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Installed your sample content thinking it would make the home page work like your sample. It doesn’t, but I at first I thought it did because when I hit “frontpage” it looked just like yours…until I realized it was because after we set up our site the menu is set up to link to your sample site rather than our own home page. This may have happened after I used “customize” on the Themes page. Is there a page I am not seeing that is set up like your sample home page? That is why I picked this template and it doesn’t same me any time if I just have to figure out how to recreate it myself.

Hey there. Getting the demo style is pretty much 1 click and has been tested extensively. Install included xml content. Then go the the Theme’s Admin Panel -> “Backup & Demo” Tab -> “Import Demo Data”. Result should be exactly the dark/yellow demo version. If you want another predefined style simply use the stylesheet chooser in the General Tab after importing.

Sorry. Missed that. Noticing a few of the features are disabled because of the allow_url_fopen issue mentioned above. I will get you login info soon and really appreciate the help.

Thanks again for setting it up to look just like your sample. Sorry to bug you for things I should have caught on my own. :-)

I would love to get this theme now, but then found in wasn’t responsive. Please acquire this feature in next update. It would tip the balance for me regarding the purchase, and I have to believe this would dramatically boost your sales. Any plans?

If this responsive trait is not available in an upcoming update – could I pay you for such a service – not sure how involved this is – but it’s really that important.

In the “Recent Portfolio ” options, the “Portfolio Category to show” it doesn’t show my categories. I only set up one so far but I don’t get any option to select.

Hi! Please email me your admin login details to office@themeforge.at and I will have a look at it.

Done, thanks

Hello, just wondering if you’ve had a chance to check out my site

I LOVE THIS DESIGN! Is this theme responsive? i would buy it right away it if is. all my client wants responsive design

I am having problems using NEXTGEN gallery on this theme. I keep getting lots of errors when trying to add images to a nextgen gallery. I hope this is fix ASAP since NEXTGEN is the most popular wordpress gallery

I can’t login in your forums as my Licence purchase code is not recognised. Also, My website looks quite small in my ipad. Howevever your live screen looks fine. What can I do to have my website louded in the right size? I please appreciate your quick response.

Many thanks.

I can’t login in your forums as my Licence purchase code is not recognised. Also, My website looks quite small in my ipad. Howevever your live screen looks fine. What can I do to have my website louded in the right size? I please appreciate your quick response.

Many thanks.

Wonderful experience dealing with a company that does wordpress templates. Truly amazing work and easy template to use. Definitely recommend this company to anyone.. Quick Response time and definitely works with their customers. I am truly satisfied with the work that has been for me. Wanted to extend the same customer service that has been provided to me because I truly believe good work and excellent customer service should be recognized. Thank you !

I hope you guys make more wordpress themes.

HI Is the theme compatible with woocommerce?

Hey there!

oddly my theme options for the sliders are gone =/ when i go to Design>Theme Options>Homepage i can choose which slider i want to use but there is no option in the Homepage Slider Items… how can that happen?? it worked before and now they’re gone.

on the website the slider seems to be active but the images are not visible…

i checked 1/4 of your theme-options.php but they seem to identical… would be very glad if you could help me here

with best regards

Hey there! Please email me your admin login details to office@themeforge.at and I will have a look at it today! regards

Hello, I am Brazilian and I have no knowledge of English. I bought this theme and found a problem. In the “Featured Items” available “Theme Options> Homepage” when put over 5 Items, Item one is above the other. If it is possible to put more than 5 Items, automatically slide should support. I wonder if it already exists update for this problem and how do I solve. Thank you! See: http://www.casaderepousobh.com.br/

The “Featured Items” are working properly with an unlimited amount of items – tested it a few minutes ago. Please email me your admin login details to office@themeforge.at so I can help you with that issue. Kind redards, Themeforge

The error was a missing ”/” in one of your closing < / b > tags in one of the featured items. I corrected it for you! Kind regards, Themeforge

After Using it for some time and structured the webpage I ran through some things you should propably update on this theme…

1. One by One Slider – The slider does not slide automatically … this is really troublesome because people are lazy … + people with a smaller screen size for example the standart size of 1024px cant see the “next or previous” bottons … in turkey there are a dozens of these screen sizes … please do a fast update on this … or show me how i can enable autoplay temporary…

2. Portfolio – you cant get the images to pop up or (excerpt) when you dont want any titel or read more button … this is a critical one too… if you dont check the excerpt and titel field then the click on the image links you to another page where it shows the picture in full width as a post… maybe i dont have to tell anything in this picture – but im forced to… please fix this as soon as possible too =)

3. this theme is not mobile friendly … if you take the ipad or a phone – this site appears tiny – > www.orenpen.com

4. goes to the “toggle_box” shortcode … i noticed that the length of the first box – transfers over the other boxes … again checkout orenpen.com – homepage … my first toggle box has a little long writing in it … and all the others that have less writing are still expanding at the size of the first one

5. and the last – this is not so critical – just for you to know : the slider on the aboutus page … or here: http://orenpen.com/hakkimizda sometimes it happens that the picture drops down over the writing

yea so thats it so far =) overall a very nice design … we love it ... but there are a few bugs that are important to fix … i would really appreciate if you fix them all and let me know when there is a update.

till then keep up the good work… i would be happy to hear from you

with best regards


Hi, please email me your admin login details and FTP details and I will help you with the issues. Kind regards, Themeforge

Thank you very much for your uncompareable support! Every single points were fixed in no time. Guys you can trust these programmers blindfolded… you deserved any single dollar. Rated 5* and Follow you! Just Great! =)


I am having difficulties getting pictures from my computer to display on the Nivo slider. I try uploading a picture (with the right dimensions) and insert the picture and update but nothing appears on the live website. I have found only one way to make picture appear and that is to upload the picture on a hosting site and use the URL method. Please fix or let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks! Otherwise, great job.

Hi, please send me an email with a link to the site and admin login details to office@themeforge.at.

I love this theme – it really is very well thought out. Theme- Forge have also been really helpful to me. Thanks!

I have emailed this question many time and no reply. I have removed the posts from the home page, and yet a white div remains. I just want the slider only on the home page. The site is www.gdgnsw.com.au You will see this white thing stuck down toward the bottom of the page. If anyone out there can tell how to get rid of it, I’d be so grateful. Kim

Hi KimSS, I am on holiday at the moment. Please add the following to your custom css field in the options panel:
.home #overlap_top{display:none;} 
Kind regards, TF

Hi, the version for ipad not work, please help me :(


I have installed and imported the demo content xml but my site still appears with only white backgrounds. The color settings are all set to black and have black textures. How can I fix this?

Here is my site: ExDsGaming.com

Hi salntnsoldler! Please create an account in our support forum and post a new topic then I can help you resolve this issue. http://support.theme-forge.com/

Kind regards, TF


I would like to desactivate all widget. (Header and footer). How can I do it?

Thanks in advance. kind regards Maxime

Hi, I am not 100% sure what you want but if you simply want to deactivate all widgets go to “Appearance > Widgets” and open each widget area on the right side and delete the containing widgets by clicking “delete”.

If this was not the answer you were looking for please create an account and ask your question on the support forum http://support.theme-forge.com and I will help you.

Hi my “overlap_top” div is too high when viewed on Firefox or IE? http://atriarecruitment.com

Hi, you have got some caching plugin installed, maybe you need to refresh the cache.

Try adding .home #overlap_top {margin-top:0px !important;} to the custom css field in the options panel.

If none of the solutions work please create an account on the support website and give me access to your admin panel, should be fixed in a few minutes.

Kind regards, TF

that sorted it thank you, great theme

You’re welcome