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A client got this theme to use and I get Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/..../wp-content/themes/intent12/functions.php on line 161. What am I doing wrong?


Please create a thread on http://forum.wpbandit.com – we handle all support there. Thanks!

nosham Purchased

i dont know what’s wrong , but in the selection of templates i only get 2 options: full width and front … i dont see any portfolio , therefore im stuck creating the portfolio… any idea of what the cause could be ?


Hi there, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com for support and create a thread there. We’ll look into this as soon as possible.

nosham Purchased

and when I create an item in the portfolio and preview it i get this error: Warning: require() [function.require]: Filename cannot be empty in /hermes/waloraweb011/b1484/moo.revivalnightscom/alangallicchio.com/wp-content/themes/intent12/single-portfolio.php on line 24

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php-5.2.17/lib/php’) in /hermes/waloraweb011/b1484/moo.revivalnightscom/alangallicchio.com/wp-content/themes/intent12/single-portfolio.php on line 24

nosham Purchased

sorry im a dumbass , i re-uploaded all the files and now problem solved… sorry i probably had some broken/corrupted files during the ftp upload… sorry again and THANKS FOR THE GREAT THEME bye !!!


Glad you got it to work! :-)

How do I change the order of items in the child menu in the sidebar of a page? Thank you.


Hi there, please use http://forum.wpbandit.com for support.

Hi – great theme! Is it possible to customize the font?


Not as an option in the admin panel yet (possibly an update later), but if you replace it on one or two spots in the css you should be ready to go.

Hello. Is it possible to add extra form fields, radio buttons, check boxes or drop-downs to the CONTACT PAGE form? Thank you.


Intent uses Contact-form-7 for contact pages:


Read about the features it includes there. We have only in-built support for regular forms (designed).

Is it possible to add breadcrumb navigation to this theme via a WordPress plugin?


We have an in-built breadcrumb feature in Intent. All you need to do is enable it and it will show up in the header.

That’s great! Another question—is it possible to replace the Twitter, Facebook, Search Bar items with another ‘sub-menu’ set (Home, About Us, Contact Us links)? If so, are drop-downs possible with such a menu?


There is only support for one header menu area in Intent, but the social media and search field can be disabled. If you want to add another area it would have to be added manually by cuscustomizations.

A second navigation area could be something we possibly could add though, we’ll consider it.

I have two questions:

Is it possible to integrate a shopping cart into this template?

Would it be possible to post a Youtube video on the home page – I’m assuming with some kind of widget?


1. Shopping cart – well there is no specific in-built support for it, but I guess regular plugins should work fine with the theme.

2. You have a regular content area which you can insert anything in under the slider, shortcodes, youtube videos etc. So, yes.

Dear, I am interest in “Intent”, would like to know that can I change the color tone from sky blue to orange in menu bar and hyperlinks as well.



Yes, you can change the color from the admin panel. Refer to the theme screenshots to see styling options.

If I buy it, is it come with sample data as you did in demo? thanks


It comes clean without any data, but if you want the xml, you can just create a thread on the support forums and we will link you to the demo page XML so you can import it.

I really like this theme.

1. Can I create unlimited sidebars? 2. I have a design I want to create (obviously a some css required). Do you have a contact email I can send a jpeg to you.



Not totally unlimited. You can enable additional widget areas for sidebar left, sidebar right, archive, blog single, archive, error 404 and search. However, I’m sure there are plugins for unlimited areas.

Unfortunately we don’t do theme customizations.


I want to create 6 individual sidebars.

I know you guys don’t do customizations. I just wanted to know whether I could translate my design easily with the Intent theme (header and footers with graphics)


If you want 6 individual sidebars for pages, then you’d have to use a plugin for that.

wp@wpbandit.com – or you can use the contact form on our themeforest author page.

Can each page/post have its own featured Image?

And how easy is it to change the colors?

And is there any documentation I can see?


1) Yes. On pages the featured image appears at the top as a large image, as shown on demo. On blog posts it’s used if you use image / gallery format posts, and always shows on thumbnails.

2) You pick color with a color picker in the admin panel, so just a few clicks and then done.

3) Documentation comes with the package, we don’t have it available online.

Is it possible to have different heights for the slider images? Thanks!


If the original images that you upload are the correct size right away, and they are smaller than the default size, then yes, it will resize to fit your smaller-height images. If they are larger than default size they will be cropped to fit.

armandb Purchased

Awesome thanks, purchased!

if i pay for one time($45), for how many different site may i use this Theme?

You can read about the regular license here: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular_extended

i want to bu “Intent” with PAYPAL but, it doesn`t work. I can buy some other thing with my paypal-Account, but i get always “bla bla… you can not pay with your paypal-account…...”. What should i do?


Try contacting Envato for support as they handle the payment processing – http://support.envato.com/

I am interested in this theme. I noticed a previous comment that says font customization is not available at this time. Which font does the site use in the demo? Thank you.


Your theme looks great, i am really interested in purchasing. i have tested it on firefox and it works as expected, but when i use it on ie9 i seem to get artifacting, horizontal lines are showing up and staying as i scroll up and down the page. I have tried compatibility mode, but that seems to make other features, such as google maps not work. I have tried this on 2 different computers with different graphics cards, same results. Any thoughts?


Horizontal lines, hmm – is the demo topbar active when you view the theme demo? If so, the iframe the themes are in may bug out.

Try viewing this page, without demo topbar: http://demo.wpbandit.com/intent/ – do the issues remain?


Yes, that was the answer. Thanks for the quick response.

gzupfer Purchased

Just bought…

I’m having issues – not sure if its just me but:

1. no clear way to create ticket on support forum—viewed with several browsers, no button, link, ?? (i did register, my purchase code was accepted and I was signed in)

2. Breadcrumb spacing off (no space below breadcrumb) in chrome with any of the minihead settings for the header.

3. Portfolio php errors with portfolio post links displayed on porfolio page:

Invalid arguments passed in /home/sitetone/public_html/wp-content/themes/intent13/air/modules/portfolio/portfolio.php on line 218

Invalid arguments passed in /home/sitetone/public_html/wp-content/themes/intent13/air/modules/portfolio/portfolio.php on line 202

Tried twice with fresh installs and no other plugins…

Hmmmm, not enjoying this yet…


1) Did you select theme category on the forums? Click Intent to the right. Scroll down and there should be a title+text field.

2) Will have to look at it. Edit: in miniheader.css, or miniheader-minimal.css (in /styles/ folder) or custom css add the following:

#header-breadcrumbs { margin-bottom: 0; }

Will be fixed in next update.

3) Create at least one category. Custom post types do not create an “Uncategorized” category by default, so it will break unless you have added the items to at least 1 category.