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Hello first nice lifestyles, but what bothers me is that the box will always be displayed on the home page as a staircase!

I sent how to fix it to your email

Thank you now it goes

Nice theme .. can you show us the RTL demo?

The RTL demo is not ready now, but you can see the screenshot of that now: http://tohidgolkar.com/files/RTL.jpg

we are working on RTL demo and it will be launch coming soon.

Nice looking theme guys, looks awesome. Have you any plans to support wp ecommerce or woocommerce?

Yes, in next major update we will add woocommerce support.


I’d like to know if this theme allows to set individual backgrounds for pages or posts in the content section.

Also I’d like to know if it could be possible to set the content background color to transparent in order to see the web image background as the content background.


Dear Alden,

you can set background for each page content section by adding the new CSS code to custom CSS section of Interio Options.

We can do it for you as free services.


hello, i have problems with the layout. please check:

http://bey.co.il/odinetor/?page_id=44 http://bey.co.il/odinetor/?page_id=1395

Dear Dazohar

Please send me an email here: http://themeforest.net/user/tohidgolkar


send your request here: http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

Just looked at your theme in IE7 and it doesn’t look like it should be list as IE7 compatible. ???

Dear Torqlite, You’re right, it is not fully compatible with IE7 because it is very old and it is not in the modern browsers list. the new themes coming with new features and new features need new browsers. please use modern and up to dated version of browsers like IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome or safari. Regards

I’m really liking this theme. Thank you! I have a couple questions:

1. If I have the blog as my homepage; is there anyway that I can utilize a slider or featured image within the header?

2. By default, the blog page has a title of BLOG. How can I edit this?


Dear Nick, Thank you

1- you can do this with a little code copy/pasting from title.php to the blog.php, If you want I can do this for you.

2- you can edit this in line 15 of blog.php


Thank you! I made these fixes with your tips.

Your welcome, If you like your new website please rate 5 star our theme.

can you place your own logo in this theme and is it easy to transfer over a year of blog posts to this new theme?

Dear Akrowland,

Yes you can replace your own logo and customize the theme just by one click. If your wordpress version is 3.5 or higher you can install this theme and keep your blog posts.


hi, how should i upload and insert my image title?

Hi, Yes, Set your image as a featured Image and then select the Featured Image as Title in page settings.

oops. sorry figured that out but not aware how to remove the comment. thanks anyway!

Your welcome, if you like your new website please rate 5 star my theme here, regards


Can you please add the following features:

- Full WooCommerce plugin support. - WordPress 3.6 ready. - Option to disable theme’s CSS caching. - Option to make the theme sections transparent. - Relationship option for pages custom links. - WPML plugin support. - Add flags or Styles for WMPL Language Selector in top bar. - Add shortcodes for (member-user) to ADD new posting. - The frontend Memeber access with login and password. - Custom Widget for Facebook. - Add the Capability for Advanced Search. - Add Social Icons Slider.


Dear ibnoman,

Thank you for your suggestion, We will add some of them in next major update.


Nice looking template!

Question: Do you know of any issues with integrating BBPress with the site? The last template I got had absolutely no support for it and it didn’t work.

Thank you, It’s not support BBPress now. May be we add BBPress in next major update.

Two more questions (sorry).

1. How can I change the link text for the blog? When I change the link text within the settings it only changes for pages.

2. For blog posts, if I want to center an image without text aligned left or right I have to manually add white space. Otherwise the <center></center> or align:center doesn’t work properly. Have you noticed this before?

Dear Nick,

1- you can edit the page slug that you created for blog posts

2- We found the bug in the CSS and fixed it for next update, you can fix it temporary with add bottome code to Interio Options > Custom Codes > Custom CSS field
.aligncenter {
    float: none !important;

Good Morning Sir. I have bought your template but now i have a little problem (for you) big problem for me :P I want to put a galley of image that scroll to next image with keyboard.. so I have installed the NextGen Plugin. It works but when i click on image of gallery it opens also the lightbox… how can i avoid it?? i want lightbox for video etc etc… but not on all image that i put in the document. and most on the image of nextgen galler. How can i fix the issue???? thanks.

Please send your request via http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

Two thoughts, One the tabs don’t work great with responsive design and I would like a shortcode for posts. The posts shortcode is more important to me, but I can’t seem to find it.

We will add post shortcode in next major update. you can use post widgets instead now. and about Tabs, you should optimize your tabs and choose vertical or horizontal for best result. Regards

Dear Floppydrivez,

Recent Posts Carousel Shortcode is added to new version of Interio and now available for download (v1.2)


Is it possible for me to have a Latest Blog Posts section on the home page? Similar to the latest work. I’m using home page 1 design. Cheers

in the Interio Options you can find the Blog Carousel options, set the Date for order by and DESC for sorting from latest to oldest

Ok thanks. Done that. Nothing is showing inside the box though see here – http://screencast.com/t/I3kcTQnes2IZ

Please send your URL via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

hi, if i download the updated version and upload to my wordpress, will it make changes to all the things i have edited before?

Hi, Yes, you should backup from your changes and then replace the new theme OR you can replace the files that changed or updated only, you can find them in documentation changelog section.

Hi, my project is done and my client is so satisfy and happy with his new website, thank you for your 5 star support.

Your welcome, thank you for your hopeful comment, Good luck.

Hi, very nice template!! Any chance you will add a masonry/pinterest style option on the blog? BR Marcus, Denmark

Thank you, that’s a good idea, we will decide about it for next update.

Hello, your theme is really nice, How can I change the space of between menu items? thank you

Dear ChinoChung,

You can add this CSS code to Interio Options > Custom Codes > Custom CSS and change the default padding (13px):

.sf-menu li a {
    padding: 10px 13px;


Your theme and your support is really brilliant, I like this theme and happy with your awesome support. Thanks, Chino

Your Welcome :)

I just wanted to say thanks for a great theme and to tell anyone considering this theme, just go for it, the customer service has been outstanding to date, I am still trying to get things set up as I am new in this area, but the developer has been very patient and understandingly helpful with all my questions. I’m sure I will have more in the coming days. Thanks again. Cheryl :)

Thank you so much Cheryl :)