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Hi, I am having trouble getting the images to show up on the teaser boxes. www.vantaura.com/newsite. Please help!

Also, in your documentation, you note this: Find a K icon just after Media upload button in wordpress editor and click on this and will get shortcode window where you can see several short codes—

how on earth do I do this? I can’t find a “K” icon. Thanks for your help.


Hi there, I am wondering if you can help me out. Every image I upload using the short codes appears as a broken link in my site. Is there a way to fix this? Specifically I am having a hard time getting the teaser box icons to display. Thanks!


I see the image in the teaser box, can you tell me where you see the issue for broken images?


Ok, I have a couple more questions. I need to have the home page slider and testimonials area on the home page not cut off the text. Can you please tell me how to make it show the whole content in those areas? Also, I need the change the color of the links in the home page slider. Where can I do that? Thanks.

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Hi there,

I bought the theme today and i am having trouble with the widgets, they do not want to drag and drop, could this be anything to do with wordpress 3.5?



sorry, not yet tested my theme in 3.5 now, I will test it and would fix any issues exist.

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Having the same problem with the widgets,

Seems like your loading some script wrong.


Just now updated the theme, you can download latest files after 12 hours and just update “lib” folder.

hi, i would like to show full testimonials in the slider and delete … at the and of text. I ‘ve tried to do the same like described in the post of ARTABOUT: ” open kaya_testimonialslider.php which is in “lib/functions/shortcodes” and find this code: content(‘100’) and replace with this get_the_content “

-> $out.=’



If i do that I get ‘get_the_content’ instead of the testimonials text. Do i something wrong again?

Thank u


can you email me your website ?



try this and let me know if it works:

open kaya_testimonialslider.php which is in “lib/functions/shortcodes”

and find this code: $out.=$content;

and replace with this:


Thanks ram

No sorry, it does not work. it hided all home page.

I have one more question: In portfolio, I upload Featured images and than I use it in ‘Image align left’ lay-out. All images are of the good quality, but in the gallery they look like ‘pixeled’ or ‘blured’. How can I delete this effect? And is it possible to show more than 5 images? Thank you a lot!!


can you give me the direct link page? I can not find where it is.

- testimonial slider- at the bottom of the page: http://esfconcept.ru - portfolio images: http://esfconcept.ru/portfolio/knigniy-shkaf-cubo-sudbrock/


The image quality might be reducing while cropping the image for low file size from timthumb.

For the … to remove, open function.php and find this code:

return str_replace(‘[...]’, ’’, $text); }

remove …

1.For the … i deleted … also here: function content($num) { $theContent = get_the_content(); $output = preg_replace(’/]+./’,’’, $theContent); $output = preg_replace( ’/

.*<\/blockquote>/’, ’’, $output ); $output = preg_replace( ’|\?\[/\1\]">(.?)\?|s’, ’’, $output ); $limit = $num+1; $content = explode(’ ’, $output, $limit); array_pop($content); $content = implode(” ”,$content).””; return $content; }

and then it worked.

2.Images in gallery are 615×400px. I upload images bigger for sure. So it should not be cropped. In highlight box they are showed perfectly. how can I fix it? 3. and about more then 5 images in portfolio- is it possible? Thank you!!

May be is there any plug-in that can fix it or add an option to show this gallery in highlight box?

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Is there any way to order the items of the Kayapati-Portfolio Items widget by the posting date?



Try by adding the bellow code in the line 20 of kaya_tax_recentpost.php which is in lib/functions/widgets

'orderby'         => 'post_date',
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Thanks for the quick reply,

This doesnt seem to work. Any other ideas?

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Hello, I would like to know if its possible to remove the slideshow in the lightbox. Also I have a lightbox plugin installed and I want to change the lightbox of the theme to work as a link to the portfolio pages. Can you please help me. Thank you very much


use this shortcode method to link to Portfolio page:

[portfolio category="" column="4" imglink="post" sortable="true"]

then you can disable the lightbox slide show plugin.

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It was so simple. Thank you very much. Also I have an other one if you please, I add a second menu below the main, How can i make it fuctionable for mobile viewlike the main one?


This theme support mobile view to with out adding any extra menu.

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Can you tell me what colours I need to set to get it to look like this? http://2.s3.envato.com/files/35885378/theme_preview/1preview_img.jpg



there is blue highlighted color

I am having video issues. i have attempted both youtube and vimeo. please see www2.ofsinteriors.com, and look at the slide named “ignition by the hon company” i recieve an error: “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://www2.ofsinteriors.com/ from frame with URL http://player.vimeo.com/video/57603443. Domains, protocols and ports must match.”


First of you configure the website very good and it looks awesome :)

I tested it in FF with no error, can you tell me in which browser you see the issue?


it actually was a caching issue. my page was just old, it was able to load, with vimeo is there a way to move the play button? it’s kind of hidden, also. than you for the compliment on the website. your theme is very nice. i do however wish i can make the layout look more like this “http://0.s3.envato.com/files/35885378/theme_preview/1preview_img.jpg” it’s the menu location which is nice. seems cleaner, but i can’t find the option to change it.


you are right, The Caption box is hiding the video paly button, but you can play the video by clicking on the middle or any where on the video. any how we need to move the caption box some where which will be done in coming updates./

Just bought this site and having been playing with it. I have two issues:

1. I am unable to get the Featured Images to appear as a thumbnail image on the PORTFOLIO page or the sub pages (KITCHEN, BEDROOM). Please advise how I can get the images to show. I could not understand Method 1 in your Help Document and Method 2 did not seem to work. I have the Parent Page PORTFOLIO set at GALLERY LANDSCAPE. Is this correct?

2. Where do I find the pages for the four colums with example text on the Home page, under the slider? Where can I delete or edit these.

If you need to see the site: www.buydesigninteriors.com




Regarding the 2 query:

Go “Apperance > WIdgets” where you can find Widgets names with:

Footer Column1, Footer Column2 etc. where you can change the text.


I have been to Appearance>Widgets and there are no Widgets in ANY of the Footer Columns 1 thru 5. BUT I am still seing the sample text. Where is it coming from?


ITs coming as a default text from static page, you just add any content in the widgets columns like Footer Column1 then it will be disappeared automatically.

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hello good theme :)

please it’s possible to use slider revolution ?


not tested, you can try.

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I can`t import your demo content file… Everytime I try to do it throught the wordpress importer tool it shows the following error: “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”. I also canot set the homepage slider. It only shows an image place holder… How can I solve this?

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Done ;)

I was importing the zip file…

For the homepage slider just had to go to “Theme Option > General Settings” and tick disable timthumb.

I´m having some problems with the gallery shortcode…it does the small thumbs when I chose the images to create a gallery but also puts the same images just above the footer completely disordered and misaligned…what could be wrong?

Thanks for the support!


can you email me your website url?

you need to import XML file not zipped file.

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ok, I´m going to email you the site url.

Still enjoying this great theme. How can I control the speed of the PORTFOLIO POST SLIDER (short codes). Currently, it is changing the images way too fast. Thanks.


Try this:

open kaya_portfoliopost_slider.php which is in “lib/functions/shortcodes” and find this code :

auto : 8000,

replace 8000 to some thing else.

I tried this and set it as high as 40000 to see if there is a visible difference, but the slide time has not changed. Please advise.


try this:

open jquery.carouFredSel-5.6.2.js which is in “js” folder and find this code and change it.

‘duration’ : 500,


Works perfectly! Thank you!


good to hear :)


Is this theme compatible with WPML or Polylang Translation Plugins ?




you can see one our buyer used multilingual here:


Hi again (sorry), I need to add a HOME link to the menu. I created a HOME page and added it to my main menu, but how can I link it to the home page? Thanks!


Add “Home” label in the custom label panel and add it to menu manager,

the link should be http://www.yourwebsite.com


Perfect! Thank you!