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I’m having problems buying. I didn’t have a pay pal account so I set one up and now it won’t accept my payment. I live in Illinois, United States and it says Skrill doesn’t work here.


I would suggest contacting envato support: http://support.envato.com/ as themeforest deals with all payment related things.

Have you created a separate post type for the slider or is it still included as an attached image on the home page? Thanks in advance.


You can either use a gallery format post to create a slider on the blog, or the frontpage slider – which is completely separate and specific for that page. It works via attachments.

Hello. Is there an easy way to integrate WooCommerce or WP e-commerce into this theme? I’ve tried Woocommerce’s Third Installation but it doesnt seem to be working out well.

I just want to be able to show products. I dont need the whole shopping experience (add to cart, cart, checkout, etc..)


It should work I think, if you use something such as page.php as base for woocommerce.php. However, there is an existing issue with conflicts between our themes and woocommerce shortcodes, which we’re going to look at fixing in the next update for all themes.

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I am using the intent template.

The portfolio on a front page does not become responsive design. blog page is ok.

So how can i setup become responsive design?

thank you


Have you made any customizations to the CSS? It should be responsive. Make sure in Theme Options > General that responsive layout is not disabled.

If this does not help, please create a thread on http://wpbandit.com/forums – thanks!

Hi. I saw in a comment posted 8 months ago that you said videos being displayed in the front page slider might come in the future. Has this happened?


It has not – you’d need to edit the flexslider used on the frontpage manually to get it to show video.

Hi there,

Can i add a search filter with an input field to search within the portfolio? I want this next to the filter tags.



This feature does not exist in the theme currently. You would have to add such functionality manually.

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Good afternoon wpbandit,

Proud to have just purchased this theme. It looks great, very simple and clean. I really like your demo and how you populated your content.

A few questions I’m hoping you could share your knowledge:

1.) How do we show the thumbnails of the blogs on the homepage in responsive mode?

2.) Is there a way to remove the content div on the homepage only?

3.) The slider has this 1 pixel rounding in the corners, how do we remove that?

Thanks wpbandit

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one other issue, frontpage is only showing 3 blogs in the “layout 1” option. It was showing 4 but all of a sudden it’s only showing 3 and now there is a big space at the right side. I didn’t change anything to do this, I’ve duplicated 10 posts to test and will only show 3 max. any ideas ?

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sorry, I meant to ask that I wanted to show 4 per line but it was showing 4 on the first line, 3, on the second, 2 on the third, 1 on the fourth. basically I wanted to show 12 posts on the front page.


Hi there! Please create a thread on http://wpbandit.com/forums with your questions. We try to keep all support in one place. Thank you!

Does the theme has an otpion to change the header logo link to point to another site?. It’s just that is going to be used as a blog and the logo will point to the main site. Thanks

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Hi! I have a problem creating a new portfolio. when I add the featured images the thumbnails don’t keep the same size.I don’t know if this is a version issue, I’ve installed wp 3.6.1 and Intent 1.5. Is there a way to fix that? thanks in advance!

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Is the latest version support WP 3.8?

This WordPress template is absolutely amazing. I’ve been using Joomla for years, and this was my first experience with WordPress. Boy was it a joy to use! It made a great first impression. I highly recommend it. The only thing I think needs improvement is documentation. As a new WordPress user, and as someone who likes thorough documentation in general, a lot of things I believe were assumed that a person should know. I had to dig for a lot of the answers. Most of them being template-related, and not so much WordPress related. Yet and still, these guys over at WP Bandit did an amazing job. I was still able to put an amazing site together for my client. Thank you very much. I’ll be making more purchases from you in the future. Highly recommended!

I have a question about (yes) the slider -

Originally, re-ordering it seems to be really intuitive by just changing the action number on the side. However, the most current version of Wordpress doesn’t have those anymore, and I can’t find out how to re-order the slider for the life of me. Is there a way to re-order them in the new interface?


(also, you can’t re-order by un-attaching images from the page and then re-attaching them, making this even more annoying)

silly question but where are the sliders? do i have to download a plugin?

thanks Caroline


My theme has been working fine for the last 6 months. I changed the sytle from Miniheader Minimal to Minimal but now my responsive is not working and wont go back to Miniheader Minimal.

Also, under Theme, Customize. I can cant seem to access that anymore.

Please advice.

Regards, Madoda

Shortcode button does not show on text editor. How does one fix this?

Shortcode button does not show on text editor. How does one fix this?

Hi, my site has been infected with malware and blacklisted from Google.

How do I fix this issue?

Please help ASAP

Thank you

Very frustrated, didn’t realize this theme didnt declare Woocommerce support, who doesn’t? Secondly, I try to add create a WC template which I have done 100s of times, and I receive this infinite loop of issue.

1) What template do we use to create the woocommerce shop page

2) Is it possible to even declare WC support with this theme?