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Hi…its me (again) lol!

How can I disable comments on the Blog?

Does the dates update automatically when i add a new post in the Blog or do i have to do it manually in my editing software?


Dear Armedman,

You should remove the comments div and contents
<div class="comments"> .... </div>

You are working on a static HTML5 template and you should set all your data manually.


Your template could be used by me for a project if you could advise solutions to these 2 issues: 1) I need the Logo to appear centered in a separate row ABOVE the menu bar (not on the left of the menu bar as now). You could call it a BIG Logo area that will resize in smaller screens.

The solution could be something like this header: http://loretoasansol.in/ OR this header: http://saturday-club.com (both use the sticky menu) OR even a small logo as your sample when in sticky menu mode but big logo when not in sticky menu mode. 2) I need to put 3 separate sets of featured works but in <> same row using the 1/3 columns option. <>, will the sliding of pictures in each box work. this is needed for 3 different topics with 8/9 pictures in each topic.

Dear Kemasaar,

Yes you can do these 2 customization.

Please send your ticket via our support page we will send you the step by step how to do: http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


The Twitter feed is only loading the last tweet. How can I get it to automatically switch between the last 5 tweets. Load the first, then a few seconds later go on to the 2nd, 3rd, etc, latest tweets?


Please remove this:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

// hook twitter function


and add this code to js/custom.js file before //End Document.ready//



Still doesn’t work. Do you have an email address where I can email you directly?

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

The Interio Web it looks great. Well done. I’m only having a challenge with replacing my facebook on the template. How do i put my facebook on the template. Thanks inadvance.


Dear bknyaruwo,

Thanks for your feedback, you can add your Facebook button as Social Icon on footer of page or in content using Social Icons shortcode like this:

<div class="social-icon">
    <a href="http://facebook.com" target="_blank" data-original-title="Facebook"><span class="ibox icon-facebook" /></a>


Hi. How do i change the “Find us on facebook”widget address and put my facebook address instead of Envato.

I look forward to hearing from you

Dear bknyaruwo,

Please find this:

and replace yours in URL ENCODED format by using this online tools: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/


Thank You Very much

Your Welcome :)

Is there a way to add my own icons to fontello?

Dear ddaogaru,

You should go to fontello.com and create your custom font file and replace it in font folder.


Dear all,

Would appreciate som guidance related to the following. In the downloaded template, page “home-2-nivoslider.html the 4th. image in the “Latest works” is larger (should be 300×200, but is about 300×210). This is the case where the images are the defaults (grey) and no matter what I do (up to now…) the difference remains. Strange because in the previews it looks just fine.

In the box “web design” to the right, the images are smaller no matter what…

Appreciate your comments, thank you, Jan..

Your ticket is updated.

Dear Tohid / dear all,

Enjoying excellent support! Highly recommended. Jan.

Thanks a lot :)


I’ve sent you an email to golgraphic.com, can you look at it.


Dear Faisal, We received your email and replied to you. Regards

Is there a way I can change the background color and button colors like I was able to in the preview?

I wanted a dark background, light foreground and dark buttons, I didn’t see what I wanted in the 15 predefined styles… how can I make that happen?



When you buy a HTML Templates, you should have a basic knowledge in HTML and CSS

You can find the elements you want and edit the color of them in stylesheets/custom-style.css file.


Hello, How I can change the menu bar font colour? Thanks in advance

Dear Pooya,

In layout.css you can find the .sf-menu a {} and change the color


hi there

How would i change the gallery to show 5 images across without right sidebar?

Thanks in advance.


Please send your ticket via our support page we will provide you a solution: http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


Hello there;

I need to purchase this template but have a quick question for you. In the demo, you only displayed home page with RTL support and not any other pages. Just want to check if the secondary pages are ready to support RTL or do I need to get CSS for that, myself?


Dear Saad Ahmed Khan,

Our theme full supports RTL languages and this Demo is only for preview purpose. you do not need add anything else.


Thanks a lot for your quick response!

Your Welcome :)

On the “Pricing Tables”........how do I add my Paypal Form to the ” Buy This” or “Sign Up” buttons?

I want my customers to click on The “Buy This” button and it takes them to my Paypal shopping cart.

Thanks for the great Template and great service that comes with it!

Dear Armedman,

You should go to PayPal and generate your button and then paste the generated code in Table Price button section.


Understood, but Paypal needs a URL for the “BUY” button and i cant seem to locate the button provided in the template so that i may upload to my server.

Dear Armedman,

Our button is CSS based and PayPal only supports Image button, you can generate image button and use it or use paypal default button.


Hi there.

Fistly, thaks for this wonderful template. I´m sure that it will not be the only licence of it for me.

Is it possible to creat a box that looks like an oppened toggle-box but without the toggle-funktion. So, no option to close and no open/close-arrow? An logically no hoover- and link-funktion in the title.

Thanks Oliver

Dear Oliver,

Yes you can do it by using the toggle CSS codes and make your own box.


Thank you for the fast answer. I know that I have do change the css. I described my problem not exact, I need it as a third mode. Opened, closed and “static”. But I hope that I will find it out.

Dear Oliver,

That’s a good idea, we will add this feature to our theme in next update.


Hi can use this template for BLOGGER ? because i want Buy one but i would like to ask you first i was buy one of this template for WORDPRESS but now i want use it on BLOGGER !! reply me quickly plz :) thanks

Dear Alanoud30,

If you want you can make it compatible with Blogger, but now it is a HTML5 template and not compatible with Blogger.


hello dear what is the compatible of this template tell me what are compatible of this template !! is joomla compatible!!

Dear Alanoud30,

This is an HTML template and all HTML templates are not compatible with any CMS or Platform like Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and …

Developers make HTML templates compatible with CMS like Joomla or WordPress. We have WordPress version of this template here: themeforest.net/item/interio-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/4616897


Why cant we edit the logo..

Dear Troiano86,

What kind of edit you want to do?


Hi Tohid, Am trying to register on your support page but am not able to!

Wanted to know where to make the changes if I want a colour variation in the pre-defined schemes. I tried changing that particular custom-style.css but that doesn’t work.

thnx paresh

Dear Parash,

If you change the any of styles in Custom-style.css it will override all other CSS codes, you can add !important to your CSS code if that’s not work like this:

.yourclass{color:#FFFFFF !important}


Wow! Awesome work;

Thanks :)

Hi, nice work, i want to know if search engine really works or is it only a text area?

Dear Luiscc,

It works in WordPress version not in HTML version.

this is WP version: http://themeforest.net/item/interio-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/4616897?ref=themetor