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Beautiful homepage.

Really nice template. love how you did the slides :)

Hi System32, congrats for another great template, I just fund some few bug: Under the blog section, there is a broken link when you click on “Continue Reading” on each blog post and the admin avatar below the full blog post is out of the layout, even about this small things I’m really looking forward to buy this one very soon… :D


Hi there

Thank you for informing, i have fixed links but about avatar that’s not out of the box but its the new look of comment styling.

Ekke dum mast hey yaar, well done mate :)


thanks santu! I’m glad that you feel its a new and good look.

awesome file again system32

Dude stop…you’re too good. Just joking :P.
You are good. Like the template. Keep it up.

Lovely Template, perfect for software sites or companies working in financial or technical areas.

Thumbs up.

Maybe you should add “cursor:pointer;” to the slider to that people know its clickable. i didnt know it expanded at first, out of curiosity i clicked on it. Great job btw. :D

Really nice work! ;)

Great template! Are you planning to make a wordpress version of it??

That would be pretty nice!


Yes will be released very shortly.

nice work, do notice a black sort of image when you hover over the accordian icons

woaah. love the slides! very innovative like always!


Can I ask where the icons are from please – are there a set of them available from anywhere or did you make them?

Thanks, great template!


Yes those are from DryIcons

Wow, very cool. Refreshing and different!

I’m in love with this theme! WordPress version will make you a wealthy man! I’ve been waiting forever for the “Media Consult” WP version by Golden Works, but I think now, that I will purchase this one (in WP version) instead. Great job! I hope the WP version comes soon!


Yes possibly Soon only in a week.

Similar post to Mushy,

What’s the name of the icon set used, I have been looking on DryIcons but cant find it, does it include the browser compatibility icon or is that your own?

Thanks, Wkd theme mate!


Browser compatibility icons and other stuff are from free icons but i made it customizations to the icons u can’t find those ones on web.

I was going to just download this one, I like it so much. But it sounds like the WP version is coming pretty soon, so I’ll wait. Looking forward to it!

On the homepage: is it possible to edit the number of panels? It’s not a big deal (if it’s not), just curious.




Nope, the panels will stick with same no of panels in WP version.