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Preview is not working..?


Please check again, it is working now :)

Great template! Really nice design :)

Thanks ThemeProvince :)

nice work again!

Thanks mabuc :)

simply grate :D

Nice to hear that, thank you box2box :)

Beautifully clean, congratulations! Looks great in iPhone.

I’ll buy it!

Thank you very much for a beautiful feedback :)

I bought it! I’ll use it for my own site, I think.

Thank you for purchasing ;)

Nice work…....:) Best of luck for your sell.

Thanks mate :)

Beautiful work!

Thank you Audiotribe :)

Very elegant work. Good Luck.

Thanks mate :)

First, very good work!!!! I’ve bought it! But when I run it localy, it works just fine. And when I then upload it to server sliders and some othter javascript things like dropdown menu won’t work. Is there a parameter that should be set before upload?

louiejie, thank you for support! The issue above about the javascript is resolved! :)

Your welcome, Thanks :)

Do you update the blog in the html file or can clients post blog entries themselves without having to get involved in the html file?


Only the clients can post the blog entry :)

That’s my question I guess, where and how does a client post a blog entry?


I mean this template is not a cms(wp), and you cannot update the blog post.

I don’t the $address variable in contact.php?

The only place where I see your e-mail address is in line 8 define(“WEBMASTER_EMAIL”, ‘louiejiemahusay@gmail.com‘);

I have replaced yours with mine and uploaded. Form is not working…. ?

What If I want to host video files myself, instead of loading and linking to uTube or Vimeo? I’ve tried changing the link, but it attempts to COMPLETELY download the file before playback. How do I tell it to stream?

ignore my question above. I believe this is a hosting issue, not the site itself. Thanks anyway.

I can insert a video from youtube on the slide start? Can you tell me how?

Whoops wrong template. Sorry!