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I wonder if I buy a license for $ 45 will be able to download files from thema and install on my server?


Yes buying a $45 license will allow you to install the theme on your server. I recommend you read http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular for full explanation about the single license :)

I am sorry but my previous question was not answered. Maybe it’s not a very smart question but: I had issues with previous theme I used which was done with AJAX as well. And the problem with it was that pages where not indexing well with Google. So my question again is: How google/ SEO friendly is this theme ? ( I know a lot of developers specify it in their descriptions. You have no mention at all. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much for your time!


Hi infisoul, sorry for missing your first comment! I imagine you had a theme that ran the whole site with AJAX. This is not the case with Inspire, we only use AJAX for the filter menu. So all posts and pages will be nicely indexed :)


million thanks

Great theme! I am considering purchasing this theme, but have a question. Can you create multiple sidebars? I would like different sidebars for different pages. After watching your demo videos, it seems as though you can only have one sidebar. Can you show a sidebar on the home page as well?


Hi there, thank you! The theme only has one sidebar. But there’s plugins out there which you can use. I just tested this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multiple-sidebars/ with Inspire and it works great! Right now you can’t have a sidebar on the homepage, since the layout is not really made for it. However it is definitely something we will consider for a future update.

eyasu Purchased

Not working well for me so far…


Hi eyasu,

I’m sorry you feel that way. Learning WordPress take a little while but once you’ve learned it, it’ll feel much easier to use. Why don’t you send us an email (through the contact form on our profile page) and we can help you get started!

Asaverle Purchased

Hello there and congrats for your great theme. It’s really a joy to find every once in a while themes like this one. I purchased yesterday, uploaded through ftp and today i tried to activate the theme but i got the following error:

HostICanT – Unmetered Bandwidth

Oppss… It seems you have made some changes, which have caused a few problems. Please view below… Internal Server Error 500.

Incorrect file and/or folder permissions (greater than 755)
.htaccess issue (php_flag, php_value statements,etc.)
Other possible reasons

Please help Thank You

Asaverle Purchased

updated to 3.5.1. and now I can activate theme. If i encounter another problem i ll let you know. i start configuring site now. amazing theme. so happy :)



Glad it’s working for you :)

hi again and sorry for being such a pain with all the questions. I have just one more concern and that is with lag time which is pretty notesable between when the page loads and when the content loads. (especially with slower connections) My concern is that it can also put some strain on the server during high traffic time. Is that something you are looking to improve in next updates?


Load times depend mostly on what media you choose to include in your posts. If you choose to embed a lot of let’s say youtube videos then the theme will have to wait for youtube to respond and send you the data needed for embedded videos. The theme itself operates with very little lag time and does not put any extraordinary strain on your server (we only query specifically for posts needed). :)


Hi again, I have just been in contact with our server-provider (one.com) and they admit to having had network problems intermittently for the last couple of weeks (when I visited our preview site earlier today there was a major slowdown as well). They fixed the current network issue and the site is now up and running at normal speed again. Maybe you were unlucky to test our preview site at the time of a slowdown – and I hope you will consider visiting our preview site again. :)

Hi,instead of “load more” can you change that to pagination page? just like normal blog?


Hi begoo. You can choose to load new posts either with the “load-more” button or by infinity scroll. We do not have an option for pagination. Also we encourage you to quickly find relevant posts by using our filter menu :)

eyasu Purchased

Ok so i realized that the reason that my updates were not taking was because i was using Google Chrome as my browser. I switched to FireFox, and it worked better.

My next big challenge is putting up images up for posts that correctly find their proper places. This, and all the learning processes could really be helped with a YouTube how-to!

Here’s how far I’ve gotten… I’ve realized putting up images for posts individually will not find them on the home page, in the columns, or the top slider bar.

I’ve tried using the very tiresome “FAQ” instructions (it gets only 1.5 starts for good reason) on this site to go about the cropping, labeling and putting all required images in a zip file. I even used the “Switch to the multi-file uploader” to upload my zip folder to no avail.

Please help!

eyasu Purchased

thanks but that’s not it… i just need instructions on getting posts with images to show on the main page and in the post page as the sample shows….

It can be done right? Its day three and not a single person can tell me?

eyasu Purchased

BTW… I noticed you’re time stamps don’t show accurate time laps… my earlier posts show as being more recent by a few hours, and so dose your responses to me.

This sort of thing takes away from your company’s credibility!


Eyasu, we’re doing everything we can to help you. Trust me, the featured image functionality is how you get images to show up on the homepage as well as your post page. And as we have said many times, send us an email, include a link to your site and we will take a look at it and help you out. If you go to our profile page you’ll see a contact form: http://screensnapr.com/v/vT5qKk.jpg

Your last remark is quite offensive. We have absolutely no control over the time stamps on comments. Only the people behind Themeforest would be able to change that. So please refrain yourself from making such accusations.

Thank you.

Hi Folks,

Love this theme. Considering buying it. Before I do. Two Questions.

1. Is it possible to have a post slider that shows images and video in s single post? Like for a post showing an art gallery with a video interview of the artist?

2. If it is not possible to have a slider in a post, can you tell me if the theme plays well with Revolution slider. I ask because I have tried other themes and apparently, a late call(at the end of the page) to jQuery will crash Revolution Slider, which is the tool I chose after trying many to have rich post sliders of galleries etc

3. Last but not least, do you include documentation in download or is it web based.

Keep up the great work and thanks for taking a moment to help me make the best decision as I have had horrible luck with other themes.

Take Care lo


Hi Lanceoditt!

1) Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have that functionality at the moment. But we had a few people talking about this, so it is definitely something we will look into! 2) We haven’t tested the theme with Revolution slider. But in case you get the theme and it doesn’t play well together, we will of course try to help you out as best as we can! 3) The documentation is only included in the download folder. However we have also made a few walk-through videos which can be viewed on youtube.

Thanks for the interest!

Ok. 3 Questions. Sorry :)

This looks amazing and exactly what I’m looking for. I’d like to use this as a “portal” news site for our churches worldwide and we use Feedburner for RSS feeds for content. I’m fairly new at using it but I was wondering if this would work with it.

Also if we’re pulling content from others sites will it create the images automatically? My thinking was to use it with 3 columns like your demo.

Is turning the images black and white an option as well? I love that when you mouseover they colorize.

Thanks again!


Hi Onekea, Thanks for the kind words! I must admit I don’t have any experience doing that. Will you be using a plugin to automatically make the posts from the rss feeds? In that case it would need to insert the images into the featured image WordPress functionality.

Yes that is the default option :) You can disable/enable the grayscaling as you like!

Hi, can you put ads 300×250 on homepage? or any size of ads on homepage?


what about on front page? homepage


I can see your ads 300×250 on single post but what about on front page?


Unfortunately we don’t have an option to have a 300×250 ad on the homepage. Sorry i misread your question. I think a 728×90 ad would fit better on the frontpage. But you would have to hardcode that into the theme, which we of course could help you doing.

Asaverle Purchased

Hello Again. Everything is setup correctly and works perfect except the footer gallery. I dnt know if i have done something wrong but i think there is a conflict with a plugin i use called “lightbox evolution”. When its enabled, the footer gallery is messed up and no posts appear in front page. Could you please help or should i look for another lightbox plugin?

thank you N.


Hi Aserverle. If the “lightbox evolution” plugin is somehow conflicting with the Inspire Theme I would definitely encourage you to switch to another lightbox plugin. Conflicts with 3rd party plugins is something that is almost unavoidable when using Wordpress themes and trying to fix it is almost impossible as it could be a single line of code amongst hundred thousand lines that creates the conflict somewhere in the plugin. :)

Asaverle Purchased

how can i replace the comment count inside the bubble (homepage) functionality with facebook comments count instead?



There is no option for this in the Inspire theme so you will have to do a bit of customization in the code. If you send us an e-mail through the form on our profile page we can give you a few pointers to get you started. :)

Do you plan on making this work on an iPad in portrait mode? I was going to purchase but want to know if this will be made truly responsive. Also, the footer’s gray box does not go completely across the bottom on iPad. Otherwise, it’s beautiful and my fave so far. Thanks.


To be clear, if I purchase Inspire and and start implementing, it will definitely sense rotating between Portrait and Landscape when I try it again on my iPad? I don’t want to purchase unless you can guarantee that. Hope you understand considering it’s non-refundable. Thanks again!


Hi again,

The demo site has just been updated. So you can go check it out before purchasing :)

begoo Purchased

Bought it.

Whats the max image I can upload? is the image resize automaticly or not?

I’ve uploaded 1 image (big size),look ok on front page but when I clicked the post and goes to single page, the big image look huge and even override the sidebar?

Do I have to edit big image to your max size?


Did you upload the image before or after you installed the theme? If you did it before then you should run the plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

If you did it after, then please send us an email with a link to your site and wp-admin info so we can take a better look at the issue. Thanks!

Fantastic theme! Thank you.


You’re welcome! :D

Brilliant Theme. Love the infinite scroll options. I’m buying this for sure. A few questions.

1. Is it possible to add share icons with counter in homepage posts? ( see posts in thrillerhood.com or share icons thats hidden and shown like mashable? )

2. Is it possible to add sections with widgets on the home page? I’m usually in need of an archive section or most popular articles section widget.

3. Would it be possible to create categories that doesn’t show in “ALL” I’d like to create separate blog feeds that aren’t connected to the overall site?

Thanks much. Again, absolutely BRILLIANT theme.

Best, Andy


Any tips on the ideal logo format upload? I tried PNG, Jpeg, and various sizes but the logo still has some pixeleted problems once crunched, theres shadows casting.


Nevermind on the logo question. I got it. Used a bad format.


Hi Andy, just sent you an email regarding the category issue with “R&B”

Hello, i have a small problem with wp 3.5.1 clean install and your Theme. Following Error is on top of all Frontendpages…

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /....../wp-content/themes/inspire/inc/functions_custom.php on line 40


Warning: file_get_contents(http://..../wp-content/themes/inspire/style.css) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /..../wp-content/themes/inspire/inc/functions_custom.php on line 40

It´s a complete clean install, no plugins all rights set and other themes will work fine. can you help me please.

the line 40 in functions_custom.php:

$style_data = file_get_contents($file);




Hi there! This is a problem with your server configuration. Write us a mail through the e-mail form on our profile page and we will guide you through the necessary changes.

the file_get_contents function is part of the automatic update checker. You could try simply turning off the update checker: Inspire Settings > General > Automatically check for updates (Uncheck).