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Wanted to drop a line and let everyone know that system32 does TOP QUALITY work and GREAT support.

Definetly I’m Going to Follow this prolific author.


raz230 Purchased

When I install this theme on Wordpress 2.9.1 I get a missing stylesheet error. I can confirm the CSS is present. Ideas?


Make sure you upload the folder only intense which is in themefiles folder. Do no upload the whole package what you downloaded from themeforest.

raz230 Purchased

I think I did that. Please look at this picture of my directory structure



you purchased a html and trying to implement that in wordpress please purchase intense wordpress theme not html theme.

I bought this theme. Love the icons used. Have you designed them yourself or are they part of some free icon set. If the latter is true, please provide the link. Thanks :)

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Is there a way to have a particular pane open in the slider when a link is clicked? I’m looking to use this as a one page site using a tabbed section below the slider and would like to be able to both click a slider tab and have that also change the tab section below as well as when i click a tab link in the secondary navigation on the bottom/side have that change the slider pane also? Is this possible?

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Hi System32,

I have a problem with the slider images (icons and numbers) in IE 8 ! I have sent you a personal message about it as I don’t want the domain name to be indexed by google… Please respond asap!!

Kind Regards,


I am considering buying this template, just one question. Is there a way on the homepage that when you land on it, the slides shows a slide that isn’t related to the ones that you hover over and expand, e.g. a promotional banner where you currently see the jQuery blurb and image, but you would only see this once you hover over the jQuery tab.


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Hi There, What should i do if i want to reduce the number of home page accordion tabs on home page and how to utilize the space left behind

avadhbsd Purchased

hey man i got it done, no need to reply ;) it was so easy…love it

How do I make the slides move automatically when I hover over them?


you can do that settings via admin options

what is the font used @ logo ? is it supplied with files ?

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Just want to say awesome design. Good job S32 . I need some help please. i would like to make my logo bigger, in width? is this possible? if so that be great thank you. Thats it for now. All the best keep up the good work. Respect!


yes its possible but if you drop me the email with the logo size then i can guide you changes to do.

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hey system32, i sent you an email regarding the issue. please if you can help me out with the logo replacment that would be awesome. logo size is 455×79 thnak you.

Hi, its really nice design, but i would like to know if the blog its working or not, thanks


Blog is a html template you need to convert that into the blog or else purchase the intense wordpress theme.

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So damn nice. Thanks!

Thank you for making top quality work! I have one problem though which I hope you can help me.

When viewing the site in Internet Explorer, the text on the JS tabs looks jagged and is hard to read. Is there any way to fix this? I have sent you a PM with the site address.

To fix the jagged letters in the jquery tabs in IE:

Go to lightstyle.css file and edit the line

.slideinfo span{ font:bold 12px/13px “Trebuchet MS”, Helvetica, sans-serif;

just remove “bold” from it and make it “normal”

Superfast fix from the creator, great support for a great product.

Awesome template,

system32, you should really fix the opacity issue on IE8 and 7.

I made the dark shadows on png’s go away by taking out all opacity values in the JavaScript file

I now have

$(".slideinfo").hover(function() {
        $(this).stop().animate({ marginTop: "0px" }, 300);
        $(this).parent().find("div.s-num").stop().animate({ marginBottom: "-55px" }, 500);
        $(this).parent().find("p.icon").stop().animate({ marginTop: "-15px" }, 300);
        $(this).parent().find("span").stop().animate({ marginTop: "-15px"  }, 300);
    }, function() {
        $(this).stop().animate({ marginTop: "0px" }, 300);
        $(this).parent().find("div.s-num").stop().animate({ marginBottom: "0px"  }, 500);
        $(this).parent().find("p.icon").stop().animate({ marginTop: "0px"  }, 300);
        $(this).parent().find("span").stop().animate({ marginTop: "0px" }, 300);


Yup its fixed in the latest upcoming updated of this template.

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Hello im having some problems still with this template, it works fine for me and some of my friends. but lots of people have contacted me saying they can’t see anything but a blank page. could this be a browser issue, i dont think this template works in EI 6 or EI 7 can you please let me know what im doing wrong thank you.

can i move sidebar right?