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I need to change the portfolio slug but when i do, no works, when i try to insert a new portfolio item 404 error show up when i publish, and if i try /portfolio instead my new slug works perfectly. Any solution?

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

i just uploaded the theme to my Wordpress 3.6 and after activation i get an 500 Error.

require_once(functions/shortcodes/tinymce-class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /.../wp-content/themes/interio/functions.php on line 80

there is no directory called in the function?

Dear Distro,

Please re-download the package and replace the functions.php OR remove the line #80 from functions.php this line is an extra code for our next update.


solved: now it works

Your Welcome :)

Can I customize my home page? or just use one of predefined templates? Does it include builder? Thanks

Dear Ikhlief,

You can use the combination of shortcodes to make your own homepage layout.


Dose it support Arabic characters? Is there more an option for fonts? Is there a demo for admin before I purchase? Sorry for this but I bought a theme and wasted three days trying to solve the font problem and building my home page then it didn’t work and Arabic fonts appeased uncorrect :( Thanks for your prompt reply

Dear ikhlief,

Yes supports All Arabic Characters. The fonts are set standard system fonts such as Tahoma and Arial, but if you want you can add your custom Arabic Web Font. For admin demo you can Install WP in your language and see the features of WP admin in your language.


Hello, we would like to buy your theme but there are some questions left. Is it possible to build/ change things in an layout builder? drag and drop? And the most important question is, how does the backend looks like if one wants to change texts, pictures or ad a new post? Can you upload a screenshot somewhere?


Dear JanoschG,

Backend powered by WordPress and you can find a lot of videos and screenshots of WP admin panel even in your language. Also you can watch some of our video tutorials about this theme here: http://www.youtube.com/user/golgraphic



thanks for your response. We need to know, if it is possible to enter content (text, image) without editing in a shortcode. By example look here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hxza3fe2xsenygj/No1iLfp3R-

Thanks in advance.


Dear JanoschG,

I could not understand what you want to do exactly. You can add Texts and Images directly to WP editor.


I have a problem with the logo, i uploaded my logo but it was scaled down, and now its to small, i need it bigger, the image is 758×107 @ 10kb as png…

Please send your ticket via our support page : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

is it possible to add a link to my Tumblr?

Yes of course :)

Does anybody else having problems with meta tags description and keywords not showing up after adding them to pages? they show up on home page, but not others.

Dear Webbie2,

We found the issue and fixed it. Please check your ticket in http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


thank you for the fix! and quick reply.

Your Welcome :)

Hi. I have already install your theme and upload demo content but shortcodes are not working. Here is an example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20457386/shortcodes%20not%20working.PNG What can I do in order to fix this? Thanks.

Please send your ticket via our support page and provide us your website URL: http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

Thanks. I have submitted the ticket.

Your ticket has been solved and closed. :)

Hello, I’m trying to uploade the theme to my Wordpress 3.6 without success. Anat

I’m trying to uploade the zip file.

Please send your ticket via our support page and provide us your website URL and WP login details : http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com


How do I have both right and left sidebars on page ?

<no title type>

http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com/ – can not log in here with Facebook

Dear Oferton,

This theme does not support both 2 sidebar at the same page, maybe we will add this feature in our next update.


Hello and thanks for a very nice theme :-) I’ve launched my companys new website, but I seem to be unable to translate (to danish).

The wp-config.php contains: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’); I’ve created da_DK.po + da_DK.mo with POEDIT and tried uploading the files everywhere I could think of, but without any succes.

Dear Jacob,

You should update your theme to 1.3.6, this version is tested on WP 3.6.1 and also checked with WPML and qTranslate plugins.


I can confirm, that Interio1.3.6 now works with the translation files PO/MO in the folder …./themes/interio/lang/ Thanks :-)

Your Welcome :)

is it possible to add more icons (custom) in the list. If sio where is the list located.

Thanks MCB

Dear MCB,

You can download your own font-icons sets from www.fontello.com or any other font-icons websites and add it to your theme.


Amazing support from this vendor. Great theme too! Cheers T!

Thank you for your feedback :)

For your next update I’d like you to consider more options for the header – specifically the size and shape of the logo – perhaps also the placement.

As the logo I’m using also contains some text (thus making the logo wide), I find it quite hard to fit it into the available space.

Everything else in this fine theme is easy to customize, so it would be great if it was possible for the header too! Regards


Thank you for your feedback, we will update our theme with some new features ASAP.


Hello. I created a site for someone and he is telling me that he, and all his friends are not able to view the site as responsive in their cell phones? He even provided me an image as evidence of this, which you can view here: http://www.ecurtisdesigns.com/cell.jpg I don’t own a web enabled mobile phone so can’t test it on my side. In any case, can you please let me know what might be causing the issue with the site not being responsive for his phone and how to fix? You can find his site online at http://www.sierranurseryandrock.com/ Thanks for the help.

Dear Edmund,

We checked and everything works fine, please recheck this feature in an up to dated cellphone.


I was able to fix the issue when I noted that the viewport tag wasn’t showing in the header when viewing the source code. I added the tag higher up on the header.php page and now it works.

Thanks and Good Luck with your new Website


On smartphones the top meno disappeared. Can’t find a way to get it back – any tip on this?


Please send your ticket via our support page and provide us your website URL. http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.com

Hi, another Q: How do I make the sidebar not show on mobile? Thanks!


Dear Yanivjs,

This theme does not support this feature.


Me again, I can’t find where to define the body backgroung pattern – as seen in the theme preview – I would like to set the background pattern to wood. Where can I set this?

I saw the layout youtube video – but as opposed to the youtube video – the theme does not have the background patterns within the layout options page.



Dear Yanivjs,

Please go to InterioOptions > Layout (First Tab) you can find the patterns.

NOTE: Patterns will be shown only on boxed layout not in wide.



To ensure that the child theme is really independant from your parent theme, I’d like to move my customized enqueue.php to the child theme folder. I guess I need to also modify the call to this file in the functions.php of my child theme. Can you show me how to call enqueue.php from the childthemes functions.php?

Thank you very much :)

Dear Marcoevich,

You can remove enqueue.php from functions.php of parent theme and then add your own enqueue.php on child theme and call it from functions.php of child theme.



Hi Tohid, Thank you it worked this time :) For future readers: I had to change get_template_directory() to get_stylesheet_directory. But it is working now :) Thx!

your welcome :)