Inspiration Premium xHTML/CSS Template

Inspiration Premium xHTML/CSS Template

WordPress Version is also Available

NOTE : Wordpress Ready means that all the layout, styles and classes is done to be this template easy implemented to wordpress engine.


  • 09.16.11 – v1.1 (some padding fixes)
  • 10.03.11 – v1.2 (IE7 bug with Cufon, Contact form fix)
  • 10.13.11 – v1.3 (IE7 Contact form fix, fixed to be iPhone & iPad compatible)
  • 10.24.11 – v1.4 (IE8 error under WinXP, added script includer for pages, few css fixes)
  • 10.31.11 – v1.5 (fixed IE bug with cufon, updated .js files for faster page loading)
  • 11.12.11 – v1.6 (fixed IE7 bug with Contact page for verify image with its field, Fixed IE bug for page with “anything” slider, updated .js files for faster page loading)
  • 27.02.12 – v1.7 (Fixed main navigation minor issue; Updated Roundabout slider; Updated Portfolio Single Page (new script, styles and images); Minor stylesheet updates.)

Theme Description:

Inspiration Premium xHTML/CSS Template uses a great deal of white space, combined with a light background to create an clean feel to this site. The elements of this web design are nicely spaced out, combined with an unlimited color-palette to create a clean overall design. The white background and elegant typography combines to make a very fresh design. This website is far from minimal, yet uses very clean edges, accentuated by the contrasts between content areas and backgrounds to create a highly clean web experience.

Theme Features:

  • Valid Clean Code
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Extremely universal design
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • JavaScript Improved Drop-down Menus
  • 8 different Sliders (Nivo, Coin, Piecemaker, Accordion, Anything, Orbit, Roundabout, Serie3)
  • Page Templates (28 different html pages):
    1. 8 Index pages with different sliders on each
    2. About Us Page Layout
    3. Addons (content accordion, tabs, toggle)
    4. Blog Page
    5. Blog Alternate Page
    6. Blog Single Page
    7. Services Page
    8. Partners Page
    9. Gallery Page
    10. Portfolio Pages (1, 2, 3, 4 column variations)
    11. Portfolio Single Page
    12. Page with sidebar left aligned
    13. Fullwidth Page with different columns
    14. Typography Page
    15. FAQ Page
    16. Contact Page
  • Lightbox with video support (.swf, youtube, vimeo)
  • The template is fully Ready for Wordpress
  • Layered PSD included for easy modification and customisation

External scripts and resources used: