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can you restrict people posting urls in the answers and can the answers be moderated before they are posted


1.) It restricts tagged urls that use

<a href="" />
etc. not direct links like www.google.com that are just in the posting.

2.) You cant moderate answers to the point where you would need to approve them before they go live. You can moderate the answers after they are posted by deleting them in the wp-admin when you are an admin user.


lars1977 Purchased

Ok, i have bought the theme and will test.

Where can i change to allow links in the questions?


in the functions.php i use stripslashes() to remove the tags from the strings and then assign it to a new variable.

You will need to remove this declaration and then make sure the variables later in the function are not using the _stripped variable and just the one that is passed to the function from the form page.

You will want to apply this to the post question and post answer functions. Make sure you get all of the variable changed or the function will not operate correctly.

Should only take you a few mins to do this.

Good luck and thank you for purchasing this theme!


How to add CAPTCHA . Which plugin must I use?


I think this one is your best bet: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-recaptcha/


lars1977 Purchased

i found the stripslashes at the function.php but can you give me the line and the changes / variables for the questions and answers function? My php is basic…

Second: if i upload a new logo (450×140), it is not shown in the header, but directly under the header and nav, amounting to “Categories” and “Ask a Question”! How to change this? I looked at the style.css and header.php to change the variables (header / logo), but i can’t find any stings for this.

you can see it at http://schnappaholic.de/frageantworten/

Thirdly: In German we have letters like “Ää Öö Üü ß”! When i change the language at the php files, these letters will not be shown or shown cryptic! What can i do to change this?

Thanks for help!



1.) Message me via my profile with an admin login/pass to your site and i will apply this change for you.

2.) Since the top nav tabs are now in a different language (wider) the recommended logo width does not apply to your case. You will need to make the width of your logo image smaller.

3.) You will probably want to use html character codes: http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm


the plugin recaptcha shows on wp-login.php page, but how to integrate it on register front end page?



I think that you need to add the call to the function in the form:

So you would add this code before the submit in the sign up form:

do_action('comment_form', $post->ID);

Details on this page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-recaptcha/other_notes/

I have not tested this so i dont know if this will work…


ayman Purchased

Very quick support. Thank you very much.


Is it possible to run a Q&A site in an other language than english? Is it hardcoded or do you have somekind of language file?

Great site!


Hi jadove,

You will need to manually update the text throughout the theme to your new language. This is pretty easy to do from the editor or via an html editor. I have seen MANY people do this in many different languages.

Thanks for the question.


mkhmer Purchased

Anyway to let it load TinyMCE editor for question and answer writing box? user feel annoying when could only write simple TEXT …

Cheer, mKHMER

After install I noticed that two profile urls are being created on usernames that are more than one word. Example: “User Name” gets a /profile/user-name/ and /profile/User Name/ url created. Is there any easy way to ensure users only get /profile/user-name/ created?


1. Could put a note next to the username field in the sign up form that says no spaces.

2. Could add to the new user function and check if the username has spaces and either: a. Throw an error to the user to not user spaces b. Change the spaces to a dashes (ex. user name becomes user-name) c. Remove the spaces and contact username (ex. user name becomes username)

3. Or you could reference the nicename for the user that is a slug where the user profile links are and only use that one so that there is no worries about spaces in user’s names. Not sure this will prevent the creation of both options but will limit the exposure of the spaced version, which i believe throws an error page right?

I think this third option is best, do you agree?


3rd option is best in my case. The way there can be “User Name” but only one slug ”/profile/user-name/”


It is a pretty easy fix (in the wp theme editor or a text editor):

Anywhere in the code you see:
you need to replace that with:

This will allow the links to point to the url friendly version of the username and not the display name like i was using.

This is found in the following pages:

- index.php (2 instances)

- archive.php (1 instance)

- search.php (1 instance)

There is one other spot that has this issue too that uses slighly different code to write out the url, This is the my profile link from the right navigation when you are logged in:

- sidebar.php (1 instance)

Find the My Profile list item, you will see this code in the url structure:
echo $current_user->user_login
Replace that with this code:
echo $current_user->user_nicename

That should do it. I will add this to the theme files to be updated on TF.

Thanks again for pointing this out!

Kind regards,


Excellent! Implemented and looks great.

Where can I find the text that is sent in emails? Like the thanks for signing up, password reset, etc.


in functions.php you will find this text.

If you are familiar with php you should be fine.

Make sure you are using the correct code notation for the email or it could break the code for the site and throw answers. So tread lightly here.

You might want to save a working copy before so you can revert if you find the code giving you errors.

Good luck.



I have a problem with registration when I try to register everything goes well except that there is no avatar showing just a broken image link. I would like a default avatar for each registration

Can you help?


If this is for the admin account, there will not be a default user icon set since the wp core made this user and not my function for creating user where i can assign a avatar to them and a score of 1.

If you would like the admin account to have this avatar add this code line to the top of the functions.php page below the ob_start() line:

update_usermeta(1, 'user_default_icon', '1');

Save functions.php and then refresh the site from any page… this will add in the assigned avatar now to the user with and id of “1”.

After you see that the image is now there you will want to remove this line of code from the functions.php or comment it out.

Then you should be good to go.

All new members that use the registration form will properly get the avatar assigned after registration is completed.

Thanks for your question.


Thank you for your quick answer it is working now!!!


I have 2 questions:

1. How does the moderation works on this theme? Can you moderate both questions and answers before they go live?

2. How does the point system work? Does it simply count the number of answers and questions posted? Is it possible to set it up in a way where a user that posted a question (or the admin) give out points to best answer? And have no points for asking a question or for an answer that’s not selected as the best answer?

Thank you!


hi adscraig,

1.) No moderation other then an admin going in and deleting questions or answers after they have been posted. There is no option at this point to moderate them before they go live. If a member signs up they have the ability to post questions and answer them.

2.) Points are added to a users score when they add questions and answers (1 point for each action). Each new member starts off with a score of 1. There is no function at the moment that allows someone to pick a best answer or give someone more points for the best answer.

Thanks for the questions!



Thanks for the quick answers!

Hi esterndesign, i have tried to log in to check the system but it seems that the user or password is incorrect.

could you please look into it.

thank you,



Are you referring to the log in for the demo site found at:



I just logged in, successfully.

Try the log in again:

username: DemoUser password: DemoUser10



Here are my 2 showcases for this theme:




Both required some localization but it went well I think. The only thing which really bothers me now is the fact that one can’t have links in the profile and there is no basic HTML for the q&a…

Br, Andreas



Congrats on the site launchings!

Glad things went well for you. Good luck with the sites.


how easy is can you add “Login with Facebook” with this script


I have not done this before so i dont know the extent of this.

I know there are plugins that can do this that are provided by Facebook.


What about redirect after login, (or register)

When a person enter on a single page to answer the question, he try to log-in (or register), but he goes to profile page. How to redirect him to that exact single page (question) after the login (or register)?

Very Thanks


You will need to store the page to send them back to some how. Could be done in a session.

Then when you process the login script it will pass this redirect value to send them to the previous page.


Can you teach us how to do that?

Yes there are plug ins but when I tried I was seeing the “connect with facebook only on the wordpress backend login page”..and not the front end login page where its suppose to be..Any idea or help can be rendered will be appreciated..


This is one that i have seen:


all you would need to do is to add the code to the login page:

<?php do_action(‘fbc_display_login_button’) ?>


I will try to work on this in the next few weeks.