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Images suddenly don’t appear in Kaya Slider and Teaser boxes (both in homepage http://www.pella-hotel.gr/). My theme is in version 1.2, but I don’t want to update since I need to rebuild the site if I do so. Tell if I need to update only some files or if you come up with another solution.

Thanks in advance, Miltos


Please email us your wp admin access and we will find what files to be updated and let you know or will do our self from here.


I’m having an issue and I’d appreciate it if you could help.

Is there a way to stop the magnification in the single product page and use just a lightbox when the product image is clicked? This works if I click a gallery image underneath the main product image but not if I click the main image, it just brings up the magnification.

Thank you. Richard.

Try this.

Open kaya_woocommerce.css and add below code:

.mousetrap{ display:none; }

Let me know if it works.


That worked beautifully, thanks! I added to it to the custom css instead of kaya_woocommerce.css – just so you know.


Thank you


zoulfly Purchased

Looks interesting, hows the mobile friendliness? :)

Do you have any issues with mobile?

How can I add a bullet list or make a link in the Interia Image-Box (PB) Widget. I tried Switch to Editor & putting in basic HTML code or tools & it doesn’t work.

You have an option “Readmore Button Text” text field where if you add button text then it will form like button and you have an option to add image link where you need to add link of the url where you want to go after clicking the button.

Let me know if still face the issue.


fizwan Purchased

Hi, on single product page, when I put a cursor on the product image, there are an image appear on the right. How to disable it? One more question, my gallery image seems like a blur image, how to make it to be a normal image quality?


Try this:

open kaya_woocommerce.css and add this class;

.mousetrap{ display:none; }


Is the current version of the theme compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce 2.3.5 (2.3.0 is a major update and changes how a lot of things work).


We are working on updating theme with other bugs fixing, we will fix this wooCommerce issue also.


Sener Purchased


I installed the demo. But it was not loaded images. can cause?


sorry there is no images included in the down load file, you can purchase them from shutter stock.com or you can use free images from here: https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=interior&l=comm&ct=0&mt=photos&adv=1

does this menu suport sticky header menu? i mean the menu should be all time visible when the used scrolls down. please let me know. Thnaks

Sorry right now there is no sticky menu.


d_ch Purchased


Just purchased your theme and i would like to ask you if there is a Custom CSS section into the theme options for CSS customization. Is that possible or do i have to make the CSS changes through editor?

Thanx in advance!

Thank you.


d_ch Purchased

Sorry but i can’t find how to post a new support ticket in your support forum. Is it available for the moment?

yes you can post here:


If you face any issues there, you can post here also.


a-moran Purchased

Hi there, i wonder how could i remove the the ‘shopping cart’ button on the menu and the ‘add to cart’ buttons on the products. thanks!

Right now there is no option like that, we will add it soon.

Add to cart button already is there.

Hello, nice theme. Do you have html version of this theme ? i would like to buy html version

sorry, there is no HTML version.

Hi, I have just installed this theme and applied the demo content. I have found some problems:

1. The Main Menu font-family is not being set by the Customizer.

2. Home Page 4 has an incorrect layout.

I would like them to look like the demo.

Please see screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/Screenshot%202015-04-17%2014.12.15.png

Please can you tell me how to resolve these issues.

Also, customising “Most Footer Bottom Settings”, “Left Section” has no effect on the theme. Nothing appears in the Footer area on the left.

I have downloaded and installed the theme again from fresh. The main menu items are still not correct. The letter spacing is more squashed up than your demo.

Sorry, I have added this custom css in “THeme CUstomize > General Settings > Custom CSS”

.menu > ul > li > a{ letter-spacing:1px;


How can I change the success message on the contact form?

At the moment it reads, “We’ve received We’ve received your email. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!”.

It says “We’ve received” twice.


Please open file called “SendEmail.php” which is located in plugin folder “kaya-interia-page-widget” folder, find the text and rename it.

I have set the “Sub header section which displays below menu bar” to be a “Header Slider” – BX Slider on the Blog page. However it does not show on the page at all.

How can I fix this?


I really like this layout but you are saying this other theme is better? http://themeforest.net/item/decor-interior-furniture-woocommerce-shop-theme/full_screen_preview/3166326

How can I get this same layout on the decor theme?

you can not get the same layout with decor theme.

Just intimated the decor is recent one and more for shop paged web sites.

Ok but this Interia theme is working fine and updated/compatible with the latest version of wordpress?


I have a problem with the theme. I´d like to edit the default phone number from demo content, but when i go to => appearance => customize => header section => header section, the field for the phone number is blank. Where can i edit this?

I have a problem with the theme. I´d like to edit the default phone number from demo content, but when i go to => appearance => customize => header section => header section, the field for the phone number is blank. Where can i edit this?

Just edit the blank field and you will see you number in front view.

Hi, Sorry for my translation, I’m french. Before I buy your (beautiful) theme, I’ve one question. I hope I’m clear. In your example, there are many portfolio : bedroom, kitchen, chair, etc.. but the shop, is … ONE SHOP. Can I make a shop with the différents categories, or not ? Thank you for your respons and good job Erick

yes, it fully support WooCommerce

Hello…. did you give me an address of a website witch use your template… ? it’s for a client, it’s very interesting but, I find several site witch use your template without shop. Thanks so much.

Hello, suddenly the gallery images disappeared from portfolio posts. In admin panel there is no option any more to set gallery, slider….

We recently updated this theme, now you do not have that option, instead you can use gallery widget as it will make your more flexible to create unique style.

You can use Gallery widget using page builder this way you can make it more stylish post for your portfolio single page, please let me know if you face any issues.

Hi, yes I face the issues of having to redo all portfolio pages?????

If you want you can, other wise you can keep older portfolio data as it is, you have an option to hide/show the older portfolio data from theme customizr.

Interia Contact Form.

Need information on how to redirect to a thank you page upon submittal of contact form.

Thank you,

The Punch Team

Sorry, there is no option to redirect to thank you page, but you get the thank you message once it is submitted.