months.


piliz Purchased

Thanks for this template. Nice.

But is there an easy way to put in an “hamburger” navigation instead of droplist?

Because in mobile view (iphone) you need to click twice, -> select the page in dropdown -> and then click on “finish” (or + in chrome)


Thanks for your purchase!
For mobile menu that you meant, we will consider to make it on next update.

The demo version of the Boxed Version is 1140px wide. How do I replicate this? I have my settings as the Boxed but it appears to be 1200px wide.

Hi, sorry i not clear with your issue. Can you send your website url so i can see your issue exactly.


I bought your template. I want to use that template “inspira-responsive-boxed” versiyon. But I dont see that in that file. How can I change it boxed versiyon ?



Thanks for your purchase! :)

Please read documentation to make boxed layout.

Use Boxed Layout

Open file main.css > Activate boxed.css by removing /* and */ between boxed.css line. Or simply copy code below:

@import url("boxed.css");

Disable wide-screen.css by adding /* and */ between wide-screen.css line.

/* @import url("wide-screen.css"); */

Hi, excellent theme, but I have one issue and I’d like to know if you could something about it. So the Java and Css is situated in the head, which makes the pagespeed slower than recommended. Could you remove the js and css into the body instead of the head?


Thanks for your interest! We’ve never got any report about page speed with this template. However you can do it by yourself just by cut then paste the code on position you wish.

Hello-we are trying to use data link in the rev slider to make the entire slide a link. It works fine on desktop browsers but not on an iphone. It does work on android phones. Any suggestions? thanks

how can I send a private reply?

hello-how can I send a private reply?

You can send message through my profile page.

In IE10 revolution-slider it does not move properly. Check, please.

Hi, i thought it’s normally. Since each browser have different method to render so there will some difference.

Hi SUpport,

When we’re using VC on page, there’s element OT Latest News, but too bad we can’t add particular category, only how many post.

I like the look and feel for OT Latest News when appeared on homepage, but I can’t filter certain category on there.

Do you have solution?



Seems your questions related to Inspira WP version. Please ask your questions in appropriate item page here

Hey, Can you pleace answear me on how i do so that the sliding bar is toggled, when you enter the site first time.

Like this, when i enter the website first time:

Open file style.css in css folder. Find class name ’.sliding-content’ then change attribute value for ‘display:none’ to ‘display:block’. See code below:

    padding:40px 0 40px 0;


dartdev Purchased

Hello-I’m having problems wtih the revolution slider on a cel phone. It is not loading correctly, arrows are not showing and on desktop they are not loading correctly. one slide flashes for a second then disappears but all have same data speed settings. I would like to email you the url privately


Sorry we don’t have issue like you said. Please tell me if issue above is happen with your website or on preview? Because i almost never got any report about it.


dartdev Purchased

Can you also tell me what sort of updates in the js I need for modern browsers?


dartdev Purchased

I’m getting a flash of the third slide in the revolution slider. I’ve tried reordering and deleting lazyload js but still getting it. I’ve read that it needs to be updated and your version is 2013. Can you tell me how to update the slider?


I have plan to update Revolution Slider on this template with latest version, please be patient i will update it on next few weeks.